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.the actress.

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Really, my memories of this beautiful, carefree, sweet young woman have to do with fresh blackberry birthday cakes.  My family spent many summers in Seattle when we were younger and C’s birthday just so happened to fall during our visits.  Her mom, an amazing cook, would always make these elaborate and delicious birthday treats (and meals, for that matter). What fun — we even picked the delicious fruit for her cakes!  :)

I can’t believe that C is old enough (aren’t there some people that you remember as little 5 year olds?) to be embarking on her own journey…moving away from the beautiful state of Washington to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Los Angeles.

She wanted some headshots…I told her she needed to “work it” for some shots for me, too.  :)   And BOY did we have fun!

Can’t wait to hear about your adventures, C!  Best of luck to you and thanks for choosing me for your headshots.  LOTS more!!!  {mwah!}

Have a spectacular weekend!   ~m

Holiday Minis!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

At long last, info for the super fun holiday minis is here!  I can’t wait to start taking holiday pics, designing cards, AND help you in creating lasting images of your family!  Photos are awesome gifts, too!  :)

I know it’s incredibly hard to think about the holidays right now when it’s 111 degrees here in Phoenix, BUT there are only 18 more weekends until Christmas — that makes me shake in my boots!!!

Why are we scheduling holiday shoots now???  Not only do I need to shoot and edit sessions (a 2 week process) but it takes a bit (2+ weeks) to order/receive cards and images, too.  I’m sure my photo lab is going to be feeling the pressure because holiday cards are the IN THING right now!  And BOY do I have some incredible cards for you (a weakness of mine–options will be posted throughout the week!).  :)

Here’s the info you’ve been waiting for…  (OH, and read allllll the way down for a super offer for 1 lucky fam!)

There are only a LIMITED NUMBER OF SESSIONS available throughout the next 3 months (whether you choose a mini session or a full session), so if you’re interested, make sure to send me an email and sign up before they’re gone! Speaking of gone, once the minis are booked in September the month is full!  :)   I try my best to keep the “Availability” portion of this blog (look up top) current if you have a date in mind.

A little more info on the minis…

Saturday, September 20, 2008

3 times available — incredible location in Gilbert (email me for details!)

3:30pm, 4:10pm, 4:50pm (booked)

* * *

Sunday, October 19, 2008

3 times available — rockin’ location in Tempe (email me for more details)

3:30pm, 4:10pm (booked), 4:50pm (booked)

* * *

*Rain date scheduled for Oct 30th.


  • those who email with date/time preferences first get the first slots
  • payment, in full, must be received within one week in order to hold your date and time
  • sessions prices are up to 4 people ($25 extra per person)
  • $50 mini session print credit may only be used toward gift and wall prints
  • additional holiday cards, prints, and digital negatives may be purchased
  • all final print orders must be made by 11/28 to receive prints before Christmas

If you choose to have a regular session (more time + images than a mini), it needs to take place by 11/9 to receive holiday items (gift prints, cards, etc).   Session prices are located on my website under “investments.”

Oh, and if you’re doing a mini, since these sessions are so short, in your email to me with your preferred time(s) and date(s), please choose whether the session is a family session (only images of the family are taken — no individual shots of family members) or a child session (focus is on up to two children and sibling groups).  The goal is for you to have an incredible image (or two or three or…) for your holiday cards, as well as amazing images for your walls (+ gifts for friends and family).

AND if you made it this far (thank you, thank you!!!) I have two offers:

1) if you or your family have been photographed within the last 6 months by moi, you may purchase holiday cards with a favorite image from your session for $8 off a set (that means 24 gorgeous press-printed 5×7 flat cards for $42).  how cool is that!?

2) And the best part….SEEKING one adventurous, spirited family to do a mini session trial run on Sunday, August 31.  The first fam that I get an email from will get 50% off the session + all the other perks that come with the mini (it’ll cost ya $100 for all that!).  Doesn’t matter who you are or if you’ve ever had a session with me…friends/fam are just fine, too!

Okay, I think I’ve covered just about everything.  Thanks for your interest!  My email is if you’d like to reserve your session!  I will do my best to get back to your emails promptly and keep the availability page updated.  Have a GREAT Friday!  :)

My best,


.in sync.

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

These two birthday buds always glow when they see each other.  And look how they jumped in at the exact same time and started swimming.  TOO CUTE!

Had a splashin’ cool time today at a new water park for kiddos.

^ This gal never poses for me (on purpose!), so I was shocked when she gave me a little tilt of the head!  :)

^ Fella had fun.  He honestly *thinks* he can swim (and this “pool” has a strange depth for a little one like him) SO it made me a little nervous to have him parading around.  We stuck together though…

unlike little C (above on the right) who was a waterslide maniac!!!  :)   Her momma got a workout today.  This was a rare still moment for C!

^ Most moments are this sweet between these two.  She’s pretty good at taking care of her little bro (unless he has something she wants!!!).

