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the cat(s) who came with the house | Southlake child photographer

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

So, I know I’ve mentioned before that when we moved in, we inherited two (we think three) cats. It’s quite fun because Peach has always been a cat lover and NOW she can have cats that remain outside (I’m allergic–phew)! Two pretty much look exactly alike (except one is super shy). I’ve only seen the other late, late at night, so he must be ultra, ultra shy!

These felines provide hours of entertainment and bring us sweet (hah!) gifts like dead lizards, moles, and birds in return for us keeping their water and food bowls full. :) One is always around, watching the kiddos play in the front, eyeing the soccer ball being kicked around, and rubbing up against us.

Peach cannot get enough of them (and wants to pepper her room with images of these cats, so I thought I’d post some here)!

Have a super day! ~m

{horsie friend} | Dallas Family Photography

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

We met this li’l guy this weekend. We’re thinking next time we visit, we’ll bring some cool, crisp apples. :)
There really is SO much to discover in a new place! Have a great day.

[learning the ropes with daddy-o] | Dallas/Fort Worth Family Photographer

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

We had a busy/lazy weekend. Just the way I like them! Peach had her very first soccer game Saturday morning, which was fun to watch! She ran and ran after that ball and was ahead of the pack...and then tripped...a couple times. :) We've got to get that kid used to her cleats!

{RIGHT before the trip -- she was workin' it!}

{we call this “sneaky face”…glad i captured it!} :)

{a little dog watering doesn’t hurt!}

{Fella got some camera time in the pool…boy can he work that kick board}

Now we’re just getting used to the week with soccer, school, and all that jazz. Hope your day is fab!