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Cutest “We’re Having a Baby” Announcement EVER! | DFW Family Photographer

Friday, January 4th, 2013

The grand plan was to design holiday cards for this terrific family from their earlier 2012 session, but when the mom let me know a big secret (they were expecting!), we did both!  This was a HUGE secret — nobody was to know until the big reveal (the announcements in the mail!), even the kiddos.  How’d we pull this off??!!  Well, let me tell ya…

First, mom found an adorable idea on Pinterest (this card/session is based off that!).

Second, we assembled the participants – Mom, two ADORABLE kiddos, me, and a blank vintage chalkboard…some colorful & delicious lollis at the end always help, too!  ;)

(here the kiddos are before we REALLY got started…)

Third, we got all crazy cute and funny — the whole session took us about 8 minutes (yay us!!!).    I asked the kids to do various silly things and they were just perfect.  We did a whole lot of laughing (see below)…

The mom and I met several days afterwards to decide on the perfect pictures for the text…didn’t take us long at all.  I digitally placed the text, we found a card to compliment their cute little outfits, and we were finished.

Here’s their gorgeous announcement…

(names blurred out, of course, for their privacy!)

Mom and I were practically on the floor laughing as soon as this happened…

Still makes me laugh out loud every time I see this picture.  :)    A HUGE congrats to the fun, spunky, & oh-so-cool D family…can’t wait to meet the new baby in June!!!

And…Happy New Year!!!


Little Miss in a Vintage Crate | Maggie McDonald Photography | Dallas / Fort Worth Family Photographer

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

So, so fun to see this cutie pie and her family again.


I last saw her as an itty bitty newborn and now she’s sitting, crawling, and standing with some help from mom.  :)  How time flies!

I just love that her mom, dad and sis came along for her six month portraits — so much love and laughter make me one happy photog.  PLUS, mom and dad love all things vintage, so my wooden crate, heart quilt (LOOOOOVE this new find!), and her cutie-pie old fashioned dress (brought by mom) were perfect additions to our session.  LOVE getting to know parents and what they love!

So incredibly honored to capture this little lady once again…

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have one incredible day!


P.S.  If you are interested in booking a holiday mini session in the DFW area or in Phoenix, please click {here} for more information on my Facebook page — info will be on the blog soon.  Slots are going quickly!

{Little Smiler} | DFW Family Photography | Maggie McDonald Photography

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed this sunny morning session.  This beautiful little lady got out of the car full of smiles — she was ready from the get-go!  I loved every minute of this sweet family’s interactions.

This momma was given a gift certificate for a mini session from a lovely friend and I have had the best time watching her grow up via Facebook, just knowing we’d have a session in the future.  I love this age and the moments we captured — her reaching for her mom’s face as she puts her in the air just melts my heart.   :)

Hope you have one lovely day!  Be on the lookout for more summer sessions coming up…


{Her Perfect Little Lips} | Dallas Family Photography | Maggie McDonald Photography

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Wow…it’s been a while!  I’ve been crazy busy (just not the best at blogging) with all the editing, holiday card designing, and family festivities going on.  SO sorry!  :)

I have so many images to share from lovely sessions that took place from October through January with happy families from Phoenix and Dallas — definitely the busy season!   It was incredibly exciting to see past clients and meet many new ones.  I’m always honored to be chosen to photograph loved ones and recommended by past clients, too.  Thank YOU so much for your support!             …and now onto some portraits….

I’d love to share this little lady!   I met her when she was 15 days old and she was the perfect little sleeper.   We even got some smiles.  :)

We started the session with a bottle (for a full tummy, of course!), a little laughter with big sis, and family cuddling…

Then we moved on to cute baby poses.

She tried to stay awake and look adorable…

…but quickly fell asleep looking just perfect.


Big sis checked in on her several times while her parents relaxed — it was so cute!

Before some family portraits, we captured mom and dad with their newest addition.  Definitely one of my faves!

SO many more lovely portraits from this session.  K and K — your gallery should be ready in no time.

Hope you have one terrific day!


I met a BEAUTIFUL baby boy yesterday… | Dallas / Fort Worth Colleyville Southlake Westlake Photography

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

:::::  Glorious morning sun + a field with bluebonnets + handsome little 8 weeker = total bliss!!!  :::::


I had a lovely time yesterday with little S and his beautiful mom.  I was SO fortunate to be able to capture her pregnancy {here} so take a look!

