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Summer brings…

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Summer brings big WET raindrops on rusty cars…IF you’re a photographer’s kid, that is.  :)  Raindrops are a pretty welcome sight (smell and feel) in Texas these days!

UPDATE on me…

Our summer has been most fabulous.  Busy traveling and then busy swimming and wrapped up in smoothie making and playing at home.  We’re having a BLAST!

I’m in the process of editing a HUGE session (3 days worth of lovely creative portraits) from a trip to the drop-dead gorgeous state of Tennessee  earlier this month with a beauuuuutiful family.  I am forever changed by their love + the beauty of the Smokey Mountains.  Should be done this week with that, so be ready!

I have some more fun projects up my sleeve, my little lady’s birthday, and have several sessions and a WEDDING in the next two weeks…this gal is EXCITED.  I don’t typically shoot weddings, but am excited about this fun-filled opportunity with a stunning, smiling, sweet & happy couple and their families.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT…. I’m gearing up for upcoming holiday sessions!  IF you’d love holiday portraits this year, make sure to be on the lookout at the beginning of August (yipes…that’s next week) for some dates and details.  Sessions were totally booked (and then some) last year and I’d love to see past clients and new ones, too.  AND get this…our tickets are already purchased for going to Phoenix in October!   If you want to be on the first- to -know list for DFW or Phoenix sessions, please send a quick little email or Facebook message to me with your name and email addy and you’ll be notified BEFORE details are posted online.  How’s that for being on top of things?

Have one super day and hope YOU are having a beautiful summer!


maggiejmcd @ msn . com

Magoose is 3 Months! | Dallas / Fort Worth Photographer

Thursday, March 29th, 2012


Isn’t “Magoose” the cutest little nickname?  :)

Oh how I loved this session.  This little lady was such a BIG DEAL, she had her mom, two sisters, and her little brother along to watch her be cuter-than-cute.  She got tons of lovin’ from her mom and sisters, got to relax in a little vintage crate in a stunning green field, “hopped” her first fence with us, and checked out some horses at the stable.  Mom scoped out this lovely outdoor location (she was SO excited for the long green grasses/weeds JUST like me) and we worked together to get everything just right.  LOVE working as a team with clients to bring both of our visions to fruition!

I see this cutie pie quite often (I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph this lovely family numerous times now!), so everything about our day was extra relaxing and fun…    One funny little factoid is that little L discovered her tongue earlier in the day, so MOST of our shots had her little tongue sticking wayyyy out.  These smiles were the in-betweens.  :)

Hope you have one lovely day!



Cutie on a Trike | Grapevine Family Photographer | Maggie McDonald Photography

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Oh did we have fun on this windy, windy Monday!  Mom and Dad were all smiles as their little guy checked out everything along the way.  The vintage trike, rustic trains, a construction cone, and a kid-size wagon for his “guys” (little doggies that he loves to carry around) were big hits!   Can’t wait to share the rest…

Hope you have a lovely day.  :)


Heat of the SUMMER {August} and NEW WEBSITE Sale!!!

Monday, August 1st, 2011

You read that correctly!  I am actually having a sale for all the DFW peeps that want to brave the heat in the early morning (8ish!) or late, late afternoon (6:30/7ish) for an August session.  I am rolling out holiday session details later this week and there are only a few dates (some happen in early September), SO now would be an awesome time to hop on board for a session at a super discounted price…why not have your HOLIDAY session in August??!!


OH, and I totally revamped my WEBSITE! (another reason for this August crazy deal SALE!)!!    Stop by, and have a little visit!   I’d love for you to let me know what you think.  :)  I am SUCH a lucky gal to have such gorgeous, creative, colorful, fun-loving clients!

If you’ve been thinking about a session…now’s the TIME!!!!!!    We could have a juicy watermelon, chilly sprinkler, or messy snow cone session!   Can’t wait to collaborate, see old clients and meet some new ones along the way…lemme know soon, as there are a limited number of spots available.

Hope you have a lovely day!


gorgeous momma-to-be + her benry ;) | dallas / fort worth maternity photographer

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011


I met up with this stylin’ gal yesterday (and our FUN friend, Savanah, who just so happens to be my awesome hair stylist!) for a KILLER maternity session!  They both work at the popular Scott LeMaster Salon in Irving which has EVERYTHING a gal could ever want/need in the “get beautiful” department.  Seriously love getting pampered there.

“Benry” is the nickname her pals have given the little guy that is forever poking her ribs, kicking, and growing in her cute belly.  We definitely had some laughs about his nickname.  :)

Anyway, we had a blast being creative in several outdoor spaces and really soaked the moment up, capturing C’s little bump and gorgeous “glow.”    I was totally blown away by her beauty and the way she could make pregnancy look so chic!


I especially loved all her carefully thought out outfits, full of color, texture, accessories, and quite the selection of boots!

Thank you SO very much, C and S, for being a part of such an inspiring, creative afternoon…it just flew by and I literally cannot stop editing these because they are SO MUCH FUN! :) Seriously, I never post this many!!!