Ready for mini session info?  COMING SOON!  :)

Have a super day.  ~m

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Is he CUTE or what?  Not only is he a super relaxed, adorable little boy, but he is so inquisitive and SUCH a talker. 

He kept wanting to take “one more picture.”  How could I resist???

I feel like I want to say EVERY SINGLE IMAGE is my latest and greatest fav.

And there’s a BIG secret…I’m holding my VERY fav image in the depths of my hard drive until I can just process it perfectly…keep your eyeballs peeled.  :)   Hint:  it involves a little role playing (one of my favorite things about doing a home session!).

Have an awesome day.   ~m


Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

This little lady was completely and totally just HER for the session.  She gathered all things that represented her: her soccer ball, animals, gorgeous smile, and serious glance.  I love that she’s true to herself (no dresses or frilly bows here!) and feel like we captured the essence of H during our short time together.  What more could I ask for?

A total animal lover…can’t you tell?  These are some of my fav pics for sure.

Doing a session at her home was a blast.  I love that she felt comfortable in her own yard and that we were able to bring many of her favorite things into the images.   What a little beauty!  :)

=   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =

:::::Holiday mini session dates and details (for Sept and Oct) will be posted Friday morning.  There are only a limited number of openings this year and I’ve already had several inquiries, so make sure you check the blog on Friday (8/22) if you are interested!  I will also be doing full holiday sessions.:::

Sessions will be filled according to when emails are received.  I’m so excited!!!

Have a perfect day!  ~m

:::girly girl:::

Monday, August 18th, 2008

She wasn’t too sure about me first…

Didn’t want to let go of her mommy at all.

THEN we talked about flowers and big beautiful skirts and the cute beads around her neck.

She started coming out of her shell.

What a little beauty.  :)

Have a super day.  ~m

[through the hamster ball]

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

I took pics of this little cutie (and her 5 siblings) when we were out in Cali.  Before we started the REAL photo sessions, the kiddos had to show me their animals.  Little G decided to show me the hamster ball.  CUTE.

The little guy (you’ll be seeing more!) + his guinea pig friend in the back were happy to pose for me.  :)

Lots and lots and lots more to share…just a little at a time though!  :)

***I’ve been working like crazy deciding on mini session dates, custom cards, and what to include, SO be on the lookout for all that fun info next week sometime (probably towards the latter part of the week).  Thank you for being patient!  Can’t wait to show you the awesome card choices this year.  I absolutely LOVE holiday cards and it’s taken me forever to decide on the perfect bunch for you!***

Have a great rest of the weekend!  I got a pedi for my tired double-day-Disneyland walking feet today (with some pals) and feel like a new woman!  It’s amazing what a little foot rub and some sparkly polish will do!  :)   ~m

{beauty + brains}

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

I had the pleasure of photographing Miss M, a high school senior, while I was vacationing in Long Beach.  This gal, who is completely gorgeous inside and out, just so happens to be my cousin.  :)   We had lots of fun catching up and roaming around some of her favorite beaches.  It was SOooooo windy!

She’s a surfer girl, so when I suggested a couple locations and she said THE BEACH, I was thrilled!  :)

I can’t believe this young woman was the little flower girl in my wedding 10 years ago!

Can’t wait to see where life takes you, M, and I look forward to hearing about (and seeing!) all the amazing things you will do!   IF you do decide to teach, those kids will be so lucky to have you as a teacher.  :)

More images from a different beach at sunset coming soon….

Have a terrific day.  ~m

{just watering}

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

^ pulls at my heart strings:::this is SO her

^ fun storyboard…i love the colors (+ pink peeking flowers), angles & her wet curly hair.

^  the cute & pesky (not really!) little brother who, of course, only had eyes for the mud

^ Ahhh…California morning sunshine :)

Gorgeous senior tomorrow (at the BEACH!!!)!

Have a great day.  ~m

watering can = busy fun

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

We’re BACK!  And it’s a bittersweet return.  We had such a wonderful time with friends and family, it’s hard to come home…BUT…there’s nothing like your own bed and some structure!  :)   The kiddos were getting a little wacko with all the loose schedules (i know, totally my fault!).

Spent today unwinding, unpacking, reading with the kiddos.  They also played with every toy that they missed, so the house was trashed by 10am.  :)

So, for the trip…

These fun pics were taken the morning after we arrived in Long Beach.  The kids are so used to being INside with the AZ heat, they absolutely LOVED being outside.  They watered all the plants by my aunt’s house (and there are a TON!!!) for at least an hour.  There was tons of giggling and, of course, soaked clothing.

My faves of the watering pics coming soon!

Stay tuned for some actress headshots, senior beachy photo shoot, family of EIGHT photo shoot (a first for me!), and more from our incredi-trip to Cali and DISNEY.  This is going to be a busy place again!  Have one super day.  ~m