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Guess How Much I Love You | Southlake Family Photography

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

I met up with this little beauty…


…and her super sweet family yesterday morning.  We had fun walking, talking, swinging from mommy and daddy’s arms…


and, of course, reading from a favorite book, Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram.   It was adorable watching their family interact and little O anticipated each part of the story where the characters would stretch their arms reaaaaaally wide.  She did, too — so cute!


Thank you, K family, for allowing me to photograph your lovely family!  Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend.  :)   ~mm

artists in L O V E | dallas / fort worth couples photographer

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


I KNEW they’d be on the lookout for potential locations, but when this fun couple surprised me with a *junkyard session* yesterday I was thrilled.  Like it was hard to breathe thrilled!!!  Most of you know I have this THING for junkyards.  I love the texture, variety, colors, but mostly the ability to be creative in such an inspiring place — it’s impossible not to be.  When you pair a junkyard with a gorgeous couple who are excited AND in love, you seriously can’t go wrong.  I found myself editing sneak peeks until the weeeeee hours of the morning (and 2am is EARLY for me — yup, it was later that that!).  What fun we had (amidst the Texas heat)!

Seriously, are they stunning or what???


I was SO thrilled when I was asked by my hair stylist, Savanah, [check out the Scott LeMaster Salon and Spa if you need an AMAZING, sweet and ultra-fun stylist]  if I would photograph her and her hubby.  Ummm…Of COURSE!  I just knew the session would be amazing!  Savanah and her hubby are creatives — when you have that many artists in one place, magic definitely starts to happen.   They both make jewelry [check out Savanah's Design -- her blog of stunning custom creations] and her husband is a wakeboarder/wakeskater (plus photographer) who is diving in to videography.  You can check out some of his sweeeet videos [here].

And just because I can’t stop…here are a couple more…




So so so many more to edit, too! Thanks, you two, for being SO awesome! I loved hearing your love story and can’t WAIT until next time…

Have one lovely day! ~mm

ANnnnnd…if you are a family waiting for your gallery….great news! You’ll have your links by Friday — I know I said two to three weeks, but it’s going to be earlier — yay! Working on the H and M family slideshows right now… :)

Thanks for stopping by — I’m off to get ready for a bridal shoot. :)

a little experiment | Family Photographer Dallas

Monday, April 26th, 2010


I think I probably tasted some dirt for this shot. :) WELL worth it.

Every shoot I have, I like to stretch my limits, my comfort zone. I definitely shoot an image or two (or ten quick ones!) to experiment with, whether it be a pose, a new prop, a location, or an angle. For me, it’s incredibly important to stay creative, for myself and my clients. For this image, dad really wanted a picture by this cabin. After we tried a fun family portrait to the side of this fun structure, I decided to try a silhouette shot. The framing kept calling my name. And as my mom would say…the diagonal lines, going every which way, from the structure, shadows and bodies, really appealed to my eye.  My mom LOVES diagonal lines.  :)

So, there you have it. An experimental shot, for me, turned into a fun portrait.   It’s amazing how much you can learn about a family when they stand before you as a silhouette.   When faces are stripped away, you are left to focus on body language, who is touching who and how.  I notice the broad shoulders of the oldest brother about to go into first grade, how littlest one is leaning towards his big sis and giving his mom’s hand a big tug, and how the only daughter stands tall and comfy right next to her daddy.  Above everything, I love how they’re all connected.

Hope you have one terrific day!


a MEGA fav | colleyville family photography

Friday, April 23rd, 2010


Not much to say about this image except that it makes me smile and TOTALLY takes me back to the moment of fun — giggling, smiling, some woo-hoo-ing.

I just {heart} photographing families.

Have a lovely weekend. More happy people to showcase on this blog pretty soon here — exciting!!!

[truck LOVE] | dallas / fort worth child photographer

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

sbjtruckwMy little guy.  I just love his curiosity, love for Buzz Lightyear, low little voice, love for his sister, and how he can make me smile every second of every day.  :)

Have a loverly day!


[he holds the record!] | Colleyville Family Photographer

Friday, April 16th, 2010


This cutie definitely holds the record for the most hair I’ve ever photographed on a little one. He was such a sweet, sweet little guy and it was such a pleasure photographing his calm disposition and the love his family has for him. Before our session, mom and I communicated quite a bit about what to wear and when she sent me a picture of her cutie 3 month old (and all that HAIR!) I couldn’t help but smile for days!


Is that a little dimple I see? :)


N and J — your gallery is alllllmost ready — I can’t wait for you to see our captures! Thank you for trusting me to document your lives and love! I’ll be in touch soon. :)

Have a wonderful day!

[dad's on board!] | Grapevine Family Photography

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I met up with this *awesome* family Sunday morning. We had a swell time exploring our surroundings and checking out the many trains at our location. The little guy LOVES trains right now, so of course we decided to check out some “choo-choos” in Grapevine. It was so much fun to document his excitement.

