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Cutest “We’re Having a Baby” Announcement EVER! | DFW Family Photographer

Friday, January 4th, 2013

The grand plan was to design holiday cards for this terrific family from their earlier 2012 session, but when the mom let me know a big secret (they were expecting!), we did both!  This was a HUGE secret — nobody was to know until the big reveal (the announcements in the mail!), even the kiddos.  How’d we pull this off??!!  Well, let me tell ya…

First, mom found an adorable idea on Pinterest (this card/session is based off that!).

Second, we assembled the participants – Mom, two ADORABLE kiddos, me, and a blank vintage chalkboard…some colorful & delicious lollis at the end always help, too!  ;)

(here the kiddos are before we REALLY got started…)

Third, we got all crazy cute and funny — the whole session took us about 8 minutes (yay us!!!).    I asked the kids to do various silly things and they were just perfect.  We did a whole lot of laughing (see below)…

The mom and I met several days afterwards to decide on the perfect pictures for the text…didn’t take us long at all.  I digitally placed the text, we found a card to compliment their cute little outfits, and we were finished.

Here’s their gorgeous announcement…

(names blurred out, of course, for their privacy!)

Mom and I were practically on the floor laughing as soon as this happened…

Still makes me laugh out loud every time I see this picture.  :)    A HUGE congrats to the fun, spunky, & oh-so-cool D family…can’t wait to meet the new baby in June!!!

And…Happy New Year!!!


*2011 Holiday Mini Sessions* | Maggie McDonald Photography | DFW Phoenix Photographer

Thursday, August 4th, 2011


Holiday Sessions??!!!  I realize it seems WAAAAY too hot to think about the holidays, but the end of September will be here in a flash, then we’ll all be busy with trick-or-treating…Thanksgiving…and then Christmas!  You’ll be SO glad you scheduled a session and designed your fabulous cards ahead of time!  :)

Check it….  ;)


Included with each session are the items clients *love the most* for the holidays:

  • Gift Prints (your choice of an 8×10, 5×7, 4×6 portrait or 8 wallets)
  • Three web-sized, Facebook files (with a small logo) for sharing online


  • Custom holiday cards created for you with your stunning portraits OR 4×6 prints to include in your own cards OR a high-resolution digital file for those that would like to create a card on their own (top two packages).
Add-ons to packages are quite a deal, too (portraits, disc of images, canvas), so send me an email and I’ll fill you in!

And…2011 holiday card choices are currently being designed/purchased.  They will be displayed on the blog in late August/early September.   I always LOVE to give clients variety and can’t wait for you to see this year’s cards!  Gorgeous.


If you’ve decided you’d like to reserve a mini session, please email me at and I’ll send you a link to the holiday session booking form. Payment is due at the time of booking (I’ll send a PayPal invoice) to hold your spot.   Last year there was a wait list, so don’t wait too long!

Hope you have a lovely day — I’m excited about the prospect of working with so many gorgeous families again this year and sure hope yours is on the list.  :)

My best,


Sleepless in Seattle | Dallas Family Photographer

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010


I just spent {five} lovely days surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and amazing pals.  I feel like a new gal because 2010 has been a little rough so far and this was JUST what I needed.  Here we are…

IMG_0686hFXweb{Image courtesy of Jen Fox, who set the self timer and had her camera literally hanging from a H-U-G-E nail in a fence — love it!}

This time away to reflect, discuss, laugh, talk shop, and just RELAX was perfect and I came home ready to hug my family for days and even welcomed the dishes, which I absolutely can’t stand…EVER. :)

::Some highlights:::

  • an evening massage AT the “Orange Door Cottage” where we were staying (seriously, a dream come true — the cottage AND massage!)


  • a little flash talk by Jen of Jen Fox Photography — I really needed it!
  • a maternity shoot of Jen in downtown Seattle (Pike Place Market, a yummy doughnut shop, AND the infamous gum wall.)  :)


  • eating clam chowder (the real stuff!) while watching ferries leave trails behind them through the water
  • taking portraits of my gorgeous, sassy pals (details and pics to come in another post, I promise!!!)
  • waking up to rain, seagulls, and the sound of waves crashing for two days…
  • shooting an engagement session with my 3 lovely pals and a couple willing to do fun, zany stuff!



