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High Five [mini version]

Friday, January 18th, 2008


There’s something magical about the hands and feet of a little person — I just can’t get enough!!! 

I am just starting to experiment with my new macro (close up!) lens.    This is only the beginning…

With the blog promotion going on, I’m REALLY excited to take macro photos of a sleepy newborn…and maybe a prego belly button?  Oh, the possibilities.  :)  

The sweet one-year-old pictured here was SUCH a busy little crawler.  She was tearing up the sidewalk and even my keys didn’t keep her still for very long.   I got lucky when she paused for a moment. 

In this picture above, I love the texture of the ground with the various nooks, crannies, and shadows & think it adds so much to the image.    I think her hand, all stretched out, is super cute, too (those tiny wrinkles and dimples always get me).   

Thanks, C, for letting my borrow your little cutie for a couple minutes.  :)

 _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

{UPDATE on BLOG PROMO}  Thank you everyone for your submissions.  I’ve read though them and really appreciate you taking the time to write a little about yourself and send pictures.  I don’t know HOW I’m going to decide at this point because all your emails have been super sweet and interesting.  Pics great, too.  :)  

For those of you that did not send pics with your submission, please do.  Your picture, along with your written portion, will help me decide whether our personal styles will mesh.  Some of the pictures taken at the free sessions with me will go on my website, so I really feel like I need a grasp of “you” before I decide.   I’m going for unique!  

If you’d still like to send in a submission, just check out the post below this one and follow those directions — you have until next Wednesday night.  Can’t wait to hear from more fabulous moms-to-be.     ~m

Photo sessions for FREE???

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Yup, you read that right!  :)      We’re having a blog promotion, folks! 

I would love to add some FRESH FACES to my website, as far as maternity and newborn pics go, so I am offering something really awesome to just one prego momma in the Phoenix area.   Don’t fret if you’re someone that’s not prego…there’s something in this for you, too.  Keep reading…


Here’s the cool stuff 1 pregnant mom gets:

1 super fun, complimentary maternity photo session   

1 complimentary 8×10 from that session


1 relaxing, complimentary newborn photo session 

1 complimentary 8×10 from that session

[We're talking $190 worth of sessions/photos for free!]

AND on top of all that, a select number of your {retouched & creative} images will appear on my website and blog for all to see.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

The details:

*The mom-to-be must be due in February, March or April of 2008

*The maternity session must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance, preferably when the mom-to-be is 35-38 weeks pregnant

*The newborn session must be scheduled within 10 days of the baby being born

*You will be able to view 25-30 images from each session (approximately two weeks after your photo shoot) in an online gallery.  After choosing one complimentary 8×10 for each session, you have the opportunity to purchase other images from the session at a la carte prices. 

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

What you need to do:        (<—this will take you 5 minutes!)

*Send an email to:  with “blog promo” in the subject line. 

*Please include your name, contact information, due date, a little about you, and a couple sentences why these two photo sessions + complimentary images would really make your day.  :)  

*Please email a picture [just a candid pic will do -- nothing fancy] as well.  

—>  If a blog reader told you about this promotion, please include that person’s name and email address because they will be receiving a special gift!

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

::::::::::The winning mom-to-be will be revealed on Thursday, January24th — one week from today::::::::::

Like I stated previously, if you are a blog reader who knows someone who is pregnant and might be up for a couple of fun, creative photo sessions for FREE, please send her to my website/blog to check out my work!  IF she decides to apply and is the one chosen for the promotion, I will be sending you a $10 Starbucks gift card in the mail.  Who doesn’t need a Starbucks every so often??? 

Lastly, I just want to say thanks to all the loyal readers, new readers, and for everyone’s continued support.  Your comments really do make my day!   {Mwah!!!}

Hope we have LOTS of pregnant moms apply {Let all your friends, and THEIR friends know!!!}   I have SO many unique, classy & fun ideas for these photo shoots and can’t wait to get started!      ~m

Canary yellow suit + fuzzy sheep

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

+ 1 not-so-fun-feeling swim cap = one FAB set of pics!

Of course, it helps that my sis is an incredible sport/model/trained dancer and is willing to do this for me (I think she even likes it)!  :)


—>More from the session with the sheep in the desert (it feels so strange typing that)!  I promise this is the end of the wooly creatures!  I have many more pics from sessions with Bib, but I’ll space them out.  She’s leaving in a few days from LA (where she lives) to go to Berlin for 3 months, so I’m going to be in model withdrawl for a while.         [I love the strong stance and gaze in the above pic] 

Actually, anyone out there want to model some funky stuff for me???  I need the practice and I promise, there will be no more bathing suits involved!  :)     Just want one adult female.  Free photo session.  Couple free 8x10s OR 5x7s for ya (your choice!).  Body style and all that doesn’t matter to me.  Let me know!  I promise I’m super relaxed and it’ll be fun.  No pressure, lots of feedback.  Maybe even make it a Valentine’s Day present for your significant other!   This could be FUN!!!  Either comment here or send me an email at

Okay, wasn’t planning on that at all [but now I'm excited]!  ON WITH THE PICS!!!

img_1668clrpop1selclrdefshfxjpegweb.jpg  [my fav -- I love all the diagonal and straight lines in the picture: her body, the dirt, the horizon, the road, the field -- and who can do a pose like that?  WHOA!]


[Clothing:  vintage 40s/50s swimsuit] 

Until tomorrow…  ~m

A Sweet Moment

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Just wrapping up editing for the night (it’s late!) and thought I’d share a cute pic of father and son from a recent session.  I love being able to capture real moments like this one.  It just makes me smile.  :)  

I love the emotion, the nose kiss, dad’s almost laugh, and just the size difference.  Some day when this little guy is in middle school, this family can look back and remember how big dad’s hands were on little A’s side.  Night!    ~m


Oh, and after the holidays (mid-January) I will be having a ”Fresh Faces” promotion.  A lucky couple kiddos will get a free session and be featured on my website and blog. 

I’ll ask for interested parties and choose from the bunch!  I’m looking for kids of all ages & personalities (the bigger the better!) .  :)  I have lots of exciting ideas, so stay tuned!!!