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{baby baby baby} | Dallas/Fort Worth Newborn Photographers

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Just a couple sweet baby images from the Kelley Ryden newborn workshop I attended a couple weeks ago in Minnesota. :) We photographed four very adorable babies in two days! Kelley had many tips and tricks regarding safe baby posing (there are SO many shots out there that aren’t good for babies!), soothing, using props, lighting…lots of lovely things.

LOVE, love, love these little guys! I can’t wait to get my hands on my next little newborn to try out some things! ;)

I LOVED seeing the wonderful Elaine Brenner and Lauri Stumph again (we all attended a workshop together a couple years ago) and was SO thrilled to finally meet Erin Carlyle, a fellow Texas photographer. Now I know someone else in the state!!! :) Can’t wait to keep in touch with all the women we met!

Some family weekend SOCCER pics will be posted tomorrow! Have a super day.


while daddy’s away… | Dallas Family Photographer | Maggie McDonald Photography

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful mom and her two kiddos a couple weeks ago with a group of photographers from the Pictage User’s Group. It was nice to get out, meet other photographers, and photograph such an adorable, deserving family. You see, the husband/father to these cuties is away in Afghanistan for 8 long months. Although it was difficult to get “that” shot with 20ish photographers in such a small space, we sure tried!

{love their candid moments}

I’m sure dad/hubby is going to LOVE seeing his beautiful wife and kids. I can only hope these images (and the images from the other photographers there) help fill in those missing moments while he is away.

I hope the time passes quickly and everyone stays happy and safe.

Just want to say thanks to this family and to PUG for this great opportunity!
Have a super day!

{first day of kindy} | Dallas Child Photography

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

(quickpage found at Weeds and Wildflowers)

Oh, the first day! It’s been such a long time coming…I can’t believe my oldest is now an official student! Thank goodness the whole fam went for “Meet the Teacher” the previous Friday, so we could see Peach’s new school…the visual of her teacher, the kids, the physical classroom, really helped prepare our little lady (and her sad momma) for the first day.

Since she knew what to expect, she wasn’t very nervous!

She held Fella’s hand the whole way into the building as daddy-o and I walked behind. :)

She sat down like a big girl and THEN looked a little unsure once reality set in! That little nervous look only stayed around for about a minute though…

I had a hard time leaving, so I peeked in at her through the door for a while…she didn’t even know I was there!

It brought back TONS of great memories being at school. I taught 2nd grade for 4 years and really had a great experience (and loved elementary school when I was little!), so I was SUPER excited for Peach. I love that she will socialize with peers in the school community (it’s SO strong here!), be able to look up to other adults as role models, and gain confidence in this academic setting. I just can’t believe this day is here!!!

{And, because I wrote this a couple days AFTER school started, she LOVED her first day. She said there were lots of rules (with a frown), but has been so eager to get up early and go in the mornings. SO proud of her.}

*Stay tuned for some SOCCER pics…yes, I became a mom of a kindergartner AND a soccer mom in the same day. :)

Have a super day!

*Update for clients:::holiday card options are ALMOST ready for you to see (next week or two!)! I have an awesome variety this year — they’re classy, mod, chic! You’ll LOVE! :)

[one little tear] | Dallas Children’s Photographer

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

These two.  :)

Fella started preschool last week and on his first day just so happened to be upset that his shark backpack hadn’t arrived yet. I felt horrible! Anyway, preschool for the Fella has been good. An adjustment for us all — we miss each other terribly!

Speaking of missing…I missed them SO very much while I was away in Minnesota, but daddy-o took good care of them.  They had two major firsts…dad took them to Chuck E. Cheese one day AND they went bowling another.  Apparently, I have a majorly brave hubby. :)

I was in the middle of editing some newborn images from the workshop and my NEW laptop (+ new Photoshop) decided to freeze (i think it’s a Photoshop issue) so I have some phone calls to make tomorrow! Can’t have editing software that’s not right! :(

If all goes well, you’ll see some fresh little babies on this blog very soon!

Have a super day!

{ the oil painted froggy } | Dallas Child Photographer

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

::: The SHORT version of the froggy tale :::
Peach took an art class last week. At the end of the OIL PAINT day, I went into the classroom and saw ALL the other kids (6,7,8,9 year olds) perfectly clean and lovely. I looked over and gasped — my little gal obviously had a couple run-ins with the oil paint. :) She had deep blue over one eye (her attempt at eyeshadow, perhaps?) and globs and speckles everywhere else. To top off her look, on the way out of the class, she looked down, and smushed her cheek into the wet, brown portion of the canvas. Lovely. :)

Good thing I had my camera — of course, I wanted to capture her very first oil painting (she’s in love with art these days). Her face was an added bonus!!!

When we went to find a nice spot to take some pics, we saw several teeny tiny frogs jump by our feet. My brave little creature lover immediately reached down and gently grabbed one…only to smear the poor dude with bright yellow paint. Not much of a camouflage froggy anymore — sorry little guy!

Here’s her work of art, which will be displayed in her little art room shortly!

Have a super day! ~m

{ beauty/beach/playtime }

Friday, August 7th, 2009

I’m so fortunate to have this suuuuper sweet, beauteous woman as my cousin. She’s living in Los Angeles, doing the actress thing, so we met up for some headshots! She……was SMOKIN’!!!!!

DANG!!! She worked it!!! :)

Since our session was fun, informal AND my cousin is a kiddo lover, we brought the kiddos along for the session. So….while we took pics, they had some sandy fun at the beach (no water that day, thank goodness).

The stick was a HUGE hit for the little man. :)

Have a spectacular day…I’m getting up in 3 hours to work out with some TX ladies! Yipes, better get some shut-eye.

Oh, and we’re off to San Antonio for a couple days of Sea World, Riverwalk, & exploration. I’ll be baaaaaack…

{just beachy}

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Oh how I/we miss the beach. already. and it’s only been a couple days…

Have a peaceful, beachy kind of day. :) ~m

{family of EIGHT!}

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

So, WHAT do I do when there’s a family with…oh…SIX kids to photograph (besides feeling a tad nervous)???

Well, we HAVE FUN!!! :)

Aren’t they adorable? :)

I’m an editing maniac lately — three Cali sessions to work on! PLUS, the Dallas-to-Los Angeles time change is REALLY messing with me. I’ve been wide awake at 3am the past 2 nights. :( I’m working on getting THAT back on track this week!

IF you happen to be in Dallas, stop on by the Stroller Strides–Grapevine Grand Opening on Wednesday (8/5) at 9am!!! You’ll be entered in a drawing to win something outrageously awesome and COMPLIMENTARY by me!!! There are a ton of other freebies, too. :)

I can’t wait to edit beachy pics (oh, and Disney, too!) of my kiddos….AND some today from the Fort Worth Zoo.  Quite a fun place to visit.

Have a super day!   ~m

{the haircut}

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

BEFORE we left on our big trip, we took Fella over to an old-fashioned barber shop nearby and he got the REAL DEAL haircut. As an antique lover (I KNOW you’re proud, mom!), it was a really fun place — we had an awesome time!

{LOVE him looking in the mirror!!!}

BUSY starts this week and doesn’t let up until school starts for Peach! I’m ready for it (I think!)…

Have a super day!