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junkyard + beautiful fam + a little texture = happy everybody | Dallas Family Photographer

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009


When I got an email from this client requesting a junkyard location for her holiday session, I literally squealed with excitement.  It even surpassed the day another client asked if I’d like to photograph her family at their family dairy…i mean, YEAH!!!  Dairy, junkyard…a photographer’s paradise!!!  ;)

Anyway, back to the junkyard…I had locations already chosen for my holiday mini sessions, BUT made an exception for this family because I just KNEW the whole experience would be out of this world!       And it was.

Amazingly behaved, smiley, spunky adorable boys…CHECK.


Snazzy attire…CHECK.



Musician hubby WITH guitar…CHECK.


Drumsticks for boys to do a little drumming…CHECK.

An in-love hubby and wife wanting some couples pics…CHECK.


Oh do I LOVE this pic!!!  ;)

*****  What made this session really work (besides the location and an amazingly organized stylin’ mom!) was the open line of communication between us!  We chatted several times about outfits, ideas (guitar, drumsticks, vintage chairs), and discussed images that the mom was drawn to (SO important!).   When it was time to shoot, I knew exactly what she wanted from our chats.  We merged that with my style & some on-the-fly ideas from everyone and it was TONS of fun!  Knowing what my clients want on their walls and desktops is SO important.

After all the images were processed, I put some texture on favorite portraits and the texture REALLY complimented the clothing, location and the style that my client wanted displayed in her home.  And wait until you see what she chose….several canvas, gallery mounts…can’t WAIT to share once they’re all up and looking amazing.  :)

Have a super day…and better yet…a SUPER Thanksgiving.  I’ll be back after Turkey Day.  Lots of fam in town (SO excited) and we’re going to be BUSY.  Going wedding dress shopping for my sis, eating lots of turkey, taking our family portraits…it’s going to be fab!

Be on the lookout for the announcement of a special December giveaway for a family in need in the Dallas area.   More details coming soon, but IF you refer this family, YOU get a mega print credit for your own session…yahoo!!!  Everyone gets something wonderful out of this…ME…a family in need…and YOU.  :)       ~mm

{2010 Senior} | Dallas Fort Worth Senior Photographer

Friday, November 20th, 2009


I’ve been designing an album for this beauty and thought I’d share a possible page. I get goosebumps when I look at these…what an incredible, beautiful young woman. We decided to head on over to a junkyard at the end of our session and I’m SO glad we did. The bold colors and her sassy style look amazing here!

Have a super day…

{my Florida bestie} | Dallas Headshot Photography

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I’ve done a LOT of moving in my lifetime. Enough moving to live in California, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Florida, Arizona, and now Texas. On top of all those states, I’ve lived in multiple cities (hmmmm…about 10). The POINT of all this is that while moving IS incredibly hard, a TOTAL bonus for me is discovering amazing women wherever we live. I am SOOOO fortunate!

Meet Claire, my SUPER chic pal who lives in Florida. We sang together in the Orange Park Chorale and one day she invited me to a scrapbooking shindig at her house. We clicked right away, and a couple months later, she threw a baby shower for me. She’s that sweet.


Claire is fabulous. funny. silly. caring. beautiful. (tons more!) and I love her to bits. The more I get to know her (as we have children and grow and change) the more I adore her. She recently started her own business (which is thriving!!!!) AND is the vocalist for BIVA Jazz in Jacksonville, so when she came out to visit in September, we KNEW that pictures were on the agenda. Can you believe these?


She blew it OUT.OF.THE.WATER with her confidence, ability to relax, and just have fun!

Seriously, every session I have makes me realize that I have no real favorite type of photography. I love them all — adults, children, families, couples. What I really love, however, is working with individuals to come up with a session that fits THEM!

