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ashlee | grapevine high school senior | colleyville senior photographer

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Photographing seniors is SO much fun.  I loved this session with Ashlee, a Grapevine High School senior, who came to her morning golden sun session smiling, along with her mom and brother.  Their support and love (and strong arms to carry all the goodies we had) were SO helpful.

Ashlee is beautiful, sweet and outgoing — we really had fun zipping to a couple locations and I love how she changed things up with different outfits and accessories.  She plays softball for Grapevine High School and I just can’t wait to hear all about her senior year as it happens.   School starts in two days, Ashlee — hope your senior year is most amazing!

Hope you have one lovely day.


Sisters & Besties | Maggie McDonald Photography

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Ahhh…the special relationship between sisters.  There’s really nothing like it!

I was SO thrilled to be contacted by S (the big sis) to do a sister’s session before M (little sis) left for college in the fall!  These two super sweet gals admitted that the last time they really had portraits taken together was six years ago…it was definitely time!   We had such a nice time together early Saturday morning in the golden sun (my fav!) for our Mini Session.  I enjoyed hearing about their hobbies, jobs, jobs-to-be, and their close relationship.  After I got home, I received a really sweet ‘thank you’ email from S that also included a picture of a grasshopper that rode home in her boot.  Her dog had quite a blast watching the little guy hop, apparently.  LOVE it.

Thanks, you two, for really making my day.  Your smiles and genuine love for each other were an honor to capture.  I only wish you both the best and can’t wait to show you the rest!

Hope you have a lovely day!



S T U N N I N G (in all caps!) | Grapevine / Colleyville Senior Photographer

Friday, August 19th, 2011




Thrilled to photograph this simply stunning teen in Florida this June. She was sweeter than Florida sweet tea (and WHOA it’s sweet!) and just such a natural beauty. Her golden hair blew in the beachy breeze as we talked about her plans for the future (loves to dance) and explored the gorgeous setting. A perfect afternoon!

I’ll let her portraits do the talking…

Hope you’re having a spectacular day!

P.S. Phoenix HOLIDAY MINI SESSIONS are totally booked! If you’d like to be on a wait list, email me asap! :) Dallas peeps still have some MINI SESSION slots available, but they’re going quickly! {click here} for info!

*2011 Holiday Mini Sessions* | Maggie McDonald Photography | DFW Phoenix Photographer

Thursday, August 4th, 2011


Holiday Sessions??!!!  I realize it seems WAAAAY too hot to think about the holidays, but the end of September will be here in a flash, then we’ll all be busy with trick-or-treating…Thanksgiving…and then Christmas!  You’ll be SO glad you scheduled a session and designed your fabulous cards ahead of time!  :)

Check it….  ;)


Included with each session are the items clients *love the most* for the holidays:

  • Gift Prints (your choice of an 8×10, 5×7, 4×6 portrait or 8 wallets)
  • Three web-sized, Facebook files (with a small logo) for sharing online


  • Custom holiday cards created for you with your stunning portraits OR 4×6 prints to include in your own cards OR a high-resolution digital file for those that would like to create a card on their own (top two packages).
Add-ons to packages are quite a deal, too (portraits, disc of images, canvas), so send me an email and I’ll fill you in!

And…2011 holiday card choices are currently being designed/purchased.  They will be displayed on the blog in late August/early September.   I always LOVE to give clients variety and can’t wait for you to see this year’s cards!  Gorgeous.


If you’ve decided you’d like to reserve a mini session, please email me at and I’ll send you a link to the holiday session booking form. Payment is due at the time of booking (I’ll send a PayPal invoice) to hold your spot.   Last year there was a wait list, so don’t wait too long!

Hope you have a lovely day — I’m excited about the prospect of working with so many gorgeous families again this year and sure hope yours is on the list.  :)

My best,


{moments at home} ::: dallas / fort worth family photography

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

{SWING TIME! — love little sis in the background}

I had fun meeting these three siblings and their mom at home last week.  Mom wanted casual portraits with her children doing what they do best  – being themselves.  :)  That involved relaxing, jumping on the trampoline, sliding, swinging, AND some bubble play.  :)  Sessions at home are easy-peasy for kiddos that might not be comfortable in a new setting and for this fam, it worked out great!

