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Laaaaaaa!!! (that’s me singing from the rooftops) :)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

I just finished meeting with a SUPER awesome gal named Mariah Tyler who is 100% going to be helping me out in Phoenix as my family moves to Dallas.

Pretty soon here, I’m going to set up an email account for US and she’s going to be taking over the ordering process (you’ll be corresponding with her!), packaging your gorgeous portraits AND mailing and/or setting up a delivery meeting place for receiving your products.

The next two to three weeks are going to be a little wacky around here, but I know having Mariah will keep things smooth sailing — wait till you meet her!  ;)

Have a super day!   ~m

jump on in!

Monday, April 27th, 2009

So…I asked them if they’d like to hop in this little electric car on the street (yeah…sometimes I ask for crazy things like that!!!) and they both smiled and jumped on in. :) I just LOVE their vibe here…totally into each other and the moment. F’s gorgeous hair blowing just adds to the awesomeness. :)

Have a great day.

{just a hunch}

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

My hunch was spot on…the family session I had today was just perfect! The kiddos were full of life & tons of fun — I just love that families are so willing to open up and be themselves in front of me! :)

Thank you J and M for letting me capture you AND being so willing to walk all over and try new things! Soooooo many more where these come from…I had a really hard time narrowing down the top photos — that’s a good thing!

{love this last image!!!}

Have a super day.

[a little teaser]

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Don’t these two look like MAJOR fun??? They were! I have SO many fun pics from this session…just thought I’d post some pieces from them. :)

Sorry it’s been a while…
I’ve been to Dallas and back where we DID find a beautiful home. That’s the good news.
The bad news is that I’m trying to juggle being a super mom, photographer, choir member (ack—concerts this AND next week!!!) AND my house STILL isn’t ready to be put on the market. One step at a time, right?

I’ve made a kazillion trips to Goodwill and the Child Crisis Center with donations…and still we just have SO much stuff. At least the house won’t be AS packed when we move. :)

So, while it SEEMS like I’ve not been doing much (at least on this blog!) know that I’m up to my ears in “to do” lists. I have TONS of sessions coming up in May, so stay tuned for that. I will post tomorrow, too, because I have a session this afternoon with a fabulous family — I just LOVE family sessions and I can tell this one is going to be *extra special.*

Until tomorrow…

[in love] | Phoenix engagement photographer

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

I had THE BEST afternoon/evening with this super fun couple. From the moment we met (telephone, email, in person) I just knew that we would have an awesome time together. You see, we had to do a LOT of coordinating because he lives on the East Coast and she lives in Tucson. These two are both students, so their studies are dictating where they reside…at least for another month! Pretty soon, they’ll be in the same city, which I know will just be the beginning of a beautiful thing.

I was completely blown away by their love: glances, touches, laughter, jokes, sweet words, piggybacks, and complete zest for life that they share.

Thank you, F and R for a wonderful time…I hope our paths cross again! More images for you guys tomorrow…stay tuned! :)

Have a beautiful day! ~m

{glorious new ALBUMS!!!}

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I’ve been searching high and low for the absolute BEST albums for my clients (classy, colorful, durable, unique)…and I finally found them! Yesssss!

I ordered some samples several weeks ago and received them this week — oh, lucky me!!!

Take a gander…

:::What I love:::
*Image on the cover!!!
*Amazing quality
*Thick, board book style pages!
*Two size choices: 6×6 and 9×9
*Beautiful digitally bordered portraits on each page
*AND lastly, the thing I just LOVE is that an album tells the story of your session…it’s such an amazing keepsake. A place where you can see almost every image (you get the rest in prints!) from your photography experience!
…I could go on and on, but I’m off to bed!

Have a great day! ~m

it hasn’t been easy… | Phoenix Maternity Photography

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Pregnancy hasn’t been easy for this gorgeous mom. I like to tell moms that have had a rough time to just feel gorgeous for THIS DAY and it usually works! They embrace their inner supermodel and in no time, we have images like this. :) She worked it!

