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.a new family.

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Couple more shots of this cutie from yesterday…but this time with his loving parents.

^ LOVE it.  A father and his son.  What a special bond. 

^ Could this get any sweeter?????  I have an image like this of me and Peach, when she was 3 days old that my mom took.  I love it.  

S’s look, gentle touch, hand placement…it all just oozes love.

NOT ONLY is this family super cute, BUT they’re incredibly kind and wonderful, too.  I feel so fortunate to work with such amazing clients on a daily basis.  SO, thank you.  :)

[terrible migraine this evening, so I'm off to bed...]   ~m


Saturday, June 21st, 2008

…fresh little perfect baby boy.    [storyboard above]

Newborn sessions are amazingly fun.  I love chatting with new moms about the personalities of their new little ones and their birth stories.  I LOVE *love* stories, birth stories, anything like that makes me smile.

Anyway, newborn sessions done around 6 days old are ideal.  The little squeakers (LOVE their little sounds!) are starting to adjust to life outside of the womb, but are still extremely sleepy .  <–the sleepy part is KEY if you want those new baby shots.   He is just SUCH a cute little boy. 

This guy was right around a month.  A month is definitely pushing it for the shots we were looking for BUT, he slept like a champ almost the whole time.  I barely have any pics with his eyes open!!!  :)

S and J –  your gallery will be ready on Sunday.  Can’t wait for you to see the rest of your little man. 

What a gorgeous fam!!!  They don’t look sleep deprived at all, do they!!!??!!  :)

strong little lady

Friday, June 20th, 2008

This wee one has overcome SO much in her short lifetime.  [I am constantly amazed at the resilience of babies.]  She has such a cute little laid back personality and is doing GREAT!!!  :)


It was wonderful to see her and her family SO happy and healthy…the last time we got together for pics was when she was still in her momma’s belly!  Check out the snazzy maternity photos here. 

Mom always has great ideas all cooked up for me, so we had a lot to do!  I love it when parents have ideas–family blankets or clothes to include, chairs, beds, etc.  It keeps me on my toes and they can really personalize their photo shoot! 

It was an absolute pleasure, C and R, to see you and your family again (and a special appearance by sister S and her hubby!).  I always feel so welcome when I’m with all of you.  :)   

Oh, and one special pic of the sweet sisters. 

AND…I just HAD to include this one below because S looks SOOOO darn cute!  It’s one of my new favs for sure.  :)

Have one wonderful day!!!  ~m

adios, mullet!!!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

My little guy went from the baby nickname “Peloncito” (little bald guy) to lately having quite an unruly 20 months of mullet fuzz in the back, so it was definitely TIME to get that puppy trimmed.  I have to admit, it was a big step seeing my little dude in the hair chair (the first of MANY for little Fella, I’m sure).  It was definitely a rite of passage into boyhood. 

{this is how he looked pretty much the whole time!!!}


I guess I needed to come to terms with his growing up.  He told me today during his breakfast, that one of his blueberries was “gross” (just held it up and said “gross”) AND has been going potty in the big boy seat (thanks to the encouragement of his sis because SHE wants a Jelly Belly), which has been quite the experience, too.   

He LOVES trains (more than one can love anything, it seems!!!) and constantly wants to read train books, chug his trains across his many sets of tracks or anyone’s appendages, and tell me what color each engine is. 

We’re starting to have real conversations with him (with his one to two word communicating)…his sis is REALLY playing with him.  It’s fun.  BUT then you just want moments like growing up to freeze sometimes… 

I guess that’s why I’m a photographer…I just can’t seem to let go. 

This way, I don’t have to.  :)

I miss is baby-ness, but LOVE watching him blossom from a baby-faced mullet-toting toddler, to a short-haired, snazzy little guy. 

Thanks for taking this little trip with me today.  :)  AND hip-hip to Fella for being so darn brave with the buzzers and such!!!   ~m

{3 hands}

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008


Came across this image as I was going through some photography workshop pics from April and the beginning of May.  I promised a couple moms from various workshops I’d send them images…now that my Florida sessions are done, I’m working on them.  :)   Expect some emails shortly from me, ladies, and thanks for being so patient!   ~m

{a few minor details}

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008


LOVE  -love-  l.o.v.e.  baby L’s:

  • perfectly round belly 
  • outie belly button (sooooo cute!!!)
  • adorable little clasped hands
  • creamy baby skin

Babies are so incredibly perfect.  I absolutely love every minute I spend with them.  :)

hey…thanks for stopping by.  i appreciate it more than you know.  :)    ~m

[tappy feet]

Monday, June 16th, 2008

{walkin with daddy-o}


*Experimenting with some VERY fun and funky new actions here!  :)   I love changing up my typical photo post-processing and think that’s important to do to keep growing as a photographer. 

