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up and coming artist…

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008


Meet Steve.

He’s an all around great guy who got the most AWESOME, fun, incredible, super-sweet news about a month ago…he’s been hired to write music for Oprah!!!  What an incredible opportunity for a young and talented musician and composer. 

Not only is he a super talented musician (besides composing, he plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards) but he’s kind, funny, AND he’s been in martial arts for EIGHTEEN whopping years.  So, definitely multi-talented, I’d say.  I just love knowing individuals with passion flowing into so many different areas and GUESS WHAT…he’s going to compose some music for MOI!

I’m flippin’ excited.  :)

So, the music company that he gets his deals through is doing web and printed articles about him and they needed a headshot. 

I think he looks fab.  :)   Anyone have a preference?  Which one should he send them???

^ 1

^ 2

^ 3

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!  ~m


Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

“Uhhh…I’m not used to taking pics of cats, but I’d love to try!!!”  I think that’s about how my conversation went with C when she asked me to take pics of her beloved felines.   Well…I’m willing to try anything!  In fact, I was quite excited (apparently Harley, the cat, was too!).  :)

I am definitely one who thinks animals are pretty special, and understand the bond that people have with their pets (you saw our two cute doggies in this post), so I was happy to join C and her family as the cats ate treats, played with a fun feathery fake-bird thingy, and just got some lovin’ from their mama. 

C is a total cat lover.  An animal lover, for sure (horses, dogs, etc), but right now, her loves are her three ginormous cats (and her hubby, of course).   :)    These cats are Maine Coons and are unlike any cat I’ve ever seen.  TOTALLY sweet enormous balls of fur and fluff.  Super cute, smart, lovey, and full of three very distinct personalities.  Every time I see these cats I’m absolutely shocked at their size…it’s pretty hard to tell in these pics, but these cats (except for the female) pretty much weigh the same as my toddler!!!

Diva: her name says it all.

Harley: the 4 year old “alpha boy” weighing in at 22 pounds

^ Trouble: a loverboy and the youngest of the bunch –only a year old and 22.5 pounds of cuteness!!! 

^ Touble entertains us with his MAD jumping SKILLS…jealous???    :)

^ Harley wanted in on the action, too, (they’re after some feather contraption on a stick with fishing line)

^ and then he didn’t want to give it up.  This picture makes me LAUGH.  That look in his eye is priceless.  :D

C–I had SO much fun with you and these great animals of yours.  Thanks for believing in me — {mwah}!!!

prepare yourself–

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Get your eyeballs ready for some cutie patootie newborn images….TWO exciting shoots later this week.  I’m having newborn session withdrawal, so I’m thrilled to meet these two new little guys that were recently born.  :)

But for now…

Here are ten perfect squishy toes from a little girly session that’s JUST about ready for mom.  I just *love* babies and capturing their every crease, eyelash, curl, roll, and perfect little skin (whether it’s wrinkly, smooth, flaky or whatever!) brings me so much joy. 

And presenting new parents with the final product is so exciting!  Here’s a little secret –> I always get a little choked up during slideshows when I meet with clients…I’m just a total softy and love watching reactions of parents when they see how gorgeous their kiddos and families are.  Capturing moments that evoke emotion is my passion.  :)   (for REAL…I’m not trying to be cheesy here!!!)

Have one incredible day!    ~m

::everyone dress up::

Monday, May 19th, 2008

So, I’m chatting with my pal JB on the phone and all of a sudden I realize I haven’t heard from Peach in a couple minutes.  I peek around the corner and Peach is looking VERY busy AND regal (and hilarious).  I’m thinkin’ Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Molly Ringwald meets a stylin’ fairy???

She had FULLY raided her dress up trunks (she has three) and found some *great* stuff to wear.  See her putting a tutu and crown on her giraffe?  :)


>Her chosen dress up items<

*fluffy tutu

*rockin’ skeleton leggings

^ high heels (complete WITH hot pink and fur)


*foxy pastel angel wings (which, I think, make the outfit!)

*sparkly beaded crown (She would say “Farkley Crown”)   :)

She was lookin H.O.T. — HOT!

I had to bite my lip because she was SO serious about her little outfit and proceeded to dress everyone (and everyTHING) else up. 


^ Both dogs were part of the fiesta (along with Mr. Giraffe and a willing stuffed frog).

^ She even tried to get heels on Fella — didn’t happen.

Guess what happened later on…

BRIGHT red lipstick all over her lips…and other random parts of her face.  Little sneak went right into the bathroom, applied, and then came out as if nothing had changed.  Scared her momma for sure!  :)


It’s SO much fun to watch her little imagination run wild — I can totally deal with a little lipstick sneakage every now and then as long as I get the cute moments, too.   I have a feeling I’m in for a lot of both!!! 


Sunday, May 18th, 2008

This Peach-tastic image really cracks me up.  Usually I like to post more artsy & beauteous pics of the little gal BUT this one totally makes me smile.  It’s her personality for sure — I always get lots of sillies at each session!   :)   

The last couple days, Peach has let me practice some new lighting on her.  I definitely got kiddo photoshoot withdrawal on our FL trip, so we’ve been having some fun. 

