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I Love Airplanes! | Dallas Child Photographer | Maggie McDonald Photography

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

IMG_6908web (anybody see a little guy peeking through an airplane engine???) ;)

What a day! An incredible day. :)

This year, I participated in an event called Giving is Awesome, where a deserving family is nominated for a complimentary portrait session and goodies. I was completely taken aback when I read the nominations. The T family really stuck out to me — aside from working incredibly hard and being awesome parents, the mom in this family LOVES to give back to the community. She passionately volunteers for Challenge Air, a nationwide non-profit organization that provides complimentary flights for children with disabilities, special needs, and/or life-threatening illness. When she talked to me about it today, her face lit up. I LOVE it when faces light up!!! Not only does she love this organization, but aviation plays a special part in her relationship with her youngest son. They picnic near airfields quite often and have celebrated the little guy’s birthday while watching airplanes land. They’re gearing up for yet another birthday at the Rio Concho Cafe RIGHT at the airport (as in, planes pull up RIGHT THERE to dine!) — can’t wait to hear ALL about it. :) I hear the food is quite good, so check it out! I definitely plan on bringing my kiddos there to eat and watch airplanes land — how wonderfully different — we definitely miss the Hangar Cafe in Chandler, AZ!

Anyway, today was magical. Easy. Fun. Lots of smiles. We originally were going to photograph the whole family, but when mom had the idea of securing an airplane for our session, the focus of our time together moved to the interests of their younger son. I LOVE the fact that what they love was brought into the session! This, to me, is what custom photography is all about.

We started out in a hangar, where little mister checked out the planes from afar and then got to get into the pilot’s seat! He wasn’t too sure, so mom hopped in with him (they hugged first).


It took a little while to get comfy…

IMG_7431web but in no time he was ready to fly…and DEFINITELY at ease.



He looks SO content in this pic…LOVE it. :)

More pics to come in the next couple days. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a super day…

Two more from the snow! | Dallas Family Photographer

Thursday, February 25th, 2010


We did have a couple slow flurries this week, but these pics were from the BIGGIE a week and a half ago. I just LOVE photographing in different elements…and as most photographers/individuals know, it’s HARD to take pictures in the snow! Not only does your camera get wet, but blowing out the whites can be a big problem. You don’t want to lose all that great snow detail while properly exposing your subject — in this case, my little man. :)

I WISH it would come back, but am enjoying the warmer temps, too.

It’s going to be a SUPER busy photography weekend. I’m attending a shootout with a bunch of Dallas area photographers AND get to photograph a little guy in a real LIVE airplane or two…you’ll see. ;) SOOOOO exciting!

Have a super day!

it’s BLASTball season! | Southlake Family Photographer

Sunday, February 21st, 2010


Oh wow…my little guy is starting Blastball! Blastball is similar to T-Ball — it’s an awesome introduction to the baseball concept using a foam bat and ball, where no gloves are necessary. Kids get lots of action AND learn about teamwork and sportsmanship without the pressure of keeping score. Plus, I hear first base has a horn when you stomp on it. Yee-haw! :)

We went for our intro this week and met the team. It’s going to be FAN-tastic. These pics show Fella in his jersey, but without the rest of the uniform. Wait till you see him ALL decked out! XXS baseball pants on a little dude couldn’t be any cuter. ;)



Gotta love a little encouragement from Dad. Fella was grinning all weekend!


Have one super day! Our Mondays are FULL of activities, so we’re gearing up for a mega day!

*Snow* in Dallas! | Southlake/Colleyville/Grapevine Family Photography

Monday, February 15th, 2010


Where do I even begin? Our neighborhood has been a complete winter wonderland these past few days. We went sledding several times, drank lots of hot cocoa (WITH whipped cream :) ), built an enormo snowman, had snowball fights, and SO much more! It has been an amazing experience EXCEPT for all the destruction this snow has brought to our poor trees. I think we lost 4 pretty large ones, one of which is Peach’s climbing tree. Darn.

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to…

:::lots of snow stomping, sledding and snowball fights:::

:::freezing and making a 6’3″ snowman with hubs and Uncle Phil:::

:::stopping for 4.7 seconds to take it all in:::
:::enjoying the beauty of our transformed backyard:::

and…giving some sibling lovies!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s! The kiddos and I made some delish cupcakes today — and couldn’t quite get the frosting red enough, so the boys had to settle for pink on top of their cupcakes (Fella wasn’t incredibly pleased — how funny!).

Have one lovely day! We have school tomorrow because of the snow day — bummer!

Muffled… | Southlake Family Photography

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


Been busy trying to get this little man better. His ear infections haven’t really stopped since BEFORE Christmas…we’re trying all sorts of things (antibiotics, vitamins, herbal concoctions, pediatrician, chiropractor) to help heal his ears… The Dr. said that everything is muffled to him and when language development is crucial at his age, I just want to get this D-O-N-E as soon as possible. :(

Coming soon…another favorite book!

Have a lovely day!

warmer days… | Colleyville Family Photographer

Thursday, February 4th, 2010


I can’t believe I never shared these!  They’ve been sitting on my desktop for months (yup…September) alllll ready to be blogged and I guess in my holiday busy-ness I forgot.  They are some of the CUTEST of my little lady though, so I just had to post.  I have the image above mounted and displayed on an easel in my kitchen & love it!  This set of images just really show how happy & carefree Peach is.  She’s such a water girl and truly is in her element at the beach.


She found this enormo piece of seaweed and began hauling it around.    Seriously, the bubble part was almost bigger than her head!!!  I realized moments later that a woman was standing near & I asked her if it was HER seaweed.  She chuckled and said that she HAD been dragging it all over the beach that morning, but felt like it was best being used right now, by this little girl who was running wild and free with it.  The woman then proceeded to videotape Peach’s seaweed dance.  Cute.

IMG_2965hwDo ya see the heart???  I do!

IMG_2947hw IMG_2945hw

The seaweed got a little old after a while and it was back to wave jumping…

Have a super day. I SURE wish I was in San Diego with my kiddos, parents, sis and bro right about now! ;)

Sister Act | Maggie McDonald Photography | Dallas Fort Worth photographer

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


Ahhh…I’m so lucky to have such a beauteous sister who is always a very willing and fun model!  She always brings extra fun clothes and accessories when she visits and when we actually find the time to have a photo shoot, it’s such a great time!

She had recently found this dress at a vintage store and it was just PERFECT-o for this location.  Very woodsy-chic!  I love how her red hair just blends in with the leaves, too.



This little sis of mine is getting married in September and I definitely need to share some of the engagement portraits we did over the holiday break.  Trying to keep some a secret until their Save the Date cards go out though.  It’s been fun combining our visions and I love how involved her fiance has been during the whole process.

Hope you have an incredible day!  ~mm