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{beauty all around us} | Maggie McDonald Photography | junkyard session

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Ahhhh…stunning, stylin’ clients at one incredible location.  A total recipe for success…and a major photographer high!  :)

I’ve photographed this family several times now, and it truly makes a difference with the comfort of the kiddos!  Because they’re used to me/my camera and how things work, the love I am able to witness and capture is so genuine.  I see this through their physical closeness in group pictures and support of each other when it’s time for individual portraits.     It also totally helps that mom comes completely prepared with snacks & movies to keep the kids entertained before, during, and after the session.    When there are four kiddos, there’s a little down time, which helps them recharge!

Okay, time to view…

Seriously…did you see how gorgeous mom is?  :)

Each family member is SO fun, unique and sweet in his/her own way.  I was totally blown away with their attire , too — the mix of the color pop with subtle grays, browns, and denim.  Mom threw in several accessories like a bow tie, scarf, and fur hat to add a little extra flair.   Made SUCH a huge difference.  It was a particularly windy day. so at the end of our session we even used the fur hat on the little lady  – it really helped with her hair and looked adorable.

I had such a hard time choosing only six portraits to showcase here, so there will definitely be more images of this wonderful bunch making an appearance on the blog or my Facebook page in the near future.

Thrilled to work again with this family very soon…can’t WAIT, actually!

Have a lovely day,


***We were VERY fortunate to have the lovely and (always cheery) Savanah from Scott LeMaster Salon & Spa  to work her hair and make-up magic on this special day.  Savanah is incredibly talented and so much fun to have along on a session !

{Her Perfect Little Lips} | Dallas Family Photography | Maggie McDonald Photography

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Wow…it’s been a while!  I’ve been crazy busy (just not the best at blogging) with all the editing, holiday card designing, and family festivities going on.  SO sorry!  :)

I have so many images to share from lovely sessions that took place from October through January with happy families from Phoenix and Dallas — definitely the busy season!   It was incredibly exciting to see past clients and meet many new ones.  I’m always honored to be chosen to photograph loved ones and recommended by past clients, too.  Thank YOU so much for your support!             …and now onto some portraits….

I’d love to share this little lady!   I met her when she was 15 days old and she was the perfect little sleeper.   We even got some smiles.  :)

We started the session with a bottle (for a full tummy, of course!), a little laughter with big sis, and family cuddling…

Then we moved on to cute baby poses.

She tried to stay awake and look adorable…

…but quickly fell asleep looking just perfect.


Big sis checked in on her several times while her parents relaxed — it was so cute!

Before some family portraits, we captured mom and dad with their newest addition.  Definitely one of my faves!

SO many more lovely portraits from this session.  K and K — your gallery should be ready in no time.

Hope you have one terrific day!


Smiles and smiles and even BIGGER smiles! | Colleyville Southlake Family Photography

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Oh boy was this little man cute, smiley and fun.

He showed us all of his big boy tricks (clapping, standing, the speed crawl, the sitting spin-around (I was impressed), and some cute little clucking sounds) and smiled throughout the entire session. WE couldn’t help smiling the whole time either…

He had such adorable, tender moments with his parents, too…

And then went back to smiling…

(even bigger!) in his little birthday suit.

Definitely a happy cake face!!! Oh what fun we had.

S&K–Thank you SO so much for trusting me to capture your little man for his 1st birthday session! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon for holiday portraits. :)

Have a lovely day!

The Center of their World! | Colleyville Southlake Grapevine Photographer

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

I met this super fun family bright and early Sunday morning.  The light was soft and golden — just the way I like it — and the weather JUST perfect!  We planned this session around both sets of grandparents being in town for some extended family pics, too.

Although extended family portraits are sometimes hard to coordinate, they are SO so worth it.  LOVE the love pouring from their faces.  :)

SO handsome and sweet.  I have lots of smiley ones, but this one really stuck out to me as being extra special.  :)

Loved the “real” interaction with mom and dad.  :)

And we’ll end with this.  Love him throwing his head back in laughter.  His two front teeth coming in remind ME of first grade…what a fun shot.

AND so, so many incredible shots that I didn’t want to reveal in case they’re going to use them for holiday cards. . . wouldn’t want to spoil it!

Thank you SO very much P Family (and extended family) for trusting me to capture your time together. I’m truly honored and hope you’ll cherish these for a long time!  Gallery coming sooooon!  Yay.