Have an incredible weekend.  I have TONS of editing to complete this weekend AND three galleries to get up and slideshowwed (nice new word, eh?).    Night! 


have i said…

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

…how much i LOVE maternity photography? 

I love:

^  capturing that MAJOR pregnant glow (there’s nothing like it!)

^  meeting women (with such CUTE bellies) about to bring such a beautiful little miracle into this world

^ visiting with parents-to-be [talking through what to expect is SO much fun for me -- I love making parents feel more at ease about the whole process]

^  the pregnant body — all those stunning curves

meeting the new baby when he/she arrives (which completes the family!)

and lastly…making a woman feel beautiful inside and out when she doesn’t feel like her regular self.

                                                        * * * * * * * * * *

SO, in celebration of the prego momma, I’m offering a maternity special for the months of May and June! 

–> If you book a maternity OR combination newborn/maternity session in one of those months (advance booking is great — you can still take advantage of the special even if your shoot isn’t until October!!) you will get $50 off your session fee!!!  Holy smokes…that’s a good deal.  And to make the deal even SWEETER, along with the $50 off, you will get a set of 40 brag cards (of an excellent image from your session) to pass around to friends and family.   Yesssssss! 

[If you know someone that's pregnant, let them know about this killer deal!  If you're prego and reading this...what are you waiting for???   :) ]      Can’t wait!  ~m

**Stay tuned for some adorable newborn images next week.  I got a call from the lovely momma in the above pics and her little baby is here!!!  Congrats S and J!  Get some rest and I’ll see you two VERY soon for your relaxed newborn session.

A Sandy Afternoon

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Meet the lovely H family.

C (the redhead in the back!) is one amazing chick.  When I was first getting to know her (5 years ago?) I was always amazed at HOW MUCH the girl could do! 

She is always doing everything…working, planning social events (definitely a social butterfly!) for pals, attending homeowners meetings, serving on the board of (and singing in) choir, holding an office for a professional organization she’s in, acting and singing in musicals, being a super mom & wife, and tons more (just makes me tired THINKING about all that!).  There’s always a smile on her face, too!

Basically, she’s one that constantly puts others before herself and is happy to do it.  I am incredibly grateful for her friendship, support, and I just DIG her sense of humor, too.  :)   We hadn’t seen each other in almost 4 years and we picked up right where we left off…gotta love that. 

C was RIGHT THERE for me when I was prego with Peach.  It was fun to now see her as a momma.  Isn’t she gorgeous?????

Couple beachy posed shots…(cute, but don’t worry…it’ll get more exciting!)

^ Her super sweet and FUN parents.  (Her Mom was Peach’s first babysitter EVER & I used to sing in choir with her dad!)

^ Aren’t they adorable??? 

^ CUTE son, G.  Here here’s a tad grouchy about his hat.  :)

^ Sandy toes.

^ LOVE the innocence captured here.  Is there anything better than seeing a kiddo explore & discover the world around him?  :)

^ A ride on super-cool dad is always essential at the beach!

And lastly (phew…this might be a record post!) here’s a pic of little G BEFORE we hit the beach.  I’m lovin’ the colors and his classic expression.  I can see this on their wall of pics for sure!!!  :)

Miss you guys…

Lovies, ~m

my little guy

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

I can’t believe how grown up he is! 

Even though he has two honkin’ molars coming in, resulting in an off-and-on fever and loss of appetite, he still manages to smile, play, and dish out big hugs (my fav!). 

Lately, his favorite thing is to walk around the house with two trains (chooo chooooos) and “drive” those trains over everything.  Thomas and Percy, who he calls “blue” and “green” are his best friends!!! 

Anything super cute your kiddos are doing?

Have a super day!  ~m


Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Little guy and girl.  So sweet.

                                   *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *   

Updates on:

Petti Mini Sessions AND

Promotional June Family Session (free for one fun[ky] family!)

coming next week – just figuring out the details!

                                     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

IF you, or someone you know, is expecting twins (or multiples) in the month of June, July, or August, I am offering ONE complimentary newborn session for the kiddos (PLUS an 8×10 of your favorite image) to an interested mom– I feel it’s a nice gift for a mom and since it’s getting warmer around here things are going to slow down a bit!  Send me an email if this sounds exciting to you (including the things listed below) and we’ll see if we’re a good fit!!!  What a deal!  :)

Please include:


*Due Date

*Three words that describe you

*Why this free session would be extra special for you!

The lucky mom will be revealed by this Saturday!!!

~Petti Love~

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

So, if you’re a regular reader, you probably know I just have this thing for pettiskirts.  Well, I’ve been collecting more and now have a total of SIX in various colors and sizes (ONE is even polka dots!).  One petti was given to me by my pal Jess, as a thank you for letting her stay here during a workshop.  SO totally sweet. 

Wanted to show Jess we’re lovin’ it (thankyouthankyou!). 

I’m thinking about having some pettiskirt mini sessions sometime for those mommas with girls, wanting something a little fun, different, girly, and less expensive than a traditional session {it would be an all-inclusive package with session fee, gallery, prints, etc}.  Would any of you out there be interested???  These girlies really come alive when a huge fluffy skirt is placed on their waist! 

*sizes from newborn to a girls medium*



Have a great day.  ~m