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The Dot | Children’s Book Review | Maggie McDonald Photography Dallas

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010


I am a MAJOR lover of books, especially of the kid variety.  I’ve always loved to read for myself, but when I became a teacher, I had this crazy urge to purchase every book in the universe and have a library of children’s books that was out of this world.  Lucky for me, my husband and his dad slaved in the garage several weekends building the perfect shelves for my second grade classroom.  I labeled and categorized everything, visited garage sales & Scholastic book fairs, I was a maniac!!!  I still have so, so many books, but lately, the kiddos and I have really been getting into the swing of reading and checking out books from the library.  We’ve been fortunate to find some amazing reads just by chance.  SO, this is where I’ll share some of those!

A long, long, long time ago when I first started this blog, I decided I’d love to have a section for recommended children’s books. Well, I got super busy and it never really came to fruition (except for this entry). It’s ALWAYS been at the back of my mind though! So, here we go. I’m going to try my best at reviewing a book for children once a week … PLUS, my pal Jess said she’d really love it. So, Jess, here’s the first one…{mwah!}


The Dot by Peter Reynolds (it holds an Irma S and James H Black Honor for Excellence in Children’s Literature award!)

The first time we read this book I got a little choked up.  It’s a beautiful story about a little girl who develops confidence through the gentle persuasion of a teacher and starts to believe in herself.

Vashti doesn’t think she’s an artist.  In fact, at the end of art class, she’s left at her table with a blank piece of paper.   Through humor and patience, her teacher encourages her to just make a mark on her paper and it truly changes her life.  Her teacher sees that “dot” as the work of an artist and the next day, her dot is framed behind the teacher’s desk.  This leads the young girl to see art in a new way.  Her eyes are opened.  Her confidence bursts.   Soon, she has a series of dot paintings at the school art show in all different sizes and colors.  Truly heartwarming.

The real beauty of the story, however, is when a young boy, with confidence that mirrors Vashti’s at the beginning of the story, approaches her and comments on her abilities.  This young child doesn’t believe in himself and Vashti suddenly feels the urge to pay it back — to let him know that it’s entirely possible to achieve greatness – you just have to look inside.

I hope you read it.  As a lover of the arts, this book really spoke to me.  I read this to Peach’s kindergarten classroom last week and EVERY STUDENT was wide-eyed and incredibly curious.  I could see their 5-year-old brains really processing the story.  They became alive as they saw Vashti blossom and believe in herself.  You’ll absolutely enjoy this story and the illustrations are super cute, too.

Hope you have a super day and thanks for stopping by!!!


the lollipop coat | boulder child photographer

Monday, January 11th, 2010

It’s obvious I have a thing for lollipops.

  • I love the color combinations — I’m a rainbow kind of girl.
  • I love that they’re sweet.
  • AND I love when I give them to clients and suddenly I see those REAL candid smiles that I’ve been working all session for. It’s hard NOT to smile while eating a lolli. :)

When I met {this family}, I immediately fell in love with this little wool coat. Scroll down and see the lollipop closure on the front? And check out the lollis on the sleeves! It was perfect for the frigid weather, perfect for little E, and fit the family to a “t”!

Here they are (in motion) all stylin’…

And here SHE is modeling her too-cute-for-words smile and the lollipop coat…


And to finish the shoot off, we had some fun with a caboose and some balloons. What a wonderful afternoon, indeed!


Have a lovely Monday (almost ready to show you all your images, s!!!)!

…Colorado sunsets… | Maggie McDonald Photography

Friday, January 1st, 2010


Happy New Year!!!

We had a nice time sledding this evening as a family (+ uncle Jason), just as the sun set. Fella took a couple runs down the hill and then thought the prairie dog hole was much more interesting.

Only a couple more days in beautiful Colorado…

Have a great 2010 — we sure hope to!

:::working feverishly::: | Dallas Senior Portrait Photographer

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

As some of you may have noticed, my comments haven’t been posting. :( I’m so sad because I just LOVE receiving comments and think it’s a great way to give feedback to the photographer and client. Many of my clients LOVE to hear how stunning they look in a portrait. :) I am working like crazy (reading SUCH boring website/blog stuff) to TRY and figure out how to a) have comments enabled again and b) post working links to my site. I have no clue what happened, but am absolutely not savvy when it comes to fixing the inside of a blog! Helllllllp! :)

And because I just love pictures ,(hah!) here’s a lovely senior. I seriously can’t wait to watch her spread her wings next year and do amazing things with her life. She’s just as beautiful inside as outside. I know, stunning!!!


Have a loverly day!

[last year vs. this year] | Colleyville Family Photography

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

I have to say, that last year, the photo session with these kiddos was H.A.R.D!!! I’ve known these two forever, so that didn’t help our difficult situation BUT we made it work (after two photo sessions and literally having mom not come along to worry the second time) and came up with some great, fun portraits.