Isn’t he the most precious little guy?  He was on his very best behavior and was perfectly content hanging out in mom’s arms and watching the leaves move in the trees above him.  Couldn’t have asked for a better session.  :)

Spring photo sessions are booking quickly!  Make sure to get on the calendar before it gets too hot around these parts.  ;)

Can’t wait for all the upcoming sessions!

Hope you have a lovely rest of your day.


Oh do I love color… | Dallas Portrait Photographer | Holiday Mini Sessions

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

And ruffles on the buns of girly outfits.

And sweet families.

And very well behaved cute doggies. Check out Izzy on the right, zooming into the shot!

And girlies with rosettes in their hair who give their momma love just because…

I’m honored that this family chose me to do their very first family portraits! Their little lady is almost 11 months and wanted to be on the GO!  Can’t wait to show you all the rest.  :)

Hope you have a lovely day!


{do this for them} | Dallas / Fort Worth Child Photographer

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I kept going back and forth about which images to post from this session…should I post the one with dad throwing the littlest lady up into the air, where you see her little belly-button and toothless grin, the portrait of the family by the colorful barn, where they’re all staggered and the middle sis looks sneaky-suspicious (a look I ADORE), the pic of the big brother that makes him look like a total tousled-hair 5-year-old Abercrombie model, the portrait of the family as themselves…looking at each other and loving through their eyes and arms, OR this portrait. It’s so simple.

Tonight I can only post this.


It’s a stand-alone image to me.

A portrait that any mom truly wants, BUT the most important thing is that this momma did this for her daughter. Her little “N” is going to look back someday and absolutely cherish this image and just know how much her momma loved her that very moment. I mean, LOOK at this mom’s love! (I just can’t get over it…)

While we, as parents, sometimes struggle with fitting in portrait sessions (the time, the money, the clothing, the image we want to present, etc), it’s important to just do it. For the kids. For our kids!

I’m realizing how truly precious life is as we approach the one-year anniversary of my father-in-law’s death. What I wouldn’t do for more pictures of my children with HIS grin and loving arms wrapped around them.

I promise you’ll see more of this fun bunch tomorrow…

{miracle girl} | mckinney child portrait photography

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010


I can’t even begin to describe all the work this little beauty’s parents went through to get here here. After countless doctor appointments, procedures, and more, the parents of little H finally heard the “you’re pregnant” news and have been beyond elated ever since. She is truly a miracle and I am SO incredibly honored that I was able to capture her cute-ness yesterday!

Guess who (at SIX months) started crawling last week??? This little lady! :) So happy we were able to capture this milestone.

Thanks T for having me yesterday — so excited to finally meet you and your family. Can’t wait until our fam session/bday celebration for little H!

Hope you’re having a lovely day! ~mm

[new babe] | dallas / fort worth family photography

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010


We braved the heat a couple days ago (a hard thing for these Washingtonians!) and set out for some updated family pics.


Oh do I love this smiley guy! :)


Babies bring so much peace, love and happiness. I love watching families grow. :)

Have a splendid day!

{adorable} baby Fox | dallas /fort worth child portrait photographer

Saturday, May 29th, 2010


This little beauty of a baby is visiting ME and my lucky family this weekend. We took a couple minutes this morning between a nap and feeding and hit a favorite green spot. :) We literally had…oh…5 minutes and 39 seconds. But we’re champs and made it work AND he thought the trees were fascinating for a couple of those minutes. :) I’ve been waiting to use this gem of a crib for a month or so, and it worked out perfectly! Just what I imagined. Yay.


I met his momma, the fabulous Jen Fox, at a photography workshop about two and a half years ago. We’ve been chatting/collaborating/visiting lots since. It’s been wonderful. And to see her with a little family now is beyond amazing.


Speaking of family, I took pics of their WHOLE fam two days ago and those are waiting to hit the blog, too. L-O-V-E them.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I have some exciting shoots scheduled for tomorrow and then am going to ‘kick it’ with our guests their last day here (is it TIME already???). {Hope you like these Grandma….they’re headed home to you soon!} :)