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::love is in the air::

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

S and J are full of love, life and just plain awesome individuals.  What makes them extra-special though, is how they are when they’re together.  Tender, loving, hilarious, fun…   During our shoot today, I loved how every once in a while hubby would step back and really admire his wife.  He’d tell her she was doing a great job, or sigh that “she’s so beautiful” sigh.  Gotta love that!!!

^ Check out that love!

As a mom, I always want to tell first-time parents how wonderful the journey to (and through) parenthood is.  I remember people telling me that (and thinking, “I know, I know!”)…BUT the only way you can ever really understand that is to have a child of your own.   I can’t wait for them to experience this new direction their lives are about to take.  As they embark on this new “adventure” with cautious feet, my only advice is to merely be themselves.  There is one lucky little guy inside that adorable belly, and two very lucky parents are about to experience “family” in its purest form. 

^  SO peaceful

I had SUCH a nice time today with you two.  I can’t wait to meet your “strong” little L and see all of you together as a family!   Thanks for a special evening.  :)   ~m   


Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

^Sooooo touching.

^ Soooo in love.

^ Soooo comfortable.  [It's all in the body language]

I’ve been meaning to blog this fam for quite some time!  I know I say this a TON, but maternity shoots are SOOO much fun.  C wrote me an email after the photo shoot and said she loved how this shoot really helped her enjoy her pregnancy (it’s been a difficult one).  What a compliment.  {mwah!}

I had an awesome time capturing the adorable interaction & love in the air.  I am soooo happy to have met you guys.  :)   ~m

{just golden}

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Two more of this lovely lady…

^ moody/dramatic one

Love these — this type of lighting is so new and FUN for me!  Her closed eyes just make the images that much more full of emotion…it looks as if she’s soaking up all that lovely warm light.

_     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _

Session Availability Update:

*Only one  more April session available (unless it’s a newborn session)! 

*May sessions are starting to fill quickly (the last month for outside sessions until Sept!), so let me know if you’d like to reserve a date.   June-August are inside months due to extreme AZburn-your-feet-in-flipflopsHEAT!  Check the availability tab for possible dates!   Can’t wait to meet you!

_     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _

Holllla to my Cheesecake girls!  I had fun.  :)   Thanks for all the tips & inspiration…     ~m

prego goddess

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

^ The word that comes to mind when I see her staring off in this image is goddess.  Her cheekbones, perfect skin,  confidence. 

See that cute little hand wanting mom in the corner of the shot?  Awww!

^ Lovely light, look & texture of the rock wall.

_     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _    

Too funny…I got two special emails today asking to see more images from G’s maternity session.  I couldn’t agree more!!!  Isn’t she hot stuff???  :)

I’ve been super busy editing images from sessions done prior to this one and FINALLY got started on these today.  Honestly, it’s going to be incredibly hard to choose only 20-30 images to present.  I am totally blown away by G’s gorgeousness and glowiness (<–like the word I just made up?).  :)  

Can’t wait to show you all these images, G, and meet your little guy when he decides to arrive!

Here are several favs:


^ Love her confident stance & the curves that make a pregnant woman extra stunning

^ Fun angle to highlight that cute bump

^ Checking mom out to make sure she’s okay.  What a cute little guy he is!

^ And yes, she can smile!  I just realized all the images are either profile or looking down!  Don’t worry, I have lots of smiley ones, too!  I wanted to put this one at the end — G’s special request for a photo shoot was “green and flowers” so I hope this one fullfills her expectations. 

Anyone have a fav???  Although I really like them all, I’m digging #1, with the diagonal wall…I love the last two as well.  I think little S’s loving interaction with his momma is too cute.  I know how hard it is for moms to get pics with their little ones (me included — my mom usually insists on taking some though!) so I always try and snap a few at a maternity session if there’s another child in the family.  :)

Off to edit!  ~m

[in the reeds]

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008


Say hello to G!  She’s another “Fresh Face” from my blog promotion a while back.  She’s receiving a complimentary maternity and baby session, along with an 8×10 from each photo shoot.  What a deal!   This “deal” is super fun for me because not only do I get to know the mom (and BOY, do I love these maternity sessions…) but I get to meet sweet little newborns, too.   Yea!

Anyway, back to G.  I loved her easy-going nature.  She was up for anything and TOTALLY worked it for the camera (I mean, episode of “Top Model,” workin’ it!).  Her 2 1/2 year old son was there, too, so he kept us entertained and away from one spot for too long. 


G-Thanks for putting up with all my crazy ideas (yipes…sorry about the ant hill and the prickly thorn in your shoe).  You did such an amazing job and I was blown away by your confidence and poise.  I am super excited to show you more…I haven’t even been through all the images yet!  ~m

Two Bumps

Sunday, March 30th, 2008


STUNNING, glowing, prego ladies!!!