I can’t really pinpoint why I love this image so much…it must be the combination of everything. Her cute shirt & pose, the light at the very end of her hair, the white trailers in the background, the rusty train car…and like always, in maternity images, a perfectly round belly conveys a feeling of hope and excitement.

My pregnancies weren’t easy either, but I always had the big picture in mind — that beautiful baby — so this is what I see here.

Best of luck to the G family in these next couple weeks until their little princess is born!

Have a super day. ~m

{a windy day}

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I feel SO fortunate to take pics of families in a place like Phoenix where we don’t often have to worry about weather. This day there was a TON of wind, which I’m not used to! I love how little A’s hair is blowing everywhere in the image on the left and how the sunlight caught it just right. And of course, I love the image of love on the right!

Anyone know what the weather is like in Dallas? I’m still in denial about the move and haven’t looked up what it’s like yet!!! ;)

Have a super day. ~m

It feels good…

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

{easter cutie}

Ahhh…it feels good to be back in the blog world. I’ve received some emails and spoken to a few folks about getting back into the swing of things — peeps saying they MISS MY BLOG!!! Oh, how that warms my heart. :) Sometimes I forget that eyeballs are looking at my work and reading my words from other computers…i got some nice, very flattering reminders to BLOG ALREADY!

So, here I am. Life has changed leaps and bounds in the last couple weeks. Aside from the death of my grams, we found out that my family is moving to Dallas. Wooo wee…or should I say…Yeeee Hawwww! :) No, I’ve never lived there, never been there, and don’t know ANYONE who lives there. Well, that’s not true…my cousin has a friend there that I’ve met before, so at least that’s a start. I’m terribly sad to leave friends and family. BUT excited for my husband — he has a wonderful opportunity to be the best he can be out there in the Lone Star State. Moving is always bittersweet…

What does this all mean for Maggie McDonald Photography? I don’t exactly know! I DO plan on spending lots of time with my kiddos and slowly, possibly building a business out in the Dallas area. I LOVE what I do and feel like I’d be searching for something without it! I ALSO plan on coming back to the Phoenix area several times a year to photograph kids, adults, families…whatever YOU want! I have a long list of interested clients, so I’ll be sending an email out to everyone as soon as I know where I’ll be when. One thing that’s great about staying in the same place, as a photographer, is getting to grow with clients — getting to watch as the kiddos get bigger. I LONG for that and hope that I can continue photographing you all (or new clients?!) when I return for visits. If you’d like to be on the email list for sessions (especially holiday mini sessions…YES, I’ll be doing those!!!) please shoot me an email at

Anyway, since I got back from Cali, I have been talking with the relocation company, movers, relatives, cleaning, organizing, deciding what to give away and keep, you name it. Hence the reason for the lack of blog posts! While I can’t promise a daily post, I WILL be posting more regularly!

{another easter cutie}

Have an awesome day. And thanks for stopping by…still…even though I haven’t been blogging! I have lots of sessions coming up, so prepare yourself!!! ;) ~m


Friday, April 3rd, 2009

A QUICK bloggity peek!  I know I’ve been out of touch.  Things have been ultra crazy around here.  We just returned from California and my family still seems very stunned after the passing of my grandma.  My family ALSO got some extra crazy news when we were on the trip that I’ll share very soon…

I feel VERY fortunate because this weekend I am going to be sharing some time at an Arizona ranch with 3 INCREDIBLE photog women.  I met two of these gals at a workshop and one via my blog and we’ve been planning this get together for MONTHS!  We’re going to be roughing it (WITH someone fancy-dancy cooking for us!!!) with our cameras, lots of equipment, models, and FRESH AIR!!!  This couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

Because the ranch does not have internet (we’ll be making s’mores by the campfire!!!), I won’t be able to blog until MONDAY!!!  Then, the regular bloggity schedule will resume.  Phew.

I leave you with these two cuties getting ready to “peek” at me.  Their session is allll edited and I can’t WAIT to share the portraits with their family!

Have an awesome weekend.  I’ll appear back here (and return emails) on Monday!

OH…and a BIG, ENORMO Happy Birthday to my little brother (even though he’s taller than me).

Have a great day!