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Sunset Grazing

Monday, March 17th, 2008


Peach taking a look at ONE SHEEP.  The only one that didn’t run a mile away.  :)

Things have been super busy here!  I’m editing away, preparing images for slideshows and galleries.   If you’re interested in scheduling a session, don’t hesitate to send me an email — even if it’s to tentatively put you or someone in your family on the calendar for a couple months away. 

My schedule is full for March.  April is quickly filling up!  [I am holding a couple spots in March and April for newborns, however!]     Thank you all for your daily blog visits, kind words, and for allowing me to photograph you and /or your loved ones.  I am having SO much fun combining our visions and just love being creative.  :)

Oh, and for all those newborns coming up, I have several cozy items making their way here…think cocoon!  :)    I’m off to edit!  ~m

The Music Biz

Monday, March 10th, 2008


Many of you that know me, know that I love to sing.  I used to dream about being on the stage (an opera star!) and was almost finished getting my degree in vocal performance when I met my hubby.  I decided then that I wanted a more stable career and found myself in school for many more years after the music degree, on the education track. 

Are you curious where I’m going with all of this???

Welllll…mixing two of my passions, photography and music, is great fun.  Music absolutely has the ability to move people, as images do.  When I present images to my clients, it’s always fun and exciting to show their images in a slideshow format.  There’s something about merging pictures of loved ones, with the uplifting beats and swells of music that really pulls at your heart strings, at least mine.  To me, the more senses that are heightened, the more meaningful the experience. 

One struggle with the whole music/slideshow thing is finding appealing royalty-free music or music that’s actually COOL that I can purchase a license to.  Know of any???  (Pllllllease????)  The Michelle Featherstone songs on my website are the best I’ve found…  

I’ve also tried to contact several super cool artists, but it’s at least $1,000 to buy a year license to have their music on my site OR I just never hear back — unbelievable!  So, while I’m jonesin’ for my fav songs, I’m trying my best to find songs that are uplifting, light, and fun in the world of royalty-free music.  It’s hard to be so limited, especially when this matters so much to me. 

Wanna see a slideshow???

I met with a mom today to watch her slideshow.  We were both wiping tears away afterward.  I was standing behind her, listening to the dancing guitar, watching her reactions to all the images, and it seriously choked me up.  I LOVE this.  I love being able to capture children, families, pregnant women…times that are now long gone, but have been recorded behind the camera lens.


Here’s a teaser….how about a whole session with this adorable family???

****CLICK HERE****for 2 minutes of slideshow sweetness!!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  ~m

Oh, and I am constantly on the lookout for new artists–MySpace is supposed to be an excellent place to get permission from unsigned artists.  I’ve been looking — if you find something folky/acoustic and fun, please let me know! 


Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Get ready blog readers…I have FIVE, yup, you heard it…FIVE maternity sessions this month.  Wooo wee.  I’m thrilled to meet all the women who currently have a little babe in their belly (and all those little babes!).


{look at that perfect belly!  good timing with the birds in the water, too!}

This afternoon I met with O, who was so much fun to hang out with.  She radiated warmth and positivity, and of course that pregnant glow.  She couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful her pregnancy journey, thus far, has been.  I am so thrilled for her and her husband.  Their first baby (a boy!) is due mid-March, so be on the lookout for another adorable newborn to grace these blog pages. 


{i love her smile here and how she’s cradling her belly} 

“O” chose “The Duo” package (custom maternity + newborn session + a special storyboard), which is such a deal!  Maternity sessions are great fun…newborn sessions are amazing…and I love designing storyboards.  Can’t wait to see you again, O, with your new little baby.   :) 


{see that glow I was talking about?}

Off to edit more pics!  ~m

Hang THIS puppy up!

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

On a whim, I decided to get a gallery wrapped canvas a month or so ago as a sample for clients (and artwork for me!).  Although I LOVE pictures and fine things, it was truly difficult for me to spend such money to buy something for my wall.  Let me tell you — SO worth every penny.  I’m planning on purchasing a bunch more now…  Everyone that enters my house comments on the canvas.  It is just stunning and something I’ll treasure for a very long time.

Love this image of Peach and Fella. 


So, what in the world is it???