Hope you have a lovely rest of your day.


Taking it all in… | Southlake Family Photography | DFW Holiday Mini Sessions

Monday, September 19th, 2011

My two were walking along a log in Yosemite National Park, taking it all in. Peach grabbed a branch and checked out the leaves, while the little man was watching carefully where to step. This picture takes me back to a time when I truly felt FREE and disconnected, as did they. We hiked, splashed in water, camped (?! — well, sort of), and were just allowed to breathe. We’ll be heading back there sooner than later…or maybe do a National Park tour (Glacier or Denali, perhaps?)and hit up a gorgeous spot every year. That’s on my bucket list. What’s something on yours?

We’ve been busy bees lately.  Soccer, cheerleading, Drama Club, Tae Kwan Do…Yearbook Club starting soon.  This time of year makes me smile as the leaves change and the breezes get cooler, but I also have to remember to take some deep breaths in preparation for…(dun dun dunnn)…the BUSY SEASON.

I’ll be headed out to Phoenix soon for a packed schedule of beautiful people to photograph.  Some clients I’ve seen before (can’t WAIT to see how much all the kiddos have grown!) and some very new families (can’t WAIT for those either).  Before Phoenix, I’m heading to Florida to meet my twinsie niece and nephew and to help my sister-in-law…a new mama, who is super excited for some extra hands around there.  AND my little guy’s birthday is approaching, too.

Oh man…a packed October, an ultra busy November…and then Christmas is here.  :)   Are you ready for the next couple months to whizz by?!

If you’re considering holiday portraits (these puppies come with stunning cards that you don’t have to worry about–that’s MY job!) contact me ASAP (dates on there are all full, so let’s chat!). Seriously, only a couple November weekday spots left.

Hope you have a lovely day! I’m off to finish up client holiday card examples (coming SOON) so I can cross another thing off my growing “to do” list…

{ from four to…FIVE! } Dallas / Fort Worth Family Photography | Celebrating Adoption Photographer

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Gorgeous,     G O R G E O U S      family !!!

I feel incredibly fortunate when I am contacted by a family to photograph them for an organization called Celebrating Adoption.   Celebrating Adoption sessions are always great fun and more rewarding than I can even explain.   I always get teary when I see the “complete” family  (so, so much love) and I just love hearing the stories of each child and family.

Check            out             this          SIBLING             SQUEEEEEEEEEZE!           Love it!!!

When I heard from the E family mid-July, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph them.   This family had a Celebrating Adoption session for their son, when he arrived home, and now, this session was to celebrate the adoption of their adorable, SWEET, cutie-pie youngest daughter, who came home in January.

We met up on a cooler-than-usual sunny morning and they all popped out of the car with big smiles, ready to have some fun.  We went on a mini nature walk, ran, explored, did a bunch of smiling and laughing, and chatted about lots of kid-related things!

So, here she is, Little A. I loved her sweet demeanor…she was an observer for quite some time, and then slowly but surely, she came out of her shell.  Her more outgoing siblings definitely helped her along…      And oh, did I mention her smile….absolutely stunning!

Her older sister (have you SEEN more beautiful hair?) was so smiley and full of personality — she glowed in that golden sun! I cracked up when we discussed having lollipops at the end of the session — she was SO excited and talked and talked about how much she LOVED candy! ;)

Their athletic older brother was kind-hearted, SO well-mannered, and F U N !

The girlies REALLY look up to him!

Ridiculously      cute.           Incredibly       happy.

{ F   A   M   I   L   Y }

Thank you SO very much, E Family, for letting me be a small part in celebrating your adoption of sweet Miss A.  It was such a pleasure to work with you and meet all of your children!

Hope you have one lovely day.  :)


e m a i l:
f a c e b o o k:   click here!
c h a t:   817.455.6756

{shoe envy} | Dallas Fort Worth Family Photographer | Southlake Family Photography

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Oh the heels! Aren’t they snazzy? :)  LOVE these mother/son portraits…

I was so impressed with this mom because literally two days before our session we chatted about a totally different what-to-wear idea. Twenty minutes after our conversation, she called me back, ready to go with this great ensemble! I absolutely LOVE how she put these reds, blacks and whites together with denim. The best part? She found all these clothes at home! No shopping involved! :)

Fun times, gorgeous fam, & superb styling! :)

