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The Egg Project

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Dyeing Easter eggs is always tons-o-fun over here.  When I told Peach it was THE day, her eyes got enormo and she had a hard time finding the words (so rare) to say, “Toooooday?” 

She’s usually such a helper around the house, but today it was that times 100!  Boy, was she totally in charge, excited, and serious about her egg dyeing. 


^ Here she is waiting for the eggs to get darker. 


^ Checking to make sure it’s the perfect hue.


^ Some serious egg removal (told you she was serious!).


^Little bro wants some camera time, too. :)


^ Checking out the stash

What a fun afternoon.  Can’t wait to see their cute little faces tomorrow when it’s time for them to search for their baskets (and eggs).  I’ll be documenting that event, too!

Have a a great Easter!

Oh, and here’s a cute conversation today that I snuck up on and then became a part of…

Peach (leaning towards her brother):  “Wanna hear a secret?  (pause)  Laaaaaavatory.”  (my eyes bug out)

Moi:  “WHERE did you learn that word?  (P smiles)  What does lavatory mean?”

Peach:  “Teachers use that word for the bathroom. ”  :)

Moi: “You’re right (shocked).” [where in the world did she learn that?]

Maternity Central

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008


Many pregnant bellies throughout the next couple weeks, remember?  I’m loving every minute of it, too.  How lucky I feel to be able to capture this special time — and all the gorgeous pregnant women sure make my job easy.  :)  

I have to be honest and say that when I was pregnant with both kiddos, maternity photography wasn’t even a question in my mind.  All I had seen were typical studio images that just weren’t “me.”  Now, my mind is completely changed because I know all the possibilities out there.  I see how beautiful the shape of a 38-week-pregnant belly is.  It’s a time to embrace those womanly curves that seem to creep up even more during this time.  

Mark my word…if we ever have another child, I’ll get some photos taken so I can remember and cherish the time where my belly looked (and felt) like it couldn’t get any bigger!  :)

All the images seen on this site are always a true collaboration between the mom-to-be and myself.  I think that’s incredibly important — we all know what we want, what personally looks good to us, and most clients have browsed enough photography websites to know at least one pose they want (usually it’s the heart shaped hands around the belly button, which I think is ADORABLE).   I’m rambling…I guess what I wanted to say is that WOW — I LOVE photographing pregnant moms!  I hope I can do lots and lots more. 

Without further ado…here are more of A, who has been patiently waiting for more of her sneak peek!   

Thought I’d start with a portrait. 




{that heart shape that most clients request–I love the dramatic lighting here.   even though this is a very popular image, it really speaks.  i think it’s just such a tender, touching message.}


{ahhh….that mother/son bond}

Words that come to mind when I see these pictures:  fun, carefree, happy, curves, gentle, proud, love. 

Off to edit.   ~m

Weeds and all…

Friday, March 21st, 2008

{LOVE the feeling in this unposed image.  Their looks to different places, their hands with feeling and tenderness, the horses, her lovely gown…}img_4390triyyweb.jpg 

When I talked to C on the phone, she had a very clear idea of what type of photo shoot she wanted.  I could tell at first that she wasn’t sure I’d like what she had to say…I didn’t just like her idea, I LOVED it!  Not only did I love that she just knew what her vision was, I loved that her idea was to “rough it” (38 weeks pregnant) through tumbleweeds, tall grass, and gopher holes in a flowing white nightgown. 

 Talk about a dream come true for me!  I LOVE merging the gorgeous (C) and the not-so gorgeous (weeds).  The cherry on top was that there were horses next to the property!   Can you hear me singing an operatic “Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa” in excitement???  :)


I had so much fun today/tonight.  C and her husband are truly genuine, kind people, who emitted love and tenderness throughout the entire shoot.  They made each other laugh (I just love those REAL smiles!!!) and together celebrated this special baby girl that will soon be coming into this world. 


C–It was terrific meeting your entire family and I can’t wait to show you the rest of these images.  Today, only some from the backyard…here’s your little sneak peek (more to come next week)!  ~m


Thanks for the sweet note — COMPLETELY made my night.  I’m so glad we did this and GIRL, you are stunning!!!  :) 

from this…to this

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

“The Duo,”  a custom maternity + a newborn session, is for SURE the way to go.   I love meeting and getting to know soon-to-be moms and then meeting babies as soon as they arrive.  It’s such a sweet feeling. img_8658yycpopport5mshweb.jpgimg_8523defcpopallwhiteexpretweb.jpg

I think seeing and hearing about a mother’s excitement pre-baby and then actually seeing her with this much-anticipated little being is so incredible and rewarding.   I love hearing those baby squeaks, fresh cries, and looking into those wide newborn eyes.  I could do it all day, every day!  :)  

[Thanks for choosing me to document this special time in your life, S.  I've had a great time getting to know you and your awesome family. :)  ]




And here they are…


Stay tuned for another special arrival (from a prego session) very soon!  ~m

my guy + big thanks

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

{ My fav close up}


Storyboard showing how much fun he was having with this cute antique horn — I remember that thing from when I was little!


