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Sisters & Besties | Maggie McDonald Photography

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Ahhh…the special relationship between sisters.  There’s really nothing like it!

I was SO thrilled to be contacted by S (the big sis) to do a sister’s session before M (little sis) left for college in the fall!  These two super sweet gals admitted that the last time they really had portraits taken together was six years ago…it was definitely time!   We had such a nice time together early Saturday morning in the golden sun (my fav!) for our Mini Session.  I enjoyed hearing about their hobbies, jobs, jobs-to-be, and their close relationship.  After I got home, I received a really sweet ‘thank you’ email from S that also included a picture of a grasshopper that rode home in her boot.  Her dog had quite a blast watching the little guy hop, apparently.  LOVE it.

Thanks, you two, for really making my day.  Your smiles and genuine love for each other were an honor to capture.  I only wish you both the best and can’t wait to show you the rest!

Hope you have a lovely day!



{beauty all around us} | Maggie McDonald Photography | junkyard session

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Ahhhh…stunning, stylin’ clients at one incredible location.  A total recipe for success…and a major photographer high!  :)

I’ve photographed this family several times now, and it truly makes a difference with the comfort of the kiddos!  Because they’re used to me/my camera and how things work, the love I am able to witness and capture is so genuine.  I see this through their physical closeness in group pictures and support of each other when it’s time for individual portraits.     It also totally helps that mom comes completely prepared with snacks & movies to keep the kids entertained before, during, and after the session.    When there are four kiddos, there’s a little down time, which helps them recharge!

Okay, time to view…

Seriously…did you see how gorgeous mom is?  :)

Each family member is SO fun, unique and sweet in his/her own way.  I was totally blown away with their attire , too — the mix of the color pop with subtle grays, browns, and denim.  Mom threw in several accessories like a bow tie, scarf, and fur hat to add a little extra flair.   Made SUCH a huge difference.  It was a particularly windy day. so at the end of our session we even used the fur hat on the little lady  – it really helped with her hair and looked adorable.

I had such a hard time choosing only six portraits to showcase here, so there will definitely be more images of this wonderful bunch making an appearance on the blog or my Facebook page in the near future.

Thrilled to work again with this family very soon…can’t WAIT, actually!

Have a lovely day,


***We were VERY fortunate to have the lovely and (always cheery) Savanah from Scott LeMaster Salon & Spa  to work her hair and make-up magic on this special day.  Savanah is incredibly talented and so much fun to have along on a session !

{ Eleven years } | Dallas / Fort Worth Couples Photographer

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I just love when couples can open up, have fun, share ideas, and lastly, be themselves!  This session most definitely had all of the above — S and M completely rocked it.   :)

These two have been married for eleven years — almost twelve (see the shadow smooch above???).  I love getting to know a little more about them each session (check our last session in a junkyard *here*) and look forward to many more sessions together. ;)   It’s always incredibly flattering to take portraits for peeps multiple times — we fuel each other, especially since these two are amazing artists/creatives!

LOVE the candid smooch above!

Savanah is one uber-talented stylist at the Scott LeMaster Salon and Spa in Las Colinas.  Seriously, if you need anything chic and stylin’ in the hair department (translation: if you want to look TOTALLY snazzy!), schedule with Savanah.    She has quite a long wait (muy popular!), so make an appt now…  :)    I could go on and on describing her credentials and experience, but I’ll let her tell you all that…   ;)

Back to these two…

Ahhhh, color is so thrilling!  LOVE this wall — I had it chosen for them over a year ago and am SO glad it worked.  :)

See their reflection?  :)

It’s impossible to put into words the feeling a photographer has after a fulfilling session like the one above — the creative energy and love was flowing (and still is as I edit the rest of their portraits with perma-grin)!!!  :)

Hope you have one wonderful day!


Family moments captured! | Fort Worth Family Photography

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

{Gorgeous kiddos!}

This three-session smile marathon with four couples and their families was speedy, yet SO awesomely productive. :) These family members drove down from Mississippi and Ohio and I was thrilled to be able to be there to preserve their family history! I have so many portraits of our family growing up, especially with grandparents, and I adore them.

I absolutely love capturing family love. I know I’ve said this before, but ever since my father-in-law passed away a year and a half ago, I see SO much value in extended family portraits. I always wish we had just one more portrait with Jay and our family, or Jay and my kiddos.

It was an honor to be asked to capture this sisterly love, too!

Hope you have a fantastic day!

:::a little western flair:::

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

{My favorite silhouette spot.}


This fun & loving family was up for anything, and when I spotted the cowboy hat, I KNEW it would be perfect this image. I love how you can see the personalities in each of the members here, especially the stunning sis, who steals the show with her arm up, securing the hat on her head during our windy session. LOVE!!!

We have so many more stunners that I can’t wait to share. I am honored this fam chose me to document their closeness before their son returns to the Air Force Academy.

Have a lovely day! I’m back to editing my last holiday sessions, designing cards (including my own!!!) and wrapping up an amazing visit with my mom and brother — they head all the way back to AZ tomorrow and this gal is sad….

