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*white christmas* | DFW Child Photographer

Sunday, December 27th, 2009


Ahh…fresh, crisp, chilly Colorado air. Oh how we LOVE Colorado at Christmas! The kiddos couldn’t wait to play in the snow, so about an hour after arriving at our destination yesterday, they were happy and frozen. :) Snow angels were made, icicles were broken off stair railings, snowballs were thrown (and eaten) — most of all there was running. Just carefree tromping through the snow with ginormous smiles. Can’t ask for more than that! :)

We spent some more time in the white goodness today and went sledding with some of our family. Everyone had an absolute blast — only minor injuries! Peach was incredibly brave (as usual) and hit the jump full force (thanks to her uncle!) several times. We’re hoping to head to “The Pit” several more times in the next couple days.

IMG_1568web Lots more to post from our sledding adventures…

Stay tuned for those pics AND a chilly downtown family session I’m going to have tomorrow. SOOO so excited to meet this family (I know mom from waaay back)!

Have a super day!

There’s a chill in the air! | DFW Child Photographer

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Last week was SUPER chilly! We even drove to the bus stop to pick up Peach each day in fear of frozen fingers and noses. :) It might not seem cold to all the Colorado folk out there (the high was in the 30s one day — THIRTEEN degrees with the wind chill!) BUT it’s quite a change for our family (accustomed to AZ “winters”!).

Here’s a shot of my little Fella…one afternoon we had fun throwing the red, orange, and yellow leaves in our yard and the little guy stopped for a minute so I could snap this quick pic.


We saw Santa last night at my hubby’s holiday party — pics edited (and shared) soon after I finish a rockin’ client album. Stay tuuuuned. ;) Oh, and Peach has a Christmas ballet & tap recital today, so I’m SURE I’ll have some to share from that, too. It’ll be SO special to see her little proud smile from the auditorium seats as she taps across that stage!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

*snow*… for REAL! | Southlake child photographer

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009


{the holiday spirit} | Dallas Child Photographer

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

A little outtake from out holiday card shoot! I have SO much to share, but have been busy working on the yearbook cover for Peach’s school…more to come!!!


Hope you are enjoying this holiday season…we’ve been drinking cocoa, listening to tons of Christmas music, and TODAY are off to get our tree. Wahooo. :)
Have a super rest of your weekend!

{halloween} | Colleyville Child Photographer

Monday, November 2nd, 2009


We had a super Halloween! We carved pumpkins, dressed up (all day!), chatted about the big night (allllll day), read some festive books, AND had a little pre-trick or treat photo session. You see, Fella was a ghost, and Peach was Dorothy, BUT I (the photographer in me) wanted some pics of the kiddos in a classic witch/ghost combo. We had a “fake” photo session (w/o Peach’s real costume) before the real deal. We were VERY fortunate to have a snazzy witch costume in the closet.


The witch costume was actually made by my mom when I was a little gal — it was fun to dress my little lady up in the costume that I wore years (and years!) ago. :) I LOVE the cape & rhinestone detail. She looked SO cute!!!


The fun ghost number was made by my SUPER pal Stephanie, of Stephanie Robertson Designs. She’s actually talented in TONS of areas, so this site just shows the (terrific) jewelry side of her. She’s an awesome & ultra-creative seamstress, too! :) (THANK YOU, girlie!) I wish you could see the ghost eyes because the eyes are actually stitches going around and around and around. Love it.

And lastly, we brought a treat for a feisty horse nearby…FUN!!!


If you want to see Dorothy (and the ghost!) head on over to Facebook and request me to be your friend! (YES, that means you, mom!!!) I’ve posted some of Ms. Dorothy up there already. ;)

Have an awesome day! ~mm

{Fish Lover} and THREE today! | Dallas Family Photographer

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Today is my little guy’s third birthday. I think back to how awesome life was before he entered the breathing world…and then I think about how even more INCREDIBLE life has been since he arrived.