*I just love how mom is looking at dad in this pic, while cutie R is smiling away! Adorable.*



Right after this portrait was taken, Little R discovered that he loved to scare me! It was such a cute little game…he would run back and forth yelling “boo” and when I would scream, he would laugh hysterically. There’s nothing like the laughter of a child!

Aren’t they SO gorgeous?
The session was going to be just mom and R, but when dad heard about the session being more “candid” (than posed) and about the trains we’d be checking out, he hopped on board. I am SO glad he did! :)

Almost finished with the gallery…yipppeeee! Thank you, M Family for such an enjoyable morning. :)

Have one terrific day!

{Fabulously Modern Products} | Maggie McDonald Photography

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while. I LOVE creating custom goodies for clients and spend a great deal of time researching quality, appealing, stylin’ products for clients. I definitely wouldn’t sell or create anything I wouldn’t want in my home.

So what do we have here, you ask???

3×3 Brag Album (or otherwise known as a Purse Album for the ladies!)

This little stunner is 3×3 and has 10 openings for your favorite portraits. The album folds out accordion-style (with images on the front and back) and when you’re finished, it folds right up and the magnetic front and back close together immediately. There are various ways to personalize your album with colors, styles and personal quotes that suit you! One more perk is that THREE albums come in an order. They make great gifts for friends and family and display quite nicely.

IMG_2947web LOVE this!!!

Next is the 4×6 Proof Book
I LOVE this little number. If you want to remember your entire session and not have to lift a finger, grab up one of these cuties. The front and back of the book are custom-created and durable! The front and back covers are mounted on a hard surface, while the interior of the spiral-bound book contains bordered portraits printed on photographic paper.



And just in case you’re wondering, vertical and horizontal images look equally fabulous in this book! I have a *snow book* for my family and we change the page daily. It’s always fun for us in the morning to view the next image. Oh, and my logo is not displayed on each page — that was strictly for blogging purposes.

Hope these two products give you an idea of the product possibilities! I’m always looking for the latest and greatest, so please let me know if you’d like something that I don’t carry…I probably do or am on a waiting list waiting for it! ;)

Have a lovely day!

{a simple moment} | southlake child photographer

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

My style in a couple words : vintage + modern + a little spunk + a bucketful of fresh + definite color.  How does one do allllllll that with Bluebonnets?  I was beginning to wonder that myself!

My Bluebonnet sessions this weekend were SO much fun.  They made me think out of the box and use the flowers and open space in a different way.  A way that kept me on my toes, which I appreciate.  I like having to work for fun & fresh images.  :)

When I met with the M Family, we began with the obligatory Bluebonnet portraits (gorgeous kiddo in a sea of blue, which is super cute!) and then the mom said…”The girls are ready to run…I told them about your sessions and they’re ready to run and spin and jump”…and I immediately relaxed.  I hadn’t worked with this family before BUT mom knew me.  She studied my blog and my website and prepped the girls for my kind of session.   {I almost gave her a HUGE squeeze, but we only had 25 minutes, so we pressed on…}

So, what did we do?  The kiddos ran and laughed and jumped and froze and spun until their dizzy bodies melted into the tall grass.  We ALL had a blast.   And while I did capture some adorable “in the moment” running, jumping and spinning shots, this portrait below was taken in between all the action.  I LOVE it.  It’s not funky or modern or colorful or even fresh, but it’s honest and true and shows her classic beauty: her cuter-than-cute profile, curly blonde locks, determined expression, & delicate arms swinging as she walks…   I’m sure it was about 5 seconds until she was spinning again, but I’m happy that this simple moment was captured.


I’m in my own personal sea of Bluebonnet portraits and find myself smiling as I work through each family’s session…I’ll be posting several sneak peeks for my fabulous client families this week.  Stay tuned…

Hope your day is wonderful.


Bluebonnet Mini Sessions | Colleyville Southlake Grapevine Photographer | Spring Photography Portraits

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Spring is exploding all over the Dallas Metroplex and I am SO excited to offer mini sessions in the Bluebonnets. Since we were living in Arizona last year, I have yet to experience the magic of the Texas state flower. I’ve seen so many Bluebonnet portraits on blogs and websites and am thrilled to be part of this tradition myself! I hear this season going to be terrific (check out this link), so get ready for some exciting and FUN minis with me!

And it’s your lucky day because the session fee is LOW low low. Only $50 for 25 minutes (7-10 images presented) — a spring special!


* * * * *

I’ve had several inquiries for minis (these only happen twice a year) SO if you’re one of those that is even THINKING about it, shoot me an email — we’ll chat!   If you’re ready to book, I’ll send you a quick session booking form to secure your date & time — spots are limited and the Bluebonnets won’t last!

As as stated above, if you refer a friend or family member for a session, you with BOTH receive a complimentary 8×10 from your session — what a deal!

Hope you have a lovely day — I’m really looking forward to these sessions.  :)