IMG_4219mweb{check out his HOPS!!!  da-hang!}

  • shopping at H&M and other fun stores in downtown Seattle WHILE drinking Starbucks, of course!
  • taking pictures of details and our lovely surroundings — focusing on the beauty around us, minus people!  <– I’m definitely not used to this…



  • getting some portraits taken of ME!!!  yes, this is embarrassing…i don’t get behind the camera much, BUT it’s good practice and always good for a photographer to have a great portrait!  these ladies are pros and i got some good ones!  yay!


Have a lovely day!  I’m going to TRY and start posting more often, so get ready!  Couple times a week — it’ll be fun!  Thanks for stopping by.  Can’t wait till next year, ladies!!!


{love these guys} | Dallas/Fort Worth Family Photogapher

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009


I have been SO fortunate to photograph this ultra fun family THREE years in a row. :) This year, the beautiful momma is pregnant with a little lady, so it was even more fun because we got to squeeze in some maternity shots, too.


Isn’t she beautiful???


Can’t wait until next year, you guys.
Have a super day,

it hasn’t been easy… | Phoenix Maternity Photography

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Pregnancy hasn’t been easy for this gorgeous mom. I like to tell moms that have had a rough time to just feel gorgeous for THIS DAY and it usually works! They embrace their inner supermodel and in no time, we have images like this. :) She worked it!

I can’t really pinpoint why I love this image so much…it must be the combination of everything. Her cute shirt & pose, the light at the very end of her hair, the white trailers in the background, the rusty train car…and like always, in maternity images, a perfectly round belly conveys a feeling of hope and excitement.

My pregnancies weren’t easy either, but I always had the big picture in mind — that beautiful baby — so this is what I see here.

Best of luck to the G family in these next couple weeks until their little princess is born!

Have a super day. ~m

{a growing family} | Phoenix maternity photographer

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

[baby in bloom] | Phoenix pregnancy photography

Sunday, March 15th, 2009


Monday, January 12th, 2009

I remember when smooches looked and felt like this from my daughter.  :)   
Aren’t they adorable? 

Aren’t these fun? It’s just so apparent that the love is just flowing and flowing in this fam — it was so much fun to photograph them. Even more from this session soon!

Off to a photography convention in Phoenix so I can be a sponge for two days — have a great day! ~m

I’m baaaaaack! :)

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Wooooo weeee.  What a break!  We’ve been busy!!!


  • had two very fun-filled holidays with family and friends (amazing food, thoughtful gifts, and lots of entertaining gift wrap fights!
  • had to say goodbye to some very special friends who moved away to Oregon — so sad.  :(
  • slept in & went to bed late
  • had two sick kiddos plus one sick dog
  • met a two-day-old handsome little lad in the hospital — i LOVED every second of the visit with my pal Tami and her hubs (some pics to come!)
  • read tons of kid books, drank cocoa, spent 20+ hours at the park (on the slide specifically!), and went on lots of walks (lovin’ the fall-like weather since AZ seasons are all screwy!).

***I can just FEEL that 2009 is going to be different and I’m SO excited about it!***

And now, because I can’t wait ANY longer….presenting the wonderful B family.  They’re expecting a baby next month!    Dad and little A were having a ball with all the leaves!

This family was extra fun and special.  So many smiles, lots of tender interaction, and TONS of playing!

^ adorable BELLY!!!

^  One of the happy couple — he was being hilarious right here!  :)

And lastly, one of my favs. I think she just GLOWS.

Thanks you guys for such an incredible morning! Stay tuned for more peeks next week of this fam!

*****Have an awesome day & get ready for those daily posts again. I have lots and lots of images up my sleeve! :) ~m

.the bump.

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Isn’t the sign just perfecto??? :) Love the mood, setting, perfect belly, gorgeous prego gal…it just all fits.

Okay, now you’ve got to change gears. No more workshop. Think calm, peaceful, slow-moving stream, the sound of water passing over rocks, leaves on the bank, rustling in the wind…

And lastly…

You are such a beauty, T, and just radiate with that gorgeous belly of yours! :) Thanks for trusting me and workin’ it for the camera…can’t wait to meet the little fella.

Have a lovely day. ~m