Hope you have a lovely day…

* * * Oh, and please contact me ASAP if you’d like a holiday mini session for you, your children, or your family.  October is completely booked!  Only a handful of September and November spots are available for DFW peeps…don’t wait if you want to impress friends and fam this year with stunning holiday cards and portraits — all done in a way that compliments YOUR fam  ! ! !  :)

f a c e b o o k:   click here!
c h a t:   817.455.6756

{Sweethearts} | Colleyville Family Photography | Dallas / Fort Worth Holiday Portraits

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

I had a seriously WONDERFUL time with this family of four.    Time flew as we explored, played, talked about trains, sampled delicious lollipops, and even did some arm swinging.  :)  We were lucky to have a more mild-weathered day with a slight breeze, too.  A big YAY for the last day of August!  :)


The boys were sweeter than pie and cuter than cute…


and the parents?  AMAZINGLY fun!

I LOVE that they wanted to celebrate their lives with current portraits, so the boys could look back on these pictures and see how much they love them (that’s what mom told me!!!).  The boys’ grandparents even came along so that mom and dad could have some couples portraits, too.   Speaking of mom and dad…they met when they were 16 in high school!


I loved this candid shot here…SUPER comfy/natural in front of the camera. I have a kazillion stunners of them! :)

Seriously love these!

And this one…

definitely a FAV.  Look at his cutie pie smile.  :)

Have TONS of faves I couldn’t even show you because they changed into equally adorable outfits in a totally different color palette…stay tuned!

Hope you have one super day…and thanks SO much D family for trusting me to capture your love.  I think it’s crazy CRAZY evident.  Thanks for being “you”!


Let’s REWIND to the beginning of the summer… | Colleyville & Southlake Family Photographer

Friday, August 19th, 2011

So, pretty much the summer has flown by and YUP, I’ve been a terrible blogger!  We’ve been vacationing AND when we’re not away, I’ve been shuttling the pumpkins to various camps around town.    And believe it or not, I’ve actually been having some sessions in this crazy TX heat!   I seriously can’t believe that next week, I’ll have one in school again…and the other kiddo the following week.  I miss ‘em already.

I’ll be sharing some peeks into our summer, but wanted to put this storyboard up from a *FUN* farm session at the beginning of the summer.

I love tractors.   Tractors and kids = a guaranteed awesome time!

These active cousins kept us on our toes!  It was fun watching them discover together and separately!  The little lady was tentative at first, wanted nothing more than to be holding her grandma’s hand, while her older cousin was off to the races, with a big smile on his face.  They would keep checking in on each other with quick glances throughout our time together — too cute.

I’ll be back SOON — first up, pics from Long Boat Key, Florida!

Have a lovely day,


P.S.  Grandma got this storyboard as a stunning 20×20 Museum Mount (portrait mounted on a 3/4 inch board, ready to hang!) — it looks INCREDIBLE!!!!

*2011 Holiday Mini Sessions* | Maggie McDonald Photography | DFW Phoenix Photographer

Thursday, August 4th, 2011


Holiday Sessions??!!!  I realize it seems WAAAAY too hot to think about the holidays, but the end of September will be here in a flash, then we’ll all be busy with trick-or-treating…Thanksgiving…and then Christmas!  You’ll be SO glad you scheduled a session and designed your fabulous cards ahead of time!  :)

Check it….  ;)


Included with each session are the items clients *love the most* for the holidays:

  • Gift Prints (your choice of an 8×10, 5×7, 4×6 portrait or 8 wallets)
  • Three web-sized, Facebook files (with a small logo) for sharing online


  • Custom holiday cards created for you with your stunning portraits OR 4×6 prints to include in your own cards OR a high-resolution digital file for those that would like to create a card on their own (top two packages).
Add-ons to packages are quite a deal, too (portraits, disc of images, canvas), so send me an email and I’ll fill you in!

And…2011 holiday card choices are currently being designed/purchased.  They will be displayed on the blog in late August/early September.   I always LOVE to give clients variety and can’t wait for you to see this year’s cards!  Gorgeous.


If you’ve decided you’d like to reserve a mini session, please email me at and I’ll send you a link to the holiday session booking form. Payment is due at the time of booking (I’ll send a PayPal invoice) to hold your spot.   Last year there was a wait list, so don’t wait too long!

Hope you have a lovely day — I’m excited about the prospect of working with so many gorgeous families again this year and sure hope yours is on the list.  :)

My best,