Gallery wrapped canvas is:  your chosen image printed on canvas and then stretched over a custom wood frame.  This work of art comes ready to be hung — no frame needed at all!  Not only can you order one large image for your home, you can also combine images and get a series of canvases.  (2 or 3 10×10 or 20×20 canvases).  

I just LOVE this look so much.  Classy, chic, modern, trendy (have you seen the canvases on the walls in the new Pottery Barn Kids catalogue?) and quite a conversation piece. 


^ Close up so you can see the edge of the canvas.  You can choose to have a border around your canvas (like the black one I chose here) or wrap your entire picture around it (no border, just image on the sides).  

The size of this particular canvas is a 16×20.  Although that seems large, since even an 8 x 10 seems big sometimes,  in my house it actually looks SMALL!  I really wish I would have ordered a 20×24!  Maybe next time!

If you’re interested, gallery wrapped canvas starts at $200.   They are all UV coated, which adds durability, longevity and colorfastness.    One amazing factoid is that black and white images tend to last 100-150 years, and color, roughly 60 years.   These will be around for a loooong time.  :)

Have a great day.  :)     ~m

The Custom Route

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Got an email from my pal in Colorado.  Remember the baby session I did there in December?  Well, she’s interested in checking out some storyboards, so I got right to work.  Decided to post them here because it’s not like I can meet with her anytime soon.  :(   Sooooo far away… 


Storyboards are so fun to design.  They come in various sizes, usually a long rectangle (10×30 is common) of 2-5 images OR a square (20×20 or 12×12) that has 2-4 images.  These images are all surrounded by white and when sent to the professional lab, they are sprayed with a protective coating and mounted on 2mm styrene board for longevity.  These mounted images look incredibly professional and modern.  They can be placed in a frame OR the coolest thing lately is putting them up on your wall with Velcro!  

I am THRILLED to say that my office is going to be covered with mounted prints and storyboards (with Velcro on the back).  That way, I can arrange them collage-like.  I’ve already started ordering a favorite image from each session I’ve done, so if you’ve had a photo session with me, you’ll make a debut on “the wall.” 

 I promise I’ll show pics as I start…that means I’ll have to clean the office though, which will probably take a couple months (hah!). 


Quote says “Sometimes it’s the smallish things that take up the most room in our heart”

~A.A. Milne


Most of these images were a special request from my pal in CO (some I threw in that I thought looked great).    You can choose to further personalize storyboards with wording (name, age, date, favorite quote or poem, etc.) OR leave them completely blank.  After C sees these, we might switch a picture or two out (or switch the position of one).     There are so many possibilities and I’m always open for creative ideas

 Thanks for reading and I hope you like, C!    ~m

[ Petti Glow ]

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008


{More pettiskirt images for your viewing pleasure}   

This bright orange and hot pink pettiskirt is a guaranteed day brightener!  Can’t wait for some more little ladies to give these a whirl.  :)  

In May, be on the lookout for a Fresh Faces search for a 1-5 year old pettiskirt model.  I am soooo excited!   But first, Fresh Faces mommas-to-be and their babies…COMING SOON!    ~m





Friday, February 1st, 2008

Aren’t pettiskirts on little girls irresistible?  I mean, talk about C-U-T-E!


 When Peach put this on, she was a twirling maniac!!!  She felt like a million bucks and totally turned into a mini-diva.  :)   This jewel-toned skirt is sooo full and soft.  Thankfully, it’s not like those crunchy uncomfy things I used to wear for dress up.  We had SO much fun at this photo session. 


^ Recognize this image???  Anyone???

I have two pettis available for little gals to wear.  I only ask that you schedule a portrait session just for your little lady (and don’t tack it onto a family session) because I don’t want to take time away from family pics.  This is one separate session JUST for your gal.  :)   

I know there’s one little diva about to turn one whose mommy won’t be able to resist putting her into one of these at her upcoming shoot.  Be on the lookout!

More images to come tomorrow of this skirt and the other one (ultra HOT pink — yeow)!     ~m


Saturday, January 12th, 2008


After a good rain a couple days ago, the tree across the street decided to let loose.  Gorgeous red-orange leaves covered our neighbor’s yard.  After a day of ignoring those picture-perfect leaves,  I finally gave in (they were beckoning!) and my 5D, kiddos and I rang the doorbell of our oh-so-nice neighbors and asked if we could have some fun in their front yard. 