THIS year, however, was a different story. As soon as my camera came out, they fell into each other with hugs and stares — it was an all-around love fest. Mom and I were shocked, and excited, and I’m SO thrilled I could capture their love for each other. We all see these fleeting moments with our children and I feel so fortunate that they wanted to share this side of their personalities with me!

{SERIOUSLY, one of my favorite all-time images….do you prefer color or b/w???}

So, here are a couple of the B kiddos…and all their cuteness.

OH…and one of their fam…running…and my BFF is probably going to kill me for this (and then love me for getting the images above!). ;)

Have an awesome Halloween! Off to get some pics of my cuties in fake costumes…and then their real ones after that. You’ll see what I mean… ;) ~mm

{just beachy}

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Oh how I/we miss the beach. already. and it’s only been a couple days…

Have a peaceful, beachy kind of day. :) ~m

{the haircut}

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

BEFORE we left on our big trip, we took Fella over to an old-fashioned barber shop nearby and he got the REAL DEAL haircut. As an antique lover (I KNOW you’re proud, mom!), it was a really fun place — we had an awesome time!

{LOVE him looking in the mirror!!!}

BUSY starts this week and doesn’t let up until school starts for Peach! I’m ready for it (I think!)…

Have a super day!

{little nature lovers}

Friday, July 10th, 2009

{LOTS of little streams here for serious bug hunters like my two. }

On this morning before “Bug Camp,” I smiled behind my camera as the kiddos slowly crept toward the stream (hoping not to disturb the little fish that swim to and fro).  As soon as they approached, the water moved like crazy and little fish (or tadpoles???) darted every which way.  Peach and Fella smiled big but their eyeballs were suddenly full of something even MORE exciting.  HUGE dragonflies came out to play!!!   Ooooh there are bugs (BIG and small) out here…   It’s so fun to have kids that are just consumed with nature.  Excited by everything.

I’m thoroughly enjoying all the Texas greenery and hunting for places to take the next best set of images.  I constantly drive looking for amazing locations and I’ve found quite a few!

I have LOTS to share of my children and am loving finally being able to do some quick edits to the pics of MY KIDS!!!  My personal pics have been on the back burner for quite some time and I’m having fun editing, experimenting & learning by doing some mini sessions with my kiddos.  They’re not too excited about it, but HEY, at least they’ll be able to see how adorable the were when they get older.  :)   And I’ll be able to remember {and cherish} these fleeting moments.

Okay,,,on to some BIG darn news (and less cheesy writing)…I’m coming to Phoenix in OCTOBER.   October 10-12 to be exact!!!  I am only scheduling 12 sessions and due to a wait list that I started in January, SIX of those spots are already taken.  Whoa!  Because I want to provide the best service possible to my clients, I can’t schedule any EXTRAS, BUT if you’re interested in one of the six sessions, there will be an announcement on Monday about how you can score one.  First-come, first-served!!!  I am getting SO excited!  I’m ready!

See you MONDAY & have one fab weekend!  ~m

{fab friends}

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Ahhh…vistors are what are making this house a home. :) It feels SO nice to have familiar voices, laughs, faces, & hugs around here. We were SO excited for the B family to jet by on their whirlwind trip through the US. The kiddos just couldn’t get enough of each other…

{see what i mean???} :) These two BFFs really DIG one another.

Lots of pool time, a trip to the Children’s Museum and the Imax Theatre, some yummy bbq, and some MEGA pool playing (as in pool table!) by the adults, led to a fun-filled weekend.

Anybody wanna visit??? :)

Have a good one! ~m

mr. boots

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

{i love my little guy}

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July!!!  I know postings have been few and far between…my bad!!!  I’ve been bouncing between visitors and unpacking the office and playroom.   The unpacking part is just terrible!!! Thank goodness only two rooms are left. :/

I have a MEGA post for Monday (get READY) showing some of the things we’ve been up to.  We’ve gone on a couple fun adventures–that’s for sure.

Life is starting to feel a little more normal, I guess. Still really miss everyone in AZ… :( (don’t get me started!)

What’s going on here??? SO glad you asked! ;)

  • Tomorrow we have a little playdate with some moms (and their kiddos) I met a couple weeks ago — should be FUN!
  • Peach starts “Bug Camp” on Tuesday, which she is thrilled about.  Can’t wait to see her shine (she’s a BUG LOVER)!
  • Wednesday, I’ll be rolling out information for holiday sessions.  I’m SO excited to meet up with past clients and create some amazing portraits together.
  • I’m ALSO working on making some FUN holiday cards, so stay tuned!

Hope your holiday weekend was fanTABulous!  Thanks for checking in…I swear I’ll get better.  :)