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Friday, January 16th, 2009

Some fun & different images from a recent session. :)

And for some fun family news…we’re heading up to the mountains this weekend for some family togetherness. :) We’re on the lookout for snow, so we raided my props baskets for hats and mittens. The big Colorado snow coats have been taken out from the deep, dark corners of the closets, too. We’re ready to have some snowball fights and sled until we’re zonked!!! Well, at least until we’re ready for the hot tub…

I’ve been dared by my friend Jen, to leave the laptop home…WHOA…that’s a big one. But I am!!! :) So, I’ll be returning all emails, phone calls, AND BLOGGING when I return. Expect a fun snowy email on Monday morning. :)

Have one awesome weekend.

{on the modern side}

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

When I arrived at the S family home, I couldn’t help but notice pictures everywhere. There were so many moments of their lives celebrated on the walls — it was lovely! As we chatted about how M and A met, the pictures took on more meaning and I learned about their engagement, wedding, honeymoon, and new life together in Arizona.

What stuck out to me were large, framed wall portraits from an obviously fun engagement session in San Francisco. The images were incredibly colorful (an electric blue wall or an assortment of colors at a wall of graffiti) and expressive.

Once I saw this, my mind started spinning from the possibilities. I could tell this family loved colorful wall art, not necessarily typical wall art! And while we did take many traditional images at their newborn session, I wanted to incorporate their fun, edgy, more contemporary side.

Around the middle of the session, I suggested using a beautiful Pram they had sitting in their front room. This front room just so happened to be a purple color WITH great words on the wall…SO even though we were losing light by the second, we went into the front and made it happen. :)

And lastly, I couldn’t decide which pics to post today…the incredible pink nursery OR the more modern pics we did in the S family’s front room. The front room won out because it was so different and fun. :) But…bedroom pics will be coming soon! Here’s a sneak peek of the little beauty up close in her room. :)

Have a great day. ~m


Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Doesn’t seem possible, but I feel SUPER energized and sleepy at the same time! :) Attending classes these last couple days has been so informative, inspiring and fun. I’ve been burning the 3am oil lately and having to get up early for classes at Imaging USA is taking it’s toll on me…SO…I’m going to just say “hi” on the bloggity and appear tomorrow with some pics.

Tomorrow I have more classes to attend (starting at 7:30am! <–whoa–I’m not even close to a morning person!), I’m going to check out the product expo for the latest and greatest, AND I’m going to finish up the day with choir. Wooo wee. :) I’m missing my kids and hubby already!

During the day today, I squeezed in a newborn session and had tons of fun, so I can’t wait to share some of the little lady I met & her amazingly relaxed parents. Stay tuned for a very pink, chic, adorable nursery fit for the little princess. They will take your breath away! :)

Have a great day. ~m
Oh, and P.S…I heard Anne Geddes speak today! It was wonderful. :)


Monday, January 12th, 2009

I remember when smooches looked and felt like this from my daughter.  :)   
Aren’t they adorable? 

Aren’t these fun? It’s just so apparent that the love is just flowing and flowing in this fam — it was so much fun to photograph them. Even more from this session soon!

Off to a photography convention in Phoenix so I can be a sponge for two days — have a great day! ~m


Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Had an awesome time today with the ladies of the S family. :)
Two adorable twin girlies (who are SUPER quick little crawlers!)…

and one ultra-cute 22-month old.

This little lady showed me her room, toys, and all over her backyard. We even had a mini tea party and did some exploring.

^ At the end of our time together, the lolli was a great hit!

Have a super day.

=changed i am=

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

I attended an incredible eye-opening workshop all day today with Jesh de Rox.  I’ve never experienced such a workshop and was *so* glad I did — I am truly a changed woman.

Jesh had such a positive, loving outlook on life (which I try to mirror most of the time!) which was totally contagious.   Pair that positivity and love with the passion he has for what he does and he can do anything! He gave us the tools (and insight) needed to start really building meaningful relationships and finding joy in all aspects of our lives. I appreciate that (and was on the edge of my seat for…OH…6 hours!).

And THIS is “baby.”
Love her!!!

Have a super day!


Friday, January 9th, 2009

I’m off to meet the oh-so-fabulous Jesh de Rox today.

Could a girl be ANY more excited? :)

I’ll keep ya posted….

Have an awesome day! ~m

{the same lips}

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

They have the same adorable lips — I smiled big when I took this pic because the similarities were beautiful.

I was invited to come capture some real moments in the hospital for three members of the P family (their adorable twin girlies were at home with family). I was completely honored because mom is a kick buns photographer. :)

I’m so used to bringing all my gear (props, blankets, wraps, etc) to a newborn shoot & it felt so liberating to just go to a hospital room to just capture them with my camera. Them loving, laughing, kissing, rubbing, changing, smiling. Indescribable, really.

IN LOVE. that’s what this family is. completely and totally in love with this little fella.

Thanks for having me, T and TW. You guys are incredible!

Have a super day. ~m

inside & out

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

THIS wonderful woman is gorgeous on the inside and out. I was fortunate to meet her when my hubs and I moved from Colorado to Florida several years ago. I met C in choir and after a little while, she invited me over to a social gathering at her place.

You see, C is 100% social, bubbly, genuine, real — always going a bazillion miles an hour. She’s on every committee or board that presents itself. A terrific singer, mom, friend, AND she’s awesome as a career woman, too. I am a better person for knowing her — I just wish she and her family weren’t so darn far away.

Anyway, at this point in C’s career, she’s going to be doing some branching out and when she visited several months ago, we decided she needed some professional photos…we knocked these out in a couple minutes in my garage. Gotta love garage light! :)

I was a tad behind on my “friend” editing, so I worked it OUT tonight!!! C–your images will be uploaded tomorrow and then we can chat — I can’t WAIT to see what 2009 has in store for your career. You’ll be amazing…

Have a super day! ~m

365 days ::: an entire year of pics

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Day 4/365:::Scooter Girl

I love being able to start over — turn over a new leaf!

One thing that I’m especially excited about in 2009 is completing a picture a day of memories! My goal is to take pics of my kiddos every day, BUT I’m sure I’ll have other things to add to the mix, too, when those cuties aren’t around — like when I’m out of town at some super cool photography retreat or something. ;)

I’m holding myself accountable for taking a pic every day, but not blogging about it every day, SO lucky you will get to see a pic for my project at least once a week. This fun 365 day project will allow me to record the day-to-day activities of my kids as well as grow as a photographer — experiment more with exposure, aperture, editing, posing, focus, location…basically go back to just taking pics for fun (how I started!), which sometimes falls by the wayside when photography for fun suddenly morphs into a career. I LOVE LOVE L-O-V-E what I do and just know that I can only get better — practice makes perfect, ya know??? :)

Day 5/365:::Superhero

Just thought I’d share…and I can’t wait to keep this up!

Have one lovely day! ~m