Just had to say thanks to Steph for the lovely flowers…they brightened up a tough day.  I truly appreciate it, girl!  {mwah!} 



Tuesday, March 18th, 2008


{Gotta keep this short — it’s the middle of the night and little Fella just woke up.  Plans for a larger blog entry just went out the window!!!}

We had a fun afternoon at Mimi and Papa’s.  The kiddos always love to run outside on their patio and look for fish and other creatures in the lake.   It’s like a nature hike, but we don’t have to go anywhere!!!  :)  

Peach brought an old-fashioned horn outside and root-toot-tooted her way around the backyard, taunting all the water birds.   The doggies across the lake REALLY didn’t care for it either! 

The gate around their patio is always a hit, too!  I love that I captured Fella playing on that very gate, looking up.  I’m sure an airplane was flying by and alerted his ever-tuned-in ears.  I like that his little eyes were looking back a bit…I can even see his reddish eyelashes.  I think the reflection in the water is super fun, where it shows the clouds overhead (we had some AMAZING clouds in AZ today).  

A fun, vivid image of a kiddo doing what he likes to do best…explore.  JUST my style.     Off to put this little crank to bed!   ~m

Sunset Grazing

Monday, March 17th, 2008


Peach taking a look at ONE SHEEP.  The only one that didn’t run a mile away.  :)

Things have been super busy here!  I’m editing away, preparing images for slideshows and galleries.   If you’re interested in scheduling a session, don’t hesitate to send me an email — even if it’s to tentatively put you or someone in your family on the calendar for a couple months away. 

My schedule is full for March.  April is quickly filling up!  [I am holding a couple spots in March and April for newborns, however!]     Thank you all for your daily blog visits, kind words, and for allowing me to photograph you and /or your loved ones.  I am having SO much fun combining our visions and just love being creative.  :)

Oh, and for all those newborns coming up, I have several cozy items making their way here…think cocoon!  :)    I’m off to edit!  ~m

[brown-eyed perfection]

Sunday, March 16th, 2008


I met little N today {2 months old}, along with some other equally stunning members of his extended family.  He’s visiting from Louisiana with his gorgeous mommy. 


The family was lively and fun and just loved every little coo and movement this little guy made.  From behind the camera lens I was in awe of his handsome brown eyes and pleasant disposition.  What a sweetie!


Thank you all so much for having me and safe travels to you, M!  I had SUCH a hard time choosing what images to show in this post, so more will be coming this week.  ~m



Momma-to-be (part 2)

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

 I’m finishing  up editing this photo shoot from last week and  I can’t help but post a couple more images.  I think pregnancy really suits her!  Radiant, glowing, smiley,  positive…the list goes on. 


{love that golden light and her sweet expression}


{I love how confident and gorgeous she looks against this great background}


{glowing portrait}


{more birds taking a look…}

O–You’ll be seeing all of them soon!  Hope all is well.   ~m

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***10,000 HITS winner = #2….That’s JULIE B!!!  yeah.   So, Jules, you get the choice of the gift certificate OR a fun surprise.  Just depends if you’re willing to take a risk or not!  Lemme know in the comments.  Congrats and thanks for your ever-so-wonderful comments.   New mini contest coming up in a couple weeks… 

[Her Look]

Friday, March 14th, 2008


Meet L.  She just has this rockin’ look, doesn’t she??? 


When I found out she was pregnant, I remember telling her that I’d LOVE to take maternity photos of her.  Maybe I was being a little selfish.  :)   I knew as a team we could come up with some images that were amazingly different. 


She’s super cool and sweet and a terrific mom.   We met over a year ago at our neighborhood park and every minute we hang out is great fun for us and our kiddos.  She has two cute-as-pie boys and is expecting a little princess next month.  I couldn’t be happier for her and her hubby. 

L was up for anything and the second my camera clicked she was in the zone…the model zone!  I don’t think she knew she had it in her (to WORK IT like that) but she totally does! 


L didn’t really have any idea of what types of shots she wanted, so we tried just about anything (SO much fun!) and learned even more about each other until sun decided to set. 



Thanks, L for your friendship and trusting in me to take photographs of you and your flippin’ CUTE belly!  I am beyond thrilled to meet baby J and you know I’m here if you need me…   ~m