Two prego bellies.  Best friends.  Sisters.

I always think it’s special when one sister calls the other one her best friend.  These two women finished each others sentences, laughed at each others jokes, talked about their pregnancies.  It’s just so wonderful they are able to share this time together, bringing two little ones into their extra-special extended family.

When I met C, I not only met her mom, I met her aunt and nieces, daughter, husband, father, and sister.  It was a real family affair and I just thought it was excellent.  Reminded me of flying down to Long Beach and dining with our extended family for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Always someone to talk to.  Kids running around having fun.  Laughter in the air.   

I was honored to shoot some images of these sisters (I also took many more of C’s fam and then out in the weedy wilderness with her hubby –remember that post?).  Here are just a couple for you two lovely ladies.  I’ll be thinking of you, C, as you’re almost about to deliver your little lady.  Can’t wait to show you the rest…there will be an upcoming sneak peek of some family pics, too!



I had a blast with you two.  Hope we can hang again sometime.  :)     ~m


Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Only one texturiffic image from this session for now (super late night, of course!)…planning on lots more from this hot momma tomorrow.   :)     ~m


Maternity Central

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008


Many pregnant bellies throughout the next couple weeks, remember?  I’m loving every minute of it, too.  How lucky I feel to be able to capture this special time — and all the gorgeous pregnant women sure make my job easy.  :)  

I have to be honest and say that when I was pregnant with both kiddos, maternity photography wasn’t even a question in my mind.  All I had seen were typical studio images that just weren’t “me.”  Now, my mind is completely changed because I know all the possibilities out there.  I see how beautiful the shape of a 38-week-pregnant belly is.  It’s a time to embrace those womanly curves that seem to creep up even more during this time.  

Mark my word…if we ever have another child, I’ll get some photos taken so I can remember and cherish the time where my belly looked (and felt) like it couldn’t get any bigger!  :)

All the images seen on this site are always a true collaboration between the mom-to-be and myself.  I think that’s incredibly important — we all know what we want, what personally looks good to us, and most clients have browsed enough photography websites to know at least one pose they want (usually it’s the heart shaped hands around the belly button, which I think is ADORABLE).   I’m rambling…I guess what I wanted to say is that WOW — I LOVE photographing pregnant moms!  I hope I can do lots and lots more. 

Without further ado…here are more of A, who has been patiently waiting for more of her sneak peek!   

Thought I’d start with a portrait. 




{that heart shape that most clients request–I love the dramatic lighting here.   even though this is a very popular image, it really speaks.  i think it’s just such a tender, touching message.}


{ahhh….that mother/son bond}

Words that come to mind when I see these pictures:  fun, carefree, happy, curves, gentle, proud, love. 

Off to edit.   ~m

Weeds and all…

Friday, March 21st, 2008

{LOVE the feeling in this unposed image.  Their looks to different places, their hands with feeling and tenderness, the horses, her lovely gown…}img_4390triyyweb.jpg 

When I talked to C on the phone, she had a very clear idea of what type of photo shoot she wanted.  I could tell at first that she wasn’t sure I’d like what she had to say…I didn’t just like her idea, I LOVED it!  Not only did I love that she just knew what her vision was, I loved that her idea was to “rough it” (38 weeks pregnant) through tumbleweeds, tall grass, and gopher holes in a flowing white nightgown. 

 Talk about a dream come true for me!  I LOVE merging the gorgeous (C) and the not-so gorgeous (weeds).  The cherry on top was that there were horses next to the property!   Can you hear me singing an operatic “Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa” in excitement???  :)


I had so much fun today/tonight.  C and her husband are truly genuine, kind people, who emitted love and tenderness throughout the entire shoot.  They made each other laugh (I just love those REAL smiles!!!) and together celebrated this special baby girl that will soon be coming into this world. 


C–It was terrific meeting your entire family and I can’t wait to show you the rest of these images.  Today, only some from the backyard…here’s your little sneak peek (more to come next week)!  ~m


Thanks for the sweet note — COMPLETELY made my night.  I’m so glad we did this and GIRL, you are stunning!!!  :) 

from this…to this

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

“The Duo,”  a custom maternity + a newborn session, is for SURE the way to go.   I love meeting and getting to know soon-to-be moms and then meeting babies as soon as they arrive.  It’s such a sweet feeling. img_8658yycpopport5mshweb.jpgimg_8523defcpopallwhiteexpretweb.jpg

I think seeing and hearing about a mother’s excitement pre-baby and then actually seeing her with this much-anticipated little being is so incredible and rewarding.   I love hearing those baby squeaks, fresh cries, and looking into those wide newborn eyes.  I could do it all day, every day!  :)  

[Thanks for choosing me to document this special time in your life, S.  I've had a great time getting to know you and your awesome family. :)  ]




And here they are…


Stay tuned for another special arrival (from a prego session) very soon!  ~m