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{Fish Lover} and THREE today! | Dallas Family Photographer

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Today is my little guy’s third birthday. I think back to how awesome life was before he entered the breathing world…and then I think about how even more INCREDIBLE life has been since he arrived.

At this exciting point in his life (THREE!!!) Fella loves (and knows an incredible amount of facts about):

  • sea divers (slated to be the Halloween costume if I can find one!)
  • sharks (black tip reef shark=fav)
  • fish (all types!)
  • snakes (milk snakes/mambas are in a close tie for the fav)
  • bats

As you can see…he’s ALL about non-fiction.  :)

He is incredibly sweet, has a funny sense of humor, loves to play golf (putt to be exact), has an impressive bouncy ball collection, and really looks up to his bossy (and super cute/sweet) big sis.   It has been SUCH a love-and-laughter-filled three years.  :)

Love ya, bud.   ~m

::vay-cay-cay collage:: | Dallas Family Photography

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 adorable kiddos on the beach. :) I am ONE happy momma.

I just ordered a 20x20 of this for my office (OR the upstairs hallway...haven't figured it out yet!) and am SO excited to get it up!  I LOVE it when the kiddos can see pieces of their lives and re-live those memories -- and boy did they tear up that beach!  I also love collages and storyboards because the {feel} of 2-5 images is very different than just one. You could almost be there! ;)

Have a terrific day -- I have a SUPER bestie visiting from Florida, so I'm going to be crazy busy laughing, taking pics, and discovering even more of Dallas!


{vintage} beachy shoot | Dallas Family Photographer

Monday, September 21st, 2009

San Diego was wonderful this weekend. It was SO very nice to escape for a couple days and see my parents, brother and sis (and her fiance) at the same time. The kiddos and I had a BLAST (hubs had to stay home -darn)!

We hit up the the beach, San Diego Zoo, Bates Nut Farm, San Diego Wild Animal Park, AND the Birch Aquarium…in oh….3 1/2 days. We were BUSY. :)

We stayed in a fun condo right on the beach for a night, and because the kiddos woke SO darn early (time change!!!) I got them dressed in some old-fashioned wear (I tried!) and we had a little impromptu photo session at 8am on the foggy beach.  MANY more pics to come from this little session. Unfortunately, Fella was JUST starting to get sick (he had a fever the rest of the trip) and my kiddos wanted nothing to do with me on the beach, but we made do!  :)

I will be returning a bunch of emails today, scheduling some families into my busy calendar, getting the house in order, AND taking care of a sick little guy, so if you don’t hear from me RIGHT away, please know I’m just moving a little slower than usual.

Have a super day! ~m

And…thanks to Crystalyn and Jess lately for your ears and smarts. :) Chatting about the family/photog balance has been so helpful for me. {mwah!}

and lastly…the MODERN holiday card set! | Dallas Holiday Sessions | Maggie McDonald Photography

Thursday, September 17th, 2009


And now, I’m off to San Diego for an extended weekend with my family…celebrating Mom’s bday and just being all together again after the big move. I’m relaxed already (and I have a plane trip with my two tomorrow…YIKES.).

Have a super day…and stay tuned for some new BEACHY photos from our condo on the sand…. :)


Traditional Holiday Cards | Holiday Sessions Dallas/Fort Worth/Phoenix | Maggie McDonald Photography

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Aren't these fun? Promise I'm saving some of the best for more set tomorrow then you can choose your absolute fav! Can't wait to start designing cards for families.

Have a super day!

a little whimsey | 2009 Holiday Cards — Maggie McDonald Photography | Dallas Holiday Family Photographer

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Some more holiday card options! If you’d like to see the whole collection (rest are being released this week), either scroll down OR click here!

2009 Holiday Cards | Vintage Holiday | Dallas/Fort Worth Photographer | Maggie Photography

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

The first of FOUR gorgeous sets of cards I have to offer clients this winter ! Do YOU have a fav??? :)

I’m a vintage girl at heart, so I wanted to show these first, BUT I love each and every card I’m offering, so stay tuned for the traditional, modern, and whimsical cards…

Hope your weekend was fab — it rained allll weekend here in Dallas and that was just *perfect* for me!

:::the butterfly tent::: | southlake child photographer

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Today after kindergarten AND preschool (and a volunteer meeting for me!), the kiddos and I hit up the Butterfly Festival in Southlake.  Although Fella likes bugs, his interest in them is nothing like Peach’s.  From the moment we stepped in the tent, she danced around the place like she was the happiest kid in the world (WITH a butterfly on a stick).   You see, they had these long wooden sticks with a piece of watermelon at the end (a fav food of butterflies apparently).  If you carefully put the melon near their feet, they hungrily crawl right on!

The kiddos and I had an awesome time comparing, touching, and observing these winged creatures! I’m so happy my pal Farrah told us about it!

We left with some Painted Lady larvae, which we’re incredibly excited about! We also have some ants coming to us in the mail (ridicuous, I know!!!) for an ant hill my husband decided that the kids needed (yipes…not my dealio if they escape!). It’s going to be a zoo around here!!!

Have an incredible weekend!

Dallas/Fort Worth Holiday Sessions | Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine, Keller Photographer

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

The one stop shop for your holiday portrait AND gift needs! Wooo hooo…I’m SO excited start the holiday season with a couple {select} photo sessions in the Dallas area. Mini Sessions are an *awesome* deal!!!

UPDATED TO ADD: “Gift Prints” include any print 8×12 or smaller (8×12, 8×10, 5×7 4×6 or a set of 8 wallets) of whatever pose(s) you’d like from your gallery. You can get gift prints of the same images/poses or have a variety of images. It’s all about choice for you!

Have an incredible day! ~m

{the speckled wall} | Dallas Fort Worth Child Photography

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

LOVED the speckled wall, although it just wasn’t complete without my beautiful, feisty little model.

Proud to say she’s allllll mine. :)

We stumbled across this little gem of a wall (I’m forever looking, I tell ya!) on the way to dinner this weekend…and since it was almost the “golden hour” and we weren’t in a rush home, I asked/told ( :) ) my hubby to pull over.

Peachie Pie played with some rocks for a couple minutes…and then had had enough.

Can’t expect a ton from a precious 5 year old…I mean, she has bugs to find, movies to watch (in the car), & fights to pick with her brother in the back seat.

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! I’m off to find more speckled walls. :)