{Big Brother was ready to go — so easy to photograph!}


and lastly…oh man is she cute!!!

What a beautiful family!  Thanks so much for choosing me to capture these at-home moments…it was FUN!

Hope you have a lovely day!


a golden lake kind of afternoon :: dallas/fort worth senior photographer

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Ahhh…I just love the golden hour, and couple that with a smiley, spunky, sweet high school senior who loves to be outdoors, I’m instantaneously giddy!

I had a lovely time with L, her mom and BFFs as we explored some urban goodness and then the beauty of Lewisville Lake.

SO so many more stunning portraits that I cannot WAIT to share.  :)

Hope you have a lovely afternoon!!!


:::a little western flair:::

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

{My favorite silhouette spot.}


This fun & loving family was up for anything, and when I spotted the cowboy hat, I KNEW it would be perfect this image. I love how you can see the personalities in each of the members here, especially the stunning sis, who steals the show with her arm up, securing the hat on her head during our windy session. LOVE!!!

We have so many more stunners that I can’t wait to share. I am honored this fam chose me to document their closeness before their son returns to the Air Force Academy.

Have a lovely day! I’m back to editing my last holiday sessions, designing cards (including my own!!!) and wrapping up an amazing visit with my mom and brother — they head all the way back to AZ tomorrow and this gal is sad….

i’m definitely not a morning person… | Dallas / Fort Worth Senior Portrait Photographer | Maggie McDonald Photography

Friday, September 17th, 2010


I’m most definitely not a morning person, BUT when a fantastic photographic opportunity presents itself, I will most-definitely hop on board.  ***EVEN THOUGH*** it’s happening at 6:45am…the morning AFTER my sister’s wedding.  ;)

My beauteous cousin lives FAR, far away in New York, where she is a social butterfly and star athlete.  I keep tabs on her every once in a while via Facebook and have always wanted to photograph her.  When we realized we’d be together for my sister’s wedding I jumped at the chance to ask her to “model” for me.  Since the time in LA was so crazy, I didn’t realize that she was leaving so soon the morning after my sister’s wedding…SOOOO…we got up extra darn early (me pretty much in my pajamas) to have a quick little 15 minute session near our hotels downtown.


It was fun.  Especially when she started to loosen up (that’s when the jumping came in) and I LOVED showing her some of the images I was getting on the back of my camera.  The incredible part about photographing teens is that during the photo session a transformation takes place where a girl goes from being a tad shy to feeling like a glamorous supermodel.  And that she did.


I love her gorgeous eyes, extra long lashes, crazy long thick hair, laugh, and zest for life.

Can’t WAIT until we have the opportunity to do this again, A.  Let’s schedule something a little longer…and…hopefully not in the morning???!!!  I MUCH prefer a little before sunset!  ;)

Have a lovely day,


{sisters in the sunlight} | Dallas / Fort Worth Portrait Photography

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

If you had to guess how old these two sisters are…what would you say? :)

I was shocked to find out these two beauties are 12 and 14! They are SO super sweet, polite (everything was “yes m’am”) and stunning. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph them! Last week, I was asked by a lovely friend to photograph her extended family to capture all the cousins together with their Big Pops in town. It was speedy and fun — you see, when extended family sessions happen (I really don’t do many of them), we blast through like nobody’s business! :) Since that type of posing isn’t what fuels me, I typically quickly go through all the requested posed shots and then relish in the candids afterwards. :) Ahhhh…photographing candids of sweet extended family love and portraits of beautiful people is SO much F-U-N. :)

{Is this precious or what? I wish wish wish I had a pics of my kiddos like this with their grandparents and am making it a GOAL to do so…}

After finishing off our big family session, we had about 6 minutes to photograph the sisters. We got a TON — I just love teens and tweens!

Hope you have one WONDERFUL day. :)

{2010 Senior} | Dallas Fort Worth Senior Photographer

Friday, November 20th, 2009


I’ve been designing an album for this beauty and thought I’d share a possible page. I get goosebumps when I look at these…what an incredible, beautiful young woman. We decided to head on over to a junkyard at the end of our session and I’m SO glad we did. The bold colors and her sassy style look amazing here!

Have a super day…