And lastly, here’s a shot with an incredible new lens I recently purchased. I’ve been loving the dreamy effect this lens produces and have been so excited about this upcoming session so I could really practice using it! It involves a whole new set of skills to learn and master, so I’ve been experimenting a ton! I love the emotion it captures, especially in maternity photography, and to me, there’s nothing more perfect than a momma-to-be enjoying her belly with the golden sun at her back and the wind in her hair!
blogcl2Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


the cutest vampire (& his family) on the block | dallas/fort worth child photography

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010


Yep, a holiday session in costumes! Can my smile ANY bigger??? :) Those that really know me, knoooow that I love sessions that are different. A place or concept that is not “typical” really fuels me! :)

When I originally spoke with mom about her ideas a month or so ago, I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of this shoot. I loved the rich fabrics and accessories for each costume and most importantly, the confidence that kiddos showed me when they hopped out of their car was awesome.

{Lovely costumes & delicious lollis!}

Is this family fun or whaaaat? :)


I can’t WAIT to show mom all the incredible images we got…so many stunning, casual portraits!
Hope you have one lovely day!

{do this for them} | Dallas / Fort Worth Child Photographer

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I kept going back and forth about which images to post from this session…should I post the one with dad throwing the littlest lady up into the air, where you see her little belly-button and toothless grin, the portrait of the family by the colorful barn, where they’re all staggered and the middle sis looks sneaky-suspicious (a look I ADORE), the pic of the big brother that makes him look like a total tousled-hair 5-year-old Abercrombie model, the portrait of the family as themselves…looking at each other and loving through their eyes and arms, OR this portrait. It’s so simple.

Tonight I can only post this.


It’s a stand-alone image to me.

A portrait that any mom truly wants, BUT the most important thing is that this momma did this for her daughter. Her little “N” is going to look back someday and absolutely cherish this image and just know how much her momma loved her that very moment. I mean, LOOK at this mom’s love! (I just can’t get over it…)

While we, as parents, sometimes struggle with fitting in portrait sessions (the time, the money, the clothing, the image we want to present, etc), it’s important to just do it. For the kids. For our kids!

I’m realizing how truly precious life is as we approach the one-year anniversary of my father-in-law’s death. What I wouldn’t do for more pictures of my children with HIS grin and loving arms wrapped around them.

I promise you’ll see more of this fun bunch tomorrow…

Four Smiling Faces | Holiday Mini Sessions | Dallas Fort Worth Family Photography (in Phoenix!)

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

I absolutely love meeting new clients, and this family was all smiles. We did quite our share of walking and everyone was up for anything!
IMG_4634mW Oh how I ADORE the color of this yellow background. I think it really suits their wardrobe, which I love, by the way! Mom did a super job mixing patterns, textures, colors…yay!

Check out the jewels on this snazzy dress! My daughter would go hog wild!!! :)

IMG_4674mweb:::Jumps!::: :) These two are SO adorable and incredibly sweet.


I could post and post the awesome images from this session, but I’d better get back to my editing cave! Three galleries going out tomorrow…and many more patient families waiting for edits and sneak peeks. Coming soon (E Family Thurs, S family peeks on Friday)!!!

Have a lovely day.

a morning picnic | Southlake Family Photographer

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


Yesterday morning I met with this *lovely family.*  We had fun exploring and picnicking…there were croissants, melon, juice, a vintage quilt, and perfect light…I was one happy photographer!  :)    When I spoke with mom pre-session, she really wanted to capture the brothers together AND the recent gap where her older son’s two front teeth used to be.  The perfectly imperfect mouth of a growing six year old…I love that.      As a mom AND photographer, sometimes moments/milestones go by in our home that aren’t documented and this session just made me want to capture more with my kids.  Those glances, sibling giggles, a little sparring…all moments to capture.  I always want to remember the little things.  :) Stall1w Thank you, S Family, for choosing me to document your family milestones and love — I am truly honored.  :)   ~mm

one big happy family | dallas / fort worth / irving family photographer

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

I had the pleasure of photographing an extended family of thirteen, YES…THIRTEEN this past weekend. Because I typically photograph families of five and smaller, this was definitely the type of session that took a lot more planning and organization. Almost all of the members live in town, but everyone was all together this weekend and their parents wanted to capture that. As a photographer, I completely understand and appreciate families that want to capture their whole group. MY mom loves to get us all behind the camera when my fam is together, and I have to admit, it IS awesome to look back at all those family photos and remember that time and place. :) The little ones change SO quickly, so it truly is important to capture your family when you can!


What a variety! :)

After photographing the large group, and some smaller groupings, I took each family for a little mini session to stay true to my more “candid” style of photography. It was a quick and fun way to capture those personalities that you just don’t see in a larger group shot.

SO so many more…
A big thank you to the V family for trusting me to photograph your extended family — and what well-behaved, fun kiddos.
Have a lovely day!