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fancy {nancy} tutu

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Peach is into all things princess (especially Cinderella).  When a pal wanted to borrow a petti the other day, I knew she had a stash of lovely tutus, so I had her bring one over.  We were lucky enough to get TWO even!

Anyway, Peachie loved spinning and feeling fancy (ever read the book Fancy Nancy??  <–that’s a HIT!).

WAIT, just wait until you see her in her costume!!!  Both kiddos are going to be pretty darn adorable.

What are your kiddos going to be for Halloween??? 

Happy Halloween!!!   ~m


Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

{Edited to add:::I’m keeping this post up one more day so that everyone can view it for sure.  Pics tomorrow!  ~m}

Remember the other day I said I had some exciting news??????????

Check out the following “card” below and THEN keep reading for ONE incredible deal for you photo lovers (and super original gift givers) out there!!!

Here’s the deal.

I’m SO excited to be a part of this open house (with other local businesswomen, including  As I pondered what to sell or do at this awesome get-together, I decided that I’d LOVE to give past clients, new clients, EVERYONE quite the deal.

SOooo here it is.

I will be selling session gift certificates (even though YOU can get them for yourself/your family) for HALF off!!!! Yes, you read that right.  HALF off.

That means, if you stop by this holiday open house on November 6th between 4pm and 8pm, you can purchase a future photo session (as a gift certificate) for yourself OR a friend or family member.

Session Prices are as follows ON November 6th at the open house ONLY…

Just Me Session (1-2 people)   $125 for the low price of $63!!!!!

*Great for 1-2 kids, a maternity session, a senior portrait session, engagement, couple, etc.

Newborn Session $150 for the low price of $75!!!!!

*Up to 3 hours of relaxed, creative photo fun sprinkled with lots of cuddling & breaks for the new baby

Family Session $175 for the low price of $88!!!!!

*Up to 2 hours of giggling, light posing, and awesome family candid moments captured.

Duo Session — Maternity + Newborn $225 for the low price of $113!!!!!

*Stylin’ and fresh maternity mini session + newborn session (described above) PLUS 24 birth


SO, if you’ve been THINKING about a future session or need the *perfect* gift for someone, this is the time to purchase a custom photo session in advance while the weather is lovely.   Plan in advance to capture that special milestone — a fun photo session with your hubby, your baby who is turning one in April, your junior in high school who needs senior pics, your sister who is having a baby, your picture-loving best friend who has never had a family photo session, or a session JUST BECAUSE.

WHY half off, do you ask? I know a session would be an amazing gift for someone to receive and reducing the price makes a session more giveable!  Times are difficult right now, and everyone is looking for ways to conserve a bit.  If you’re a planner and have been thinking about a session in the future, now’s the time!  If you are ready to think out of the box and give the gift of photography to someone, that’s SUPER cool and original!  :)


*The half off deal is only valid at the holiday open house on November 6th for a photo session.

*There are a limited amount of session gift certificates — one they’re gone, they’re gone!

*You may purchase the session certificate for you or someone else.

*Sessions must be booked (and take place) between January and June of 2009 (I book 4+ weeks in advance at times, so book your date now!!!).

*Must have gift certificate at the time of the session

*Gift Certificate cannot be redeemed for cash/no refunds

*Maternity, newborn, and family sessions include immediate family members only. Any other family members are extra because this takes extra time! :)

*****OKAY, so you’re wondering…WHERE is this holiday open house???*****

It’s located at a private residence in Paradise Valley AND if you send me an email with the words “holiday open house” in the subject line, I’ll send you your very own Evite!

This way, we can keep track of who is coming and who can’t make it — lots of wonderful valley residents have been invited and I hope that you can come, too!

If I’ve met your family behind my lens, if you’ve commented on the blog a time or two, or even if I’ve never met you before, it would be just terrific to see you there.  :)   Please stop by and see me & grab a lollipop!  :)

Have one super day!


storyboardin’ it!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

OH MAN…aren’t they SUPER cute???  :)

If I’ve taken pics for you or your family, you’ve most likely witnessed my love for (and addiction to) storyboards. They are such an incredible way to tell a story and show like more of an art piece in your home.

You see, I don’t just throw images together. I pay attention to lighting, which direction images are facing, and what the message and overall feel is!

I met with R’s mom today and the plan was for her to select some favorites from her session and put those in her ordering cart under the “favorites” section. From there, I choose one, two or three of her favs and place them together into a 10×20 storyboard. 24 hours (or less!) later, her favs, along with some that I have chosen, magically appear in her cart for viewing! It’s so easy AND fun for me.

And you know what? R’s mom is working on displaying images on long shelves in their family room, so once they’re ready to go, if she chooses a storyboard, it will look incredible up on a shelf, even not framed! :)

SOoooo…her are some of the examples I put into her cart this evening!
Have one terrific day!

two brothers + their princess

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Had a wonderful time with the A family this evening. I’m going to keep their family shots under wraps for Christmas cards, BUT thought I’d share some of the gorgeous kiddos. I just couldn’t get enough of their CUTEness!!!

Maybe you remember the little princess from her newborn images taken SIX months ago!!!??? Check her out [here.] Her skin is sooo incredibly perfect — I’m constantly telling her momma that! :)

Hope you had a fab weekend! ~m

sweet little guy

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

I know mom is *so* excited about seeing her gallery of this little cutie today. Only a little while longer, G. :)

Have a great weekend. ~m

{my two}

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

In the midst of mega session editing, I always feel a bit more at ease when I get to play with one of my pics. :)

Here are {my two} last weekend at the pumpkin patch — we ran over JUST as the sun was about to set. The kiddos had fun playing with the pumpkins (Peach) and throwing chunks of dirt (Fella). Peach thinks she’s the boss of the house, so she’s always bossing the guy around — here you see evidence of the big sister hug/smoosh.

Busy weekend filled with gymnastics, visiting with firefighters, a birthday party, editing (like CRAZY!!!), and two sessions. I’m tired (in a GOOD mom way) already…

Have a great one. ~m

P.S…Happy Bday Suz….if you’re reading this. :)

:hip & fabulous:

Friday, October 24th, 2008

I had a super afternoon/evening with the M fam. On top of taking the usual fun family and kid pics, we threw their dog, some amphibians, caterpillars, AND lollipops into the mix. Needless to say, we were busy.

^ There were lots of natural smiles–especially when I told them I’d love to take some jumping pictures of them.:)
^ The jump + mom and dad get some time in front of the camera — I think this shot is so cute!

Lots more to come soon(remember the dog, frogs & lollis?)!
Have a great day. ~m


Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Aren’t these three oooo cute? I love how natural the image feels–the triangle of kids, their expressions, the love seen with their hands.   More coming, G!
Have a fun day! ~m

{pony love}

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

My lover-of-animals girl.
She was so happy to see a pony just resting off to the side of the pony rides. After we got permission, she pet the guy for quite some time, using her gentle voice to talk to him…

“Hi little guy. [pause]
Watcha doin’ little one? [pause]
Are you having fun today?
You sure are soft…”

{My sweet girl}


Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

This little gal’s gallery is ready today!  :)   Couldn’t resist posting some pics from our session.  I love how incredible the wrap looks in black and white…so much texture!

I don’t think I can ever get enough newborn sessions.  They’re SO incredibly special to me.  :)
Have a nice day!   ~m