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{Sweethearts} | Colleyville Family Photography | Dallas / Fort Worth Holiday Portraits

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

I had a seriously WONDERFUL time with this family of four.    Time flew as we explored, played, talked about trains, sampled delicious lollipops, and even did some arm swinging.  :)  We were lucky to have a more mild-weathered day with a slight breeze, too.  A big YAY for the last day of August!  :)


The boys were sweeter than pie and cuter than cute…


and the parents?  AMAZINGLY fun!

I LOVE that they wanted to celebrate their lives with current portraits, so the boys could look back on these pictures and see how much they love them (that’s what mom told me!!!).  The boys’ grandparents even came along so that mom and dad could have some couples portraits, too.   Speaking of mom and dad…they met when they were 16 in high school!


I loved this candid shot here…SUPER comfy/natural in front of the camera. I have a kazillion stunners of them! :)

Seriously love these!

And this one…

definitely a FAV.  Look at his cutie pie smile.  :)

Have TONS of faves I couldn’t even show you because they changed into equally adorable outfits in a totally different color palette…stay tuned!

Hope you have one super day…and thanks SO much D family for trusting me to capture your love.  I think it’s crazy CRAZY evident.  Thanks for being “you”!


S T U N N I N G (in all caps!) | Grapevine / Colleyville Senior Photographer

Friday, August 19th, 2011




Thrilled to photograph this simply stunning teen in Florida this June. She was sweeter than Florida sweet tea (and WHOA it’s sweet!) and just such a natural beauty. Her golden hair blew in the beachy breeze as we talked about her plans for the future (loves to dance) and explored the gorgeous setting. A perfect afternoon!

I’ll let her portraits do the talking…

Hope you’re having a spectacular day!

P.S. Phoenix HOLIDAY MINI SESSIONS are totally booked! If you’d like to be on a wait list, email me asap! :) Dallas peeps still have some MINI SESSION slots available, but they’re going quickly! {click here} for info!

{ Eleven years } | Dallas / Fort Worth Couples Photographer

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I just love when couples can open up, have fun, share ideas, and lastly, be themselves!  This session most definitely had all of the above — S and M completely rocked it.   :)

These two have been married for eleven years — almost twelve (see the shadow smooch above???).  I love getting to know a little more about them each session (check our last session in a junkyard *here*) and look forward to many more sessions together. ;)   It’s always incredibly flattering to take portraits for peeps multiple times — we fuel each other, especially since these two are amazing artists/creatives!

LOVE the candid smooch above!

Savanah is one uber-talented stylist at the Scott LeMaster Salon and Spa in Las Colinas.  Seriously, if you need anything chic and stylin’ in the hair department (translation: if you want to look TOTALLY snazzy!), schedule with Savanah.    She has quite a long wait (muy popular!), so make an appt now…  :)    I could go on and on describing her credentials and experience, but I’ll let her tell you all that…   ;)

Back to these two…

Ahhhh, color is so thrilling!  LOVE this wall — I had it chosen for them over a year ago and am SO glad it worked.  :)

See their reflection?  :)

It’s impossible to put into words the feeling a photographer has after a fulfilling session like the one above — the creative energy and love was flowing (and still is as I edit the rest of their portraits with perma-grin)!!!  :)

Hope you have one wonderful day!


a golden lake kind of afternoon :: dallas/fort worth senior photographer

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Ahhh…I just love the golden hour, and couple that with a smiley, spunky, sweet high school senior who loves to be outdoors, I’m instantaneously giddy!

I had a lovely time with L, her mom and BFFs as we explored some urban goodness and then the beauty of Lewisville Lake.

SO so many more stunning portraits that I cannot WAIT to share.  :)

Hope you have a lovely afternoon!!!


i’m definitely not a morning person… | Dallas / Fort Worth Senior Portrait Photographer | Maggie McDonald Photography

Friday, September 17th, 2010


I’m most definitely not a morning person, BUT when a fantastic photographic opportunity presents itself, I will most-definitely hop on board.  ***EVEN THOUGH*** it’s happening at 6:45am…the morning AFTER my sister’s wedding.  ;)

My beauteous cousin lives FAR, far away in New York, where she is a social butterfly and star athlete.  I keep tabs on her every once in a while via Facebook and have always wanted to photograph her.  When we realized we’d be together for my sister’s wedding I jumped at the chance to ask her to “model” for me.  Since the time in LA was so crazy, I didn’t realize that she was leaving so soon the morning after my sister’s wedding…SOOOO…we got up extra darn early (me pretty much in my pajamas) to have a quick little 15 minute session near our hotels downtown.


It was fun.  Especially when she started to loosen up (that’s when the jumping came in) and I LOVED showing her some of the images I was getting on the back of my camera.  The incredible part about photographing teens is that during the photo session a transformation takes place where a girl goes from being a tad shy to feeling like a glamorous supermodel.  And that she did.