My Sis is Married! | Union Station Wedding | Los Angeles Family Photographer

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010


As many of you may know, my stunning little sis got married to the man of her dreams last weekend in Los Angeles. It was incredible to be part of such an amazing event and be surrounded by so many family members and friends in the days leading up to the wedding, and at the actual wedding. We were SO fortunate to have Jen Fox, my dear friend, as the photographer of the grand event. I, of course, photographed a bit in the morning and during the formal portraits, BUT I also put the camera down and had a blast, too. It was nice to be able to do that! Jen got AMAZING images (I’m seriously jealous!) that I get to edit, but I thought I’d post mine for the time being, until Jen gets some of hers all “Jen-i-fied” on her blog. I did have to steal one below that makes my heart sing. I love both of their genuine smiles. :)

I LOVE the getting ready shots that Jen took, as well as the dress, rings, and other fun details…those will be a whole enormo post of their own sometime in the near future…
Anyway, here we go…

IMG_lj2 {The LOVEBIRDS just a couple minutes after their “first look”}

We took the SUBWAY from our downtown hotel, to Union Station, where they got married. TOTALLY fits them (my SIS has a HUGE soft spot for public transportation!). :)



The passers-by were curious, but mostly just went on their merry way.


We took some quick formal portraits near the garden, some INSIDE the gorgeous station (stunning old wooden ticket booths),


and some silly/fun ones, too.


And THEN the wedding happened. . . (I haven’t even edited the actual wedding ceremony, details, or the parTAY afterward. I’m looking forward to it though…)

Have one lovely day! LOVE you L & J….these are only a little teaser.

One Amazing Bridal Session | Bridal Portraits Dallas / Fort Worth

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010


A true sneak peek — little snippets of images. :)

And now…onto the big images…isn’t she STUNNING??? I am excited to finally be able to share these images — she’s married now! :) A BIG congratulations to the newly married couple!!!


I don’t typically photograph bridal portraits, because I don’t specialize in wedding photography, but this situation was perfect! This bride needed portraits taken because her photographer, a family friend, was coming from out of state for the wedding. I was happy to oblige and feel so fortunate to have met this beautiful woman and her family. And get this…she’s even MORE beautiful on the inside. :)

Her husband loves golf, so it was important to incorporate some fun golf pics. LOVE these!

Before our session, I met with her and we went over exactly what she wanted…she even brought inspirational images on her laptop which were *perfect*! It was incredibly helpful and put us at ease immediately when it was time for our actual session. I think I’m a big fan of bridal sessions!!! :)


K — you are such a stunning, sweet, happy bride! I wish you, your *new husband,* and your families all the best.
Have a lovely rest of your day! ~mm

Save the Date Out-take! | Maggie McDonald Photography

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

IMG_1041w She’s got dancin’ legs for miles and miles.    Why not hoist her up there and spice things up a bit!!!???  This isn’t the Save the Date they chose, but it IS one of my favs!

Have a lovely day!


{flyin’ high} — Dallas/Fort Worth Family Photographer

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


I feel SO very fortunate to have met this amazing family last year.  Not only are they stunning, they are SUPER sweet, fun AND funny!  AND everything mom chooses to dress this little sassy princess in I just love.   Sassy Princesses and I always get along well because my little lady was one too!!!  :)

When mom said she said she wanted a more funky session this time, I jumped at the chance.  I LOVE it when clients think out of the box and want to change some things up a bit.


She wanted a little punk rock, sassy vibe.  Aren’t her little outfits the cutest???  The first pic looks like she’s almost two going on 17!!!  :)

Cannot WAIT to show you the rest.  We found some incredible locations and even played with a bright yellow taxi.  Yay!

OH, and {here} and {here} are some portraits from our last session together if you’re curious!  Little M sure has grown up.  :)   I absolutely LOVE photographing clients a couple times a year.  It’s so much fun to build a relationship with families and record their moments together.

Hope you have a fabulous day!


Gettin’ hitched! | Dallas/Fort Worth Engagement Photography

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010


My little sis is getting married! :) I got together with her and her fiance waaaay back when and am JUST now blogging our little adventure. They had the most original idea for their save-the-dates, so we hit up an extra superfine (that’s a word, right?) junkyard for some fun. We spent most of our time doing crazy stunts and silly business (aren’t you curious?) and then had a couple minutes at the end for some portraits. Still working on the save-the-dates, so no sneak peek, BUT it’s going to be super cool, vintage & original!

Isn’t her hair fun? It’s always been bright red!

This bus says “UNITE” — we loved that! I usually don’t have clients face the sun in situations like this (ultra bright and painful, that sun!), BUT I like the vibe they’ve got going on.

Ahhhh…LOVE. :) We can’t WAIT for the big wedding in September in Los Angeles. It’s going to be a blast to celebrate their union and get together with family and friends that we haven’t seen in a long time. Plus, Peach is going to be a flower girl and Fella…you guessed it, the “Ring Burier.” <--that's what my kids call it. Hilarious! Oh....and my amazing pal Jen Fox is going to use her mad wedding skills and photograph the wedding. And because I probably won’t be able to put my camera down, I’ll be in there too, until my kiddos pull me onto the dance floor. ;)

Love you two…can’t wait!
Have a grrrrrreat day!