{up in lights} 

The look of shock on her face — looking out at the 1500 seat theatre (pretty full!!!)–pretty much stayed there the whole time.  It was hilarious watching these little ones sing “Baby Take a Bow” and tap their way through it, bumping into each other…doing the wrong moves…totally priceless.  Every single face in the audience was smiling for these cuties. 

Back to my own post-processing.  Look at that zing of color!!!  :)   This 10×20 storyboard is getting mounted and hung in her room. 

All-in-all the dance weekend was a hit!  We drove past her dance school today and she said she wanted to go, so I know it was an overall good experience for her.   Hubs, “Uncle Phil,” and I went to her performance and she was really thrilled that we were all there.  It really was quite entertaining (you should have heard Phil cackling)!  At the end, she got a rose from her daddy and was beaming. 

Even though the costume was a little too flashy for my taste (whoa!) it made for some cuter-than-cute pics and even better memories.  Can’t wait to see what number she’ll be wearing next year (I can only handle the glitz once a year, I’ve decided!!!).  :)    Hope you all had a super weekend.    ~m

-in suspense-

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Gonna have to keep you in suspense ONE MORE DAY for Peach’s recital pics.  She did great, even though she was a bit nervous.  :)   Oh…and wait till you see her costume… neon, polka dots, tutu, backless, rhinestones…woooo weeeee!  Do you have a pretty vivid picture in your mind???


In the meantime…here are a couple more that stood out from this session   (just finished up the editing! yessss!)…can’t wait to meet with you, M, to show you the rest of your little princess.  :)

^ I love how she just looks right through you in this pic.  I like how her pettiskirt (yes, I have a NEWBORN one!!!) dresses the image up a bit.

^ Her eyes look like gorgeous little mirrors.  The lighting was perfect here.  :)

^ And a fun one through her bassinet.  Soooo peaceful and perfect.

Have a great day and Happy Dad’s Day to all the fathers out there!  Anyone doing anything fun?  Peach and I are having a cookie baking fest (special request for chocolate chip with toffee bits) and hubby is going to go play in the morning (he shoots skeet competitively)…then some swimming and dinner with the folks.  Should be a swell day.   Recital pics manana.   ~m

::the wait::

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

{waiting to go on stage} 

Peach’s very first dance recital is tomorrow.  She’s actually pretty nervous, which is breaking my heart.  I don’t want to make her do something she doesn’t want to…BUT that happens throughout life and she’s been practicing a long while for this. 

She’s been saying “Oh DARNIT” –in a super hilarious, deep, serious voice — every time I mention her dance performance.  And then she proceeds to tell me how BUSY she is going to be that day tucking in her stuffed animals.  She’s just too cute. 

Anyway, we had her dress rehearsal this evening and she feels MUCH better.  Glad that she knows where she’ll be performing and that she’s surrounded by her dancin’ pals. 

Oh, man…you’ve got to see her outfit.  It’s a frilly, glitzy mess.  PLUS, I was shocked to hear that they have to wear make-up!!!!!!!!!!  Peachie was thrilled.  Me — not so much.

More pics (the real deal) tomorrow!!!  ~m



What’s your preference?  Color or black and white???

{little foot}

Friday, June 13th, 2008

[Love the wrinkled perfection of a baby's foot.]

Sorry not more images.  SUPER late.  Got chatty with a pal and next thing I knew it was bedtime (and for me, that’s LATE!!!)!  

*     *     *     *     *    

Peach has a dance recital (her first!) this weekend, so get ready for some glitzed up pics.  Her outfit is actually pretty ridiculous!!!  And she gets to wear make-up, which TOTALLY shocked me, but she’s thrilled!

*     *     *     *     *  

Some new and exciting blog changes coming soon!  :)

Have a great day…   ~m