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Happy 5…

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

to my little lady.  She had a FULL day of travel on her bday yesterday, which was a bummer, BUT she had a pretty special day on Tuesday at Disney.  <–you should have SEEN her huge smile when she got to meet with Ariel, Belle and Jasmine.  Ahhh, to be a kid again.

Pics to follow from our awesome California trip — 3 awesome sessions, LOTS of kid pics and fun activities, SUPER fun times with friends…it was sad to see it end.

Lots of fun stuff coming up…heading to a workshop in a couple weeks, attending a Stroller Strides Grand Opening (I’m a sponsor!) on the 5th, school starts for Peach at the end of Aug, another Cali vacation, and LOTS more friends visiting.  :)   Yahoooo!  Life is GOOD!   Feeling so refreshed…

(Peach and her new outside kitty Chloe/Priscilla) :)

Have an incredible day! ~m

{West Coast Family — Smile Session}

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Warm California evening. Sunset on the beach. Gentle ocean breeze. Happy family {in love}. JUST awesome!

Oh, and super snazzy beach cruisers!!! :)

This session has been in the making for MONTHS!!!  The mom went to high school with a friend and client of mine and I am just flattered and THRILLED that I was able to have a family session with these three!

Thanks, R Family, for such an awesome time.  I loved wandering around the cute beachy town with you, your smiles for each other AND your awesome ideas!  There are *so* many more incredible shots…can’t wait to show you them all.

*   *   *   *   *

What have WE been up to lately? Definitely enjoying time with friends and family.  Photo shoot yesterday (images to come!), session tomorrow, an early family birthday party for Peach in the afternoon, AND more beach trips + Disney coming soon!  Yessss!

I have TONS of super fun family pics to share…and will VERY soon, so stay tuned!

Have a super day! ~m

the {hand-me-down} bike

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Got this swell bike last weekend from another family — their kiddo was too big for this cute, colorful three-wheeler and Fella became the *proud* new owner. He loves this thing!!! THANK YOU R Family!!! :)

Although moving comes with its challenges, it’s freed me from my hectic photographer + mom schedule and I’ve been focusing on photographing the “little things” with my kiddos every couple days.

I truly missed capturing the day-to-day lovelies. Freezing the little moments that might not seem important now, but will be even next week, when one stage or phase turns into another. :)

I think of all the little stages Fella goes through, all seemingly sports related. He’ll walk around with a lacrosse net for an entire week, swim goggles the two weeks after that, a golf club, golf tee AND ball the next week, and so on. We’ve had phases with rubber shark boots, hats (like dad!) every day, AND sunglasses 24/7. I absolutely love it and embrace his individuality. :)

For me, and for memory’s sake, I wanted to capture the newness of the bike. How excited and cool he felt perched up on the colorful plastic. How he put his golf ball in the lift-up seat and off he went (making sure it was in there every so often). SO glad I did. :)

And in unrelated news, {HOLIDAY SESSIONS are completely full for Phoenix in October}. If you’d like to be put on a wait list, just email me and let me know asap! You never know!!! I’m going to be putting together a Dallas holiday schedule pretty soon, too!

We’re off to Cali on Wed, where we have lots of family to visit with, Peach’s Bday to celebrate, and some extra-fun time with some AZ friends who we love dearly. I’m having a photo session with a family on AND near the beach and I’m absolutely THRILLED!!! I was drooling when mom wrote me and said they love to LOVE, hula hoop, ride bikes & eat snow cones. Sounds like my kind of family…AND guess what they’re bringing to the beach??? YOU’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

California = beach, family, friends, photo shoot, cooler weather (ahhhhh!), and FUN! Can’t wait!

More fun blog things to share…images, stories, PLUS something from the past that I’m going to start up again…

You’ll just have to come back in a couple days!
Have a super day! ~m

what have we been up to?

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

  • Taking some pics — she usually gives me more of a deer-in-headlights look. I can go for the “quiet beauty” eyes she’s giving me here! :)
  • Hanging out with Uncle Phil (which includes LOTS of sports in the family room — basketball, golf, & lacrosse)
  • Getting ready for Peach’s birthday (planning a mini-parTAY, plus trying to figure out what to get the kid besides a day at Disney!)
  • Trying new restaurants (our goal is one new one a week!)
  • Taking Peach to a new class (Animals)
  • Visiting the Dr. (sick little lady!)
  • Playing outside with TONS of chalk
  • Chatting with friends (new & old)
  • Unpacking (ALMOST the last of it!)
  • Designing/purchasing 2009 holiday cards for clients (get READY!)!
  • Having TONS of wii matches with the whole fam

Yes, we’re busy around here….it’s a good thing! SO looking forward to our annual Cali vay-cay-cay next week.

There are TWO spots left! If you have no idea what I’m referring to, {click here} and book as quick as your little hands can send me an email! Once they’re gone, there’s no room for extras! Hope to see you and your fam in October!

Have a FAB day!!!   ~m

Limited Phoenix Holiday Mini Sessions — Book Today!!! :)

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Hello helloooooo! Today I am announcing holiday mini sessions for my Phoenix area peeps! I’ve received quite a few emails about holiday shoots and here’s the scoop!

:::The Details:::

:::The Good News:::
I am *so* thrilled to come back to the East Valley and photograph my past clients (and some new ones too???!!!). There’s something incredibly special about watching kids grow and celebrating love and life with families. I have THE BEST clients, too, so that makes it awesome!

