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{the snazzy hat}

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Took these pics of my sis when she was out here for Christmas.  I’m totally missing her!  :)  

I’m crazy busy editing, but wanted to leave you with a couple interesting pics…



Accessories can add SO much to a photograph.  I love the look in the above picture.  The hat is terrific (and full of texture!) and her hands are so delicate.  Lovin’ it!

Accessorizing for a photo shoot is fun and you can even get ultra-creative!  Some options are:  hats, scarves, purses, tights, belts, jewelry, etc.  Go colorful, do something different!  It’s amazing how one little thing can change so much about an image.   I can’t imagine what the above pic would look like without the hat…all I know is that it’s SO much better/more dramatic with one.   Off to edit…  ~m


Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

A real moment.  A spontaneous, gorgeous, in-the-moment smile.  :)


Maybe some of you remember…a  while ago I asked if a female would be interested in being a model for me.  When I wrote that post, I ALSO said that a *hot* image or two would be a great gift for a husband.  So a week or two went by and then I got an email from J.  She mentioned that if I still needed anyone, she would love to give her husband some photos for Valentine’s.  Hooo-ray!  I was SO excited. 


Fast forward to today…we went out on a photo adventure to a *top secret* location.  :)   J COMPLETELY shocked me in the daring department… she climbed on dead trees in skirts, jumped over irrigation ditches in heels, squatted down in abandoned buildings (one of which had a beehive!) with random debris everywhere…the list goes on!  She was willing to do anything and everything to get some images that were nontraditional and fun.  She had some killer ideas, too.  Here are just a couple…be on the lookout for many more super fun images from this shoot. 


J-I had SO much fun with you today.  You are quite a gorgeous momma.  I know this was out of your comfort zone and you completely went with it and blew me away!  I can’t wait to show you the rest (there are SOOO many more)!!!   ~m

****If anyone wants some *hot* Valentine’s photos, let’s set up a session!  We need to schedule something this weekend or early next week to get prints by 2/14.  What an awesome treat for a hubby. { J kept saying that her husband was going to be shocked and how NICE it was to be dressed up and doing something so very different! }****

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Stay tuned for the winner(s) of the maternity/newborn sessions!  Check back Thursday for the reveal!!!

:::A Glam Confidence Boost

Sunday, January 20th, 2008


I LOVE taking pictures of kids.  It’s great fun.  I love connecting with them and building a trusting photographer/kiddo relationship.  Kids are just incredibly unpredictable and hilarious –I find it so entertaining and rewarding! 

Throughout this whole photography journey, I have found that I LOVE shooting adults, too.   It’s amazing to see a woman’s comfort and confidence build throughout the session.  It’s fascinating that one intentional move of a woman’s hand or foot can take an image from being average to dramatic.  How one glance can go from peaceful to sultry in a matter of seconds.   {and I get to capture that!}

Anyone watch America’s Next Top Model???  I love watching the transformation of the contestants — they go from young girls to confident models in a matter of weeks.   Of course, there’s all that drama sandwiched in between, but it really is fun to watch these women change. 

I’ve been taking pictures of my sister for several years now.  At first, it was just headshots for dance.  Within the last three months though, we’ve branched out and have done some pretty fun and funky stuff.  Our transformation together has been HUGE!  Even now, it takes a while for the both of us to get comfortable and find that groove, but once we’re there, it’s magical. 

The promotion I have going on for maternity/newborn photos is incredibly exciting for me.  There have been lots of applicants (still have time to apply if you’d like!) and it’s going to be a tough decision.   [Here's a little secret...I don't think I'll be able to pick just one...:) ]  Anyway, as I’m looking through these emails from women all over the valley, I’m looking for a match for my style and/or a story that moves me and/or an appreciation for photography.  I’ve been really impressed and so honored that these moms-to-be want to work as a team.  I can’t wait!!!

Anyway, here are a couple more images taken of my sis in the desert before Christmas…didn’t get to them until now.  


^I think this is one of my favorite pics of her.  I love the curve of her body and how her red hair is just glowing in the sunlight.


^ Her body here is SO different than we’re used to seeing.  The tight jacket and full skirt work so well together.  I like the placement of her hands, making the feel of the image a bit more stiff.  Her focused stare is the best part (IMO) though.

If any of you out there want to rock a photo shoot –pics for you, your husband, etc., let’s set something up!  There’s still time for a Valentine’s present!  :)    It’s fun to work together and come up with some cool and VERY different stuff.   Can’t wait to show you what I have up my sleeve THIS week.  Have a super day!  ~m

Canary yellow suit + fuzzy sheep

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

+ 1 not-so-fun-feeling swim cap = one FAB set of pics!

Of course, it helps that my sis is an incredible sport/model/trained dancer and is willing to do this for me (I think she even likes it)!  :)


—>More from the session with the sheep in the desert (it feels so strange typing that)!  I promise this is the end of the wooly creatures!  I have many more pics from sessions with Bib, but I’ll space them out.  She’s leaving in a few days from LA (where she lives) to go to Berlin for 3 months, so I’m going to be in model withdrawl for a while.         [I love the strong stance and gaze in the above pic] 

Actually, anyone out there want to model some funky stuff for me???  I need the practice and I promise, there will be no more bathing suits involved!  :)     Just want one adult female.  Free photo session.  Couple free 8x10s OR 5x7s for ya (your choice!).  Body style and all that doesn’t matter to me.  Let me know!  I promise I’m super relaxed and it’ll be fun.  No pressure, lots of feedback.  Maybe even make it a Valentine’s Day present for your significant other!   This could be FUN!!!  Either comment here or send me an email at

Okay, wasn’t planning on that at all [but now I'm excited]!  ON WITH THE PICS!!!

img_1668clrpop1selclrdefshfxjpegweb.jpg  [my fav -- I love all the diagonal and straight lines in the picture: her body, the dirt, the horizon, the road, the field -- and who can do a pose like that?  WHOA!]


[Clothing:  vintage 40s/50s swimsuit] 

Until tomorrow…  ~m

Yep, those are sheep!

Sunday, January 6th, 2008



Lucky for me, my sis is always up for a photo shoot.  We were planning on going out into the desert (more pics from that later) but on the way to my parents’ house to pick her up, I saw a field of sheep. 

Immediately, I knew that I wanted some stylin’ pics with her and those furry creatures in the background.  She gave me a pretty strange look when I told her what we’d be doing, but she’s always up for something different.   More to follow within the week (LOTS of location and outfit changes)!    ~m

[Dress: vintage Victor Costa]