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oh, to love a pet! | dallas child photography

Thursday, January 28th, 2010


This doggy of ours is a maniac.  And I say that in the most loving dog-mommy way.  He has quite the personality — more than any other dog I’ve met — and cracks us up daily.  Despite being allergic to everything a dog shouldn’t be (trees, grass, shrubs, etc), which results in annoying lick-fests, he is such a cute cuddle boy and loves to play.  He is so sweet and patient with the kiddos, which is a major bonus, too.


{a typical “guilty” look}


{Best buds} I love LOVE the nose-to-nose pic on the far right. They’re pretty darn cute together!!!

Have an incredible day!

:::the butterfly tent::: | southlake child photographer

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Today after kindergarten AND preschool (and a volunteer meeting for me!), the kiddos and I hit up the Butterfly Festival in Southlake.  Although Fella likes bugs, his interest in them is nothing like Peach’s.  From the moment we stepped in the tent, she danced around the place like she was the happiest kid in the world (WITH a butterfly on a stick).   You see, they had these long wooden sticks with a piece of watermelon at the end (a fav food of butterflies apparently).  If you carefully put the melon near their feet, they hungrily crawl right on!

The kiddos and I had an awesome time comparing, touching, and observing these winged creatures! I’m so happy my pal Farrah told us about it!

We left with some Painted Lady larvae, which we’re incredibly excited about! We also have some ants coming to us in the mail (ridicuous, I know!!!) for an ant hill my husband decided that the kids needed (yipes…not my dealio if they escape!). It’s going to be a zoo around here!!!

Have an incredible weekend!

the cat(s) who came with the house | Southlake child photographer

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

So, I know I’ve mentioned before that when we moved in, we inherited two (we think three) cats. It’s quite fun because Peach has always been a cat lover and NOW she can have cats that remain outside (I’m allergic–phew)! Two pretty much look exactly alike (except one is super shy). I’ve only seen the other late, late at night, so he must be ultra, ultra shy!

These felines provide hours of entertainment and bring us sweet (hah!) gifts like dead lizards, moles, and birds in return for us keeping their water and food bowls full. :) One is always around, watching the kiddos play in the front, eyeing the soccer ball being kicked around, and rubbing up against us.

Peach cannot get enough of them (and wants to pepper her room with images of these cats, so I thought I’d post some here)!

Have a super day! ~m


Friday, June 26th, 2009

GUILTY (w/a capital G)

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

He MAY look cute…

BUT this dog has been the BIGGEST toot lately.

Example #1 — Mom brought banana bread muffins over on Friday.  He figured out how to weasel that bag from the center of the kitchen island down to the floor, where he proceeded to bite a hole into the bag and devour the whole lot. 

Example #2 — He tried TWICE (once successfully) in a matter of 20 minutes yesterday to do the same with a bag of chips that we put WAAAAY far back on the counter. 

Example #3 — {The straw the broke the camel’s back} I made the kiddos peanut butter sandwiches today and walked to get something from the refrigerator (ummm…not far).  This bold doggy made his move and knocked out TWO sandwiches in seriously 5 seconds.  I was FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t even want to admit this, but I KNOW my darn brother will call me out on the blog…so you know what I did?  I put a little Tabasco in his mouth.  And proceeded to put some food on the counter WITH Tabasco on it.  THEN a couple minutes later, he lovingly licked me and we had this 5 minute photo shoot while I cooled my jets.  

He’s SOOO cute to be really mad at.  He’s SO frustrating though.  Any advice?  Pllllease? 

We’re usually really good about not leaving food out…he never used to get food from these far-away spots.  I’ve heard of putting mousetraps on the counter but there is NOOOOO way I could ever do that.  Man!

^  [this one's for you Uncle Phil]

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, he’s an English Setter.  A guy that’s supposed to be a bird dog.  He usually prefers bugs and lizards (much to my husband’s dismay) BUT I actually caught him (today of ALL DAYS) with a bird in his mouth.  BLECH. 

Thanks for stopping by…  :)


Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

“Uhhh…I’m not used to taking pics of cats, but I’d love to try!!!”  I think that’s about how my conversation went with C when she asked me to take pics of her beloved felines.   Well…I’m willing to try anything!  In fact, I was quite excited (apparently Harley, the cat, was too!).  :)

I am definitely one who thinks animals are pretty special, and understand the bond that people have with their pets (you saw our two cute doggies in this post), so I was happy to join C and her family as the cats ate treats, played with a fun feathery fake-bird thingy, and just got some lovin’ from their mama. 

C is a total cat lover.  An animal lover, for sure (horses, dogs, etc), but right now, her loves are her three ginormous cats (and her hubby, of course).   :)    These cats are Maine Coons and are unlike any cat I’ve ever seen.  TOTALLY sweet enormous balls of fur and fluff.  Super cute, smart, lovey, and full of three very distinct personalities.  Every time I see these cats I’m absolutely shocked at their size…it’s pretty hard to tell in these pics, but these cats (except for the female) pretty much weigh the same as my toddler!!!

Diva: her name says it all.

Harley: the 4 year old “alpha boy” weighing in at 22 pounds

^ Trouble: a loverboy and the youngest of the bunch –only a year old and 22.5 pounds of cuteness!!! 

^ Touble entertains us with his MAD jumping SKILLS…jealous???    :)

^ Harley wanted in on the action, too, (they’re after some feather contraption on a stick with fishing line)

^ and then he didn’t want to give it up.  This picture makes me LAUGH.  That look in his eye is priceless.  :D

C–I had SO much fun with you and these great animals of yours.  Thanks for believing in me — {mwah}!!!