I love her gorgeous eyes, extra long lashes, crazy long thick hair, laugh, and zest for life.

Can’t WAIT until we have the opportunity to do this again, A.  Let’s schedule something a little longer…and…hopefully not in the morning???!!!  I MUCH prefer a little before sunset!  ;)

Have a lovely day,


Sister Act | Maggie McDonald Photography | Dallas Fort Worth photographer

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


Ahhh…I’m so lucky to have such a beauteous sister who is always a very willing and fun model!  She always brings extra fun clothes and accessories when she visits and when we actually find the time to have a photo shoot, it’s such a great time!

She had recently found this dress at a vintage store and it was just PERFECT-o for this location.  Very woodsy-chic!  I love how her red hair just blends in with the leaves, too.



This little sis of mine is getting married in September and I definitely need to share some of the engagement portraits we did over the holiday break.  Trying to keep some a secret until their Save the Date cards go out though.  It’s been fun combining our visions and I love how involved her fiance has been during the whole process.

Hope you have an incredible day!  ~mm

junkyard + beautiful fam + a little texture = happy everybody | Dallas Family Photographer

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009


When I got an email from this client requesting a junkyard location for her holiday session, I literally squealed with excitement.  It even surpassed the day another client asked if I’d like to photograph her family at their family dairy…i mean, YEAH!!!  Dairy, junkyard…a photographer’s paradise!!!  ;)

Anyway, back to the junkyard…I had locations already chosen for my holiday mini sessions, BUT made an exception for this family because I just KNEW the whole experience would be out of this world!       And it was.

Amazingly behaved, smiley, spunky adorable boys…CHECK.


Snazzy attire…CHECK.



Musician hubby WITH guitar…CHECK.


Drumsticks for boys to do a little drumming…CHECK.

An in-love hubby and wife wanting some couples pics…CHECK.


Oh do I LOVE this pic!!!  ;)

*****  What made this session really work (besides the location and an amazingly organized stylin’ mom!) was the open line of communication between us!  We chatted several times about outfits, ideas (guitar, drumsticks, vintage chairs), and discussed images that the mom was drawn to (SO important!).   When it was time to shoot, I knew exactly what she wanted from our chats.  We merged that with my style & some on-the-fly ideas from everyone and it was TONS of fun!  Knowing what my clients want on their walls and desktops is SO important.

After all the images were processed, I put some texture on favorite portraits and the texture REALLY complimented the clothing, location and the style that my client wanted displayed in her home.  And wait until you see what she chose….several canvas, gallery mounts…can’t WAIT to share once they’re all up and looking amazing.  :)

Have a super day…and better yet…a SUPER Thanksgiving.  I’ll be back after Turkey Day.  Lots of fam in town (SO excited) and we’re going to be BUSY.  Going wedding dress shopping for my sis, eating lots of turkey, taking our family portraits…it’s going to be fab!

Be on the lookout for the announcement of a special December giveaway for a family in need in the Dallas area.   More details coming soon, but IF you refer this family, YOU get a mega print credit for your own session…yahoo!!!  Everyone gets something wonderful out of this…ME…a family in need…and YOU.  :)       ~mm

{2010 Senior} | Dallas Fort Worth Senior Photographer

Friday, November 20th, 2009


I’ve been designing an album for this beauty and thought I’d share a possible page. I get goosebumps when I look at these…what an incredible, beautiful young woman. We decided to head on over to a junkyard at the end of our session and I’m SO glad we did. The bold colors and her sassy style look amazing here!

Have a super day…

{vintage models}

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

A couple more from the vintage photo shoot. :) I’ve been having fun experimenting with texture & different processing on these.

I plan on posting some more on Facebook today so all the models can see! If you’re not my Facebook “friend” yet, request me! I’ve been having fun posting pics on there the last few days. :)

I’ll be out of the “office” through Monday — we’re off to visit family in Colorado. I plan on doing a couple blog posts while we’re there, but will be out of touch via phone. I have a super fun family shoot scheduled while we’re out there + we’re planning on having some fun in the snow again with the kiddos.

Have a great day. ~m


Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

A couple days ago I was part of an awesome photography shoot — I think it’s incredibly important to just shoot for fun, and this is what we did! I met many super sweet photographers, models, AND an awesome makeup artist. We met at a nearby farm and had full access to animals, buildings, props, etc.

{As you can see, I was like a kid in a candy store} :)

Yup, that’s a bath tub. :)

And an orange grove.

And a leaf-filled ground.

And lastly, a coolio carport.

I have SOOOoo sooo many favorites it’s killing me! Today I decided to just put one in of each model –all with slightly different processing. It’s always fun to experiment!!! :)

Tomorrow, you get to see more! Wahooo. :)

Have a spectacular day! ~m