:::The Bad News:::

Only SIX slots are available (the other six were filled two days ago by clients on a wait list), so please email me asap if you’re interested! Once they’re gone…they’re GONE! Sessions are FULL!  If you’d like to be on the wait list let me know ASAP!  :)

I am *SO* excited! Hopefully, I’ll see you in October. :)
Have a super day! ~m

OH…and if you’re a Dallas peep and are curious as far as holiday sessions go, just send me a little email ( and we’ll work something out! I hope to roll out some sessions before the Phoenix ones!

{little nature lovers}

Friday, July 10th, 2009

{LOTS of little streams here for serious bug hunters like my two. }

On this morning before “Bug Camp,” I smiled behind my camera as the kiddos slowly crept toward the stream (hoping not to disturb the little fish that swim to and fro).  As soon as they approached, the water moved like crazy and little fish (or tadpoles???) darted every which way.  Peach and Fella smiled big but their eyeballs were suddenly full of something even MORE exciting.  HUGE dragonflies came out to play!!!   Ooooh there are bugs (BIG and small) out here…   It’s so fun to have kids that are just consumed with nature.  Excited by everything.

I’m thoroughly enjoying all the Texas greenery and hunting for places to take the next best set of images.  I constantly drive looking for amazing locations and I’ve found quite a few!

I have LOTS to share of my children and am loving finally being able to do some quick edits to the pics of MY KIDS!!!  My personal pics have been on the back burner for quite some time and I’m having fun editing, experimenting & learning by doing some mini sessions with my kiddos.  They’re not too excited about it, but HEY, at least they’ll be able to see how adorable the were when they get older.  :)   And I’ll be able to remember {and cherish} these fleeting moments.

Okay,,,on to some BIG darn news (and less cheesy writing)…I’m coming to Phoenix in OCTOBER.   October 10-12 to be exact!!!  I am only scheduling 12 sessions and due to a wait list that I started in January, SIX of those spots are already taken.  Whoa!  Because I want to provide the best service possible to my clients, I can’t schedule any EXTRAS, BUT if you’re interested in one of the six sessions, there will be an announcement on Monday about how you can score one.  First-come, first-served!!!  I am getting SO excited!  I’m ready!

See you MONDAY & have one fab weekend!  ~m

{nerves lead to good things}

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Howdy from Texas…  ;)

We’ve had a busy start to the week with Peach starting Bug Camp!   She was SUPER nervous the first day (SO cute — we had a loooong talk about how being nervous is hard but worth it in the end!) but absolutely LOVED the class.  She ran right through the door today and barely even said goodbye!  This will definitely help with the transition to kinder in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS.  Wow.

I found at least THREE awesome photo sessions spots this weekend as I drove around where we live, so that makes me EXCITED.  Especially since I hear that photogs in AZ are getting kicked out of even more places.  Such a bummer — especially during the holiday season.

Speaking of holiday season, I FINALLY finalized pricing, session locations, dates and times for sessions in Arizona in October and am going to be ready to roll it ALL out on Monday.  Can’t wait to photograph my peeps in AZ again (and there are a total of TWELVE session spots, so they’re going to go fast)!!! Be on the lookout Monday morning for more information if you want to nab one of the twelve!  ;)

Coming soon

  • Holiday Sessions info for AZ (for Oct)
  • Holiday Sessions info for TX (for Sept)
  • OUR family vacation in a couple weeks!!!  Can’t wait to take TONS of beachy pics, Disney goodness, headshots for my amazing talented actress cousin, a photo session with a super cute CA family, AND maybe, just MAYBE I’ll attempt to photograh my cousin’s family of 8.  It was actually TONS of fun last year.  AND we are going to see some really REALLY awesome pals that we miss terribly from AZ.  I’ll be recharged for SURE!

Off to bed….whoooo weeee it’s LATE!

Have a super day.   ~m

oh..and p.s….these pics were taken RIGHT before her bff “T” came to visit. She got ALL dolled up and was hanging around the door lookin’ cute. ;) We’re in TROUBLE!!!

{fab friends}

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Ahhh…vistors are what are making this house a home. :) It feels SO nice to have familiar voices, laughs, faces, & hugs around here. We were SO excited for the B family to jet by on their whirlwind trip through the US. The kiddos just couldn’t get enough of each other…

{see what i mean???} :) These two BFFs really DIG one another.

Lots of pool time, a trip to the Children’s Museum and the Imax Theatre, some yummy bbq, and some MEGA pool playing (as in pool table!) by the adults, led to a fun-filled weekend.

Anybody wanna visit??? :)

Have a good one! ~m

mr. boots

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

{i love my little guy}

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July!!!  I know postings have been few and far between…my bad!!!  I’ve been bouncing between visitors and unpacking the office and playroom.   The unpacking part is just terrible!!! Thank goodness only two rooms are left. :/

I have a MEGA post for Monday (get READY) showing some of the things we’ve been up to.  We’ve gone on a couple fun adventures–that’s for sure.

Life is starting to feel a little more normal, I guess. Still really miss everyone in AZ… :( (don’t get me started!)

What’s going on here??? SO glad you asked! ;)

  • Tomorrow we have a little playdate with some moms (and their kiddos) I met a couple weeks ago — should be FUN!
  • Peach starts “Bug Camp” on Tuesday, which she is thrilled about.  Can’t wait to see her shine (she’s a BUG LOVER)!
  • Wednesday, I’ll be rolling out information for holiday sessions.  I’m SO excited to meet up with past clients and create some amazing portraits together.
  • I’m ALSO working on making some FUN holiday cards, so stay tuned!

Hope your holiday weekend was fanTABulous!  Thanks for checking in…I swear I’ll get better.  :)