Good thing they said yes!  :)

This storyboard reads:   [won - der]   marvel, filled with curiosity, desire to explore

This storyboard and definition basically describe my son at this time in his life.  He is SO very curious, happy, and active and I love to watch him experience new sights and smells.  It was wonderful watching and capturing him in a pile of leaves for the first time!

 Here are some more of the Little Fella.  I realized I hadn’t posted images of him in a while, since Peach was the shining star in the snow in Colorado, so here we go! 


I like this action shot.  He’s walking and a leaf is even in the midst of falling by his knee.  He still gets this little proud face when he’s excited and headed my way. 


The pout makes me laugh in this one.  He actually was being dramatic and toppled over right after this picture was taken.  I’m happy that I got to capture this hilarious face! 

[In the above image, I really like how the leaves in the back don’t even look like leaves anymore.  The blur, or bokeh, is a neat effect and definitely brings out the subject more.  If you look closely, the leaves in the foreground are blurred too, because I focused on the Fella’s face and used a low f/stop (or aperture).  If you have a setting on your camera that allows you to play around with aperture, you should!  Take out those camera manuals, read up and try it out.  :)

Here’s a little funky post-processing for ya…


In color, this particular image is very golden  & hazy because there was just too much sunlight (you can even see the rays on his shoulder!).  I knew I wanted to remove the color and do something I don’t typically do.  It’s definitely not my style — I would much prefer more color and less grain — but I do appreciate it because it’s different.  :)

Until tomorrow…   ~m

Almost 14 [Part 2]

Friday, January 4th, 2008


I just love how a [storyboard] can tell a story using a series of images.  I think these are fitting because J’s cool, has her own style (that girl can strike a POSE!), AND you see she has a fun side as she’s walking on the train track. 

As a mom and photo lover, I love having storyboards up in my house because of the varying poses (action!) and personality that are shown.   

–>About the storyboard above…I used a super fun urban action on the pics, which gave them a more green/red tint.  Definitely something different and fun for me — I really liked it with the colors and textures present in the caboose though.  Isn’t J soooo adorable?


I love her confidence and body position in the above pic.  I could have edited her red cheeks and nose so that her face was more “all one color,” but I just love how her face is showing the temperature outside.  Her face looks natural and real, which is what I was going for — very different from the storyboard above.  :)   For the color in this picture, I made it “pop” a bit more to give the image some energy and excitement. 

There are SO many more cute images from our session together — I wish I could post them all.  Thanks again, J.  I had tons-o-fun.    ~m

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas…

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

…especially at Mimi and Papa’s house.  My mom goes all out for the holidays.  It’s an AMAZING all out though.  Every corner of her house has something Christmassy.  Rules: all of her decorations have to be red, green, silver or gold (except for the VERY special tree you’ll see below) and almost all of them are antique! 

She collects blown glass reindeer, millinery fruit (for her fruit tree), holiday postcards from long ago, and just antique ornaments in general.  It’s fun to see her decor change through the years (she finds ornaments all year) and it’s also wonderful to see our favorite things each year. 

It’s interesting how my Christmas tree looks a lot like hers…my vision of what Christmas looks like, in tree form, has been shaped by my upbringing.  Hope you enjoy, mom!  I know you were excited to see pics of your wonderful collection. 

Storyboard below:  The 9′ living room tree.  Vintage Merry Christmas ornament.  Sussex cottage dollhouse (all decked out for the holidays).  


Storyboard below:  Genie ornament.  Rare blown glass stork.   Assortment of ornaments, including an eskimo (one of mom’s favs).  The 4′ den tree.  Underneath the den tree — vintage feather tree fence, assortment of antique beads & ornaments.


Saving the best for last………isn’t this the coolest?????   

Storyboard below:  The Kitchen Tree or the Fruit Tree.  This is a feather tree and the fruit ornaments used to be placed on hats for decoration.  Mom’s own cool creation.  I love the color! 


I’m not used to taking pics of anything but people, so this was fun for me.  :)   Took me out of my comfort zone a bit, but that’s good.  I’m always up for a good challenge.  Hope you’ve enjoyed!~m