*****Keep your eyes peeled for the release of some Denver/Boulder sessions THIS WINTER — the 26th (Dec) to the 2nd (Jan), to be exact. Also, several Jacksonville, Florida sessions for March 2010, will be released in Dec/Jan sometime…I am SOOOO excited to photograph old and NEW clients in fresh and exciting places! I have my feelers out ALREADY, so we can nab the very very very very best spots! ;) *****

Have a super day!

an older one… | southlake family photographer

Sunday, November 15th, 2009


AND Hansel and Gretel’s cottage. :)


and why not…here’s one of Peach in some greenery. :) Gotta keep the Grandparents happy…


Holiday Deadlines ARE HERE!!!! If you haven’t ordered your holiday cards yet, today is the day to do so!!! I want to make sure you have cards in your hand by December 1st, so let me know asap if you’re still going to order. :) If you’d like to place gift print orders for family, send me a quick email — maggiejmcd AT msn DOT com and we’ll get you taken care of!

Have a good one…. ~mm

{love these guys} | Dallas/Fort Worth Family Photogapher

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009


I have been SO fortunate to photograph this ultra fun family THREE years in a row. :) This year, the beautiful momma is pregnant with a little lady, so it was even more fun because we got to squeeze in some maternity shots, too.


Isn’t she beautiful???


Can’t wait until next year, you guys.
Have a super day,

Fixed!!! :) | Texas family photographer

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

{taken at the Texas State Fair last month!}

Thank goodness for Facebook. I wrote an update on there that stated my distress about my blog and VOILA!, I got a response from two SUPER sweet photographers that told me to contact Heather of Lovebugs Photography, so I did! Seriously, she emailed me back in 5 minutes and said she was happy to help. And that she did! Phew. I’m definitely going to have her help me with some website/blog/Photo Cart work now, so stay tuned for a couple changes coming your way. And definitely email Heather if you want some work done — I’m SO impressed already. :)

Another post is coming tomorrow! As my editing from Phoenix sessions is coming to an end, I am ready to post some of the incredible families I photographed in sunny AZ. WAIT ’til you see their love!

Have a great day.

:::working feverishly::: | Dallas Senior Portrait Photographer

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

As some of you may have noticed, my comments haven’t been posting. :( I’m so sad because I just LOVE receiving comments and think it’s a great way to give feedback to the photographer and client. Many of my clients LOVE to hear how stunning they look in a portrait. :) I am working like crazy (reading SUCH boring website/blog stuff) to TRY and figure out how to a) have comments enabled again and b) post working links to my site. I have no clue what happened, but am absolutely not savvy when it comes to fixing the inside of a blog! Helllllllp! :)

And because I just love pictures ,(hah!) here’s a lovely senior. I seriously can’t wait to watch her spread her wings next year and do amazing things with her life. She’s just as beautiful inside as outside. I know, stunning!!!


Have a loverly day!

{halloween} | Colleyville Child Photographer

Monday, November 2nd, 2009


We had a super Halloween! We carved pumpkins, dressed up (all day!), chatted about the big night (allllll day), read some festive books, AND had a little pre-trick or treat photo session. You see, Fella was a ghost, and Peach was Dorothy, BUT I (the photographer in me) wanted some pics of the kiddos in a classic witch/ghost combo. We had a “fake” photo session (w/o Peach’s real costume) before the real deal. We were VERY fortunate to have a snazzy witch costume in the closet.


The witch costume was actually made by my mom when I was a little gal — it was fun to dress my little lady up in the costume that I wore years (and years!) ago. :) I LOVE the cape & rhinestone detail. She looked SO cute!!!


The fun ghost number was made by my SUPER pal Stephanie, of Stephanie Robertson Designs. She’s actually talented in TONS of areas, so this site just shows the (terrific) jewelry side of her. She’s an awesome & ultra-creative seamstress, too! :) (THANK YOU, girlie!) I wish you could see the ghost eyes because the eyes are actually stitches going around and around and around. Love it.

And lastly, we brought a treat for a feisty horse nearby…FUN!!!


If you want to see Dorothy (and the ghost!) head on over to Facebook and request me to be your friend! (YES, that means you, mom!!!) I’ve posted some of Ms. Dorothy up there already. ;)

Have an awesome day! ~mm