At this exciting point in his life (THREE!!!) Fella loves (and knows an incredible amount of facts about):

  • sea divers (slated to be the Halloween costume if I can find one!)
  • sharks (black tip reef shark=fav)
  • fish (all types!)
  • snakes (milk snakes/mambas are in a close tie for the fav)
  • bats

As you can see…he’s ALL about non-fiction.  :)

He is incredibly sweet, has a funny sense of humor, loves to play golf (putt to be exact), has an impressive bouncy ball collection, and really looks up to his bossy (and super cute/sweet) big sis.   It has been SUCH a love-and-laughter-filled three years.  :)

Love ya, bud.   ~m

Happy 5…

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

to my little lady.  She had a FULL day of travel on her bday yesterday, which was a bummer, BUT she had a pretty special day on Tuesday at Disney.  <–you should have SEEN her huge smile when she got to meet with Ariel, Belle and Jasmine.  Ahhh, to be a kid again.

Pics to follow from our awesome California trip — 3 awesome sessions, LOTS of kid pics and fun activities, SUPER fun times with friends…it was sad to see it end.

Lots of fun stuff coming up…heading to a workshop in a couple weeks, attending a Stroller Strides Grand Opening (I’m a sponsor!) on the 5th, school starts for Peach at the end of Aug, another Cali vacation, and LOTS more friends visiting.  :)   Yahoooo!  Life is GOOD!   Feeling so refreshed…

(Peach and her new outside kitty Chloe/Priscilla) :)

Have an incredible day! ~m

Snow, baby!!!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhh…….. {do you hear my sigh?} :)
This weekend was lovely! Relaxing & great fun…a much needed break. We headed up to Overgaard on Friday evening with some good pals & two of their kiddos (the little one stayed home with her grandparents!).

There was lots of fresh air, star gazing, sledding, laughter, and coffee.  <– that was to keep the adults up because the kiddos were on outdoor overload! :)

We hadn’t seen snow in a year & realized we really missed it!

***Because we got to our cabin at night, the kids were incredibly anxious to check out the snow FIRST THING in the morning. I LOVE their individual excitement here. Everyone is doing his/her own thing!

I like Fella’s pajama bottoms (hah!) and Peach’s snowy buns.

After we picked up a couple more sleds, we headed over to the ‘best sledding hill in Overgaard.’   Fella was asleep in the car for most of the sledding, but the last 30 minutes or so, he loved playing in the snow.


:::Some fun in Bison Town:::

Thanks for stopping by! Have a super day. ~m

***Oh, and I wanted to mention…we’re taking a quick trip to the Denver area this weekend to visit my hubby’s parents (we’re hoping to play in more snow!). I have ONE opening for a photo shoot (family, maternity, child, baby, engagement, etc.) on Friday or Sunday morning or afternoon if you, or someone you know is interested! First person to email will nab the session!!! Can’t wait to try out some new locations with awesome Colorado peeps! :)

{glam for cocoa}

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Would you believe me if I said that literally seconds before these pics were taken Peach was crying???

Ummm…yeah. Here’s some proof for ya. :)

These pics are right out of the camera…kind of a naked feeling because I usually edit pics a bit before posting them! :) Anyway, before the pics, Peachie was playing in the rain (notice the wet hair!), got dressed because she got soaked and THEN my sis called and wanted some pics of my new sunglasses. Peach was bribed. :) WITH hot cocoa. Mmmmm…

I love how they show her cute little personality EVEN though she was mad. :) Cocoa has quite the pull these days!

I have SO many pics from recent sessions (K and D you’re up tomorrow) so stay tuned!!!
Have a terrific rest of your weekend. ~m


Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

I’ve been waiting to edit these two images since the session, but MADE myself do other *more important* things before I got to them…ahhh…isn’t my sis stunning? I love how the curves of her figure contrast with all the straight lines in the images. Plus, the door, lanterns…everything seems larger than life, and there she is, looking regal amidst it all.

I’ve started working with a new wide angle lens that is QUITE fun…just getting used to it though, so it only comes out of my bag for a couple minutes a session…this was one of those minutes!

I’m excited to show you more…there are literally hundreds more that I love from this shoot….if only there was enough TIME in the day. :)

Have one fantastic day. ~m