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Family Smiles… | Maggie McDonald Photography | Dallas Portrait Photographer

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

We had SUCH a fun time in Florida.  The fact that I have hundreds of beach and Disney World images just sitting on my computer is starting to drive me nuts….BUT I have clients waiting on their images, so first things first!

Doesn’t this look like fun???

IMG_0168wThis Florida four-year-old was all smiles, super polite and loved to tell me all about his monster trucks.  I LOVE his expression in this image — now THAT is pure happiness.  :)   I also love that you can see his cute little shadow right behind him.

We met up for a mini session in Mandarin Park in Mandarin, Florida, for a little hanging out by the water and some natural portraits.


IMG_0187wWhat an adorable kiddo.  :)
Thank you, W Family, for trusting me to take portraits of your family!  Your album links will be to you in an email tomorrow.  :)   Stay tuned for more images from Florida sessions, INCLUDING some killer shots from one incredible jazz group.  We had F-U-N!!!

Have a wonderful day.


{sweetest little lamb} | Dallas / Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010


{oh these images just make me SMILE!!!!}

Ah…my time in Indianapolis has been wonderful!  Several months ago, I was invited to fly out to Indy to be with the B family to capture the newness of their fourth child.  Forth BEAUTIFUL child, I must add.

I met the momma, a FABULOUS photographer, a couple years ago at a workshop and am so very honored that she chose me to record this special time in their lives.  This week, I was flown out to take pictures of this cute, cute little gal and had an amazing time being welcomed into their great big happy family.   Their house is decorated amazingly well (wow!) so I had fun choosing this and that to use during our session(s).  I’m holding out on a couple VERY favorites because they’ll most-likely use the images on the birth announcement, but just know they’re fun!  :)   I saw this cute lamb and pig in a cabinet and just knew that the simplicity of the folk-y animals would be adorable next to her on this piece of furniture.  You should have SEEN all the moving around we did –  all 100% worth it.  :)


Enjoy this beauty and thank you to the B family for your gracious hospitality and trusting me to capture your little baby girl.  {mwah!}

Have a lovely day!


Oh…and isn’t her hair UNbelievable?  :)

Florida…an absolute blast!!!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010


Well…we’re back!  Florida was awesome.  So fun to go on a family vacation and see dear friends, have a couple sessions, and visit with relatives along the way.    The beach was just a little blip on our journey, but I am a H-U-G-E sucker for beach images (my kids go all-out wild and fancy-free) so I edited those first.



Peach just couldn’t stop running and jumping (see below!) and Fella was just being a typical ol’ boy and was a sand-throwing maniac.  Thank goodness it was wet.  AND there weren’t very many peeps on the beach that day.  Needless to say, we all had a blast.

IMG_0447wShe flew.

and jumped…the whole time.


until we saw a jellyfish.  Then she was at it again.  :)

There are even pics of hubs and me this time around…Peach is getting to be quite the camera gal.  Haven’t edited those yet though.  :)

I’m off once again on another trip tomorrow!  I am SO excited to be traveling to Indiana to photograph a new little newbie baby!!!  Little Lily is a week old tomorrow and I can’t WAIT to meet this little cutie.  Some peeks coming soon!

Have one lovely day!


Bluebonnet Mini Sessions | Colleyville Southlake Grapevine Photographer | Spring Photography Portraits

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Spring is exploding all over the Dallas Metroplex and I am SO excited to offer mini sessions in the Bluebonnets. Since we were living in Arizona last year, I have yet to experience the magic of the Texas state flower. I’ve seen so many Bluebonnet portraits on blogs and websites and am thrilled to be part of this tradition myself! I hear this season going to be terrific (check out this link), so get ready for some exciting and FUN minis with me!

And it’s your lucky day because the session fee is LOW low low. Only $50 for 25 minutes (7-10 images presented) — a spring special!


* * * * *

I’ve had several inquiries for minis (these only happen twice a year) SO if you’re one of those that is even THINKING about it, shoot me an email — we’ll chat!   If you’re ready to book, I’ll send you a quick session booking form to secure your date & time — spots are limited and the Bluebonnets won’t last!

As as stated above, if you refer a friend or family member for a session, you with BOTH receive a complimentary 8×10 from your session — what a deal!

Hope you have a lovely day — I’m really looking forward to these sessions.  :)


Gettin’ hitched! | Dallas/Fort Worth Engagement Photography

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010


My little sis is getting married! :) I got together with her and her fiance waaaay back when and am JUST now blogging our little adventure. They had the most original idea for their save-the-dates, so we hit up an extra superfine (that’s a word, right?) junkyard for some fun. We spent most of our time doing crazy stunts and silly business (aren’t you curious?) and then had a couple minutes at the end for some portraits. Still working on the save-the-dates, so no sneak peek, BUT it’s going to be super cool, vintage & original!

Isn’t her hair fun? It’s always been bright red!

This bus says “UNITE” — we loved that! I usually don’t have clients face the sun in situations like this (ultra bright and painful, that sun!), BUT I like the vibe they’ve got going on.

Ahhhh…LOVE. :) We can’t WAIT for the big wedding in September in Los Angeles. It’s going to be a blast to celebrate their union and get together with family and friends that we haven’t seen in a long time. Plus, Peach is going to be a flower girl and Fella…you guessed it, the “Ring Burier.” <--that's what my kids call it. Hilarious! Oh....and my amazing pal Jen Fox is going to use her mad wedding skills and photograph the wedding. And because I probably won’t be able to put my camera down, I’ll be in there too, until my kiddos pull me onto the dance floor. ;)

Love you two…can’t wait!
Have a grrrrrreat day!

Tractor Fest! | Fort Worth Child Photographer

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Fun FUN session today! We’ve been postponing meeting up for a while because of the weather and FINALLY we found a day with the most.perfect.sun.EVER!!!


I was thrilled when, discussing our session, this sweet mom brought up her son’s love for tractors. I knew immediately that the tractor tie-in would be just perfect. I think it’s awesome when parents and I can work together to come up with something fun for the child AND fun for us! Plus, remembering this adorable stage (tractors, trains, whatever a child’s fancy!) is so important! And get this…for this little man’s first birthday, they had a John Deere party! I love it.


And I have a new VERY favorite picture. Seriously…her boots, his little smile and jacket, the green background… SO adorable. I even put a little texture on it! :)

More to come! Thanks for SUCH a lovely time today, T!
Have a lovely weekend. :)

Little Aviator | Dallas/Fort Worth Child Photographer

Friday, March 5th, 2010


I had THE BEST time at this session. It’s always fun to change things up a little…and an airport was SUCH a killer location for a couple airplane fanatics. :) Here are a few more fun shots from my time with this wonderful momma and her son.


I love how scrunched up his little eye is. :) And what a little sweetie. He collected about 20 rocks during our session and at the end, he gave me ALL of them. It was such a kind gesture!


Can you feel their strong bond and love like I can??? :) It’s images of these that I cherish with my kids. As a mom, it’s hard to get behind the camera sometimes, but it’s SO worth it. Remembering and capturing those special moments is SO important…and a part of history! (I know that sounds cheesy, BUT it is!!!)

For more fun images of this session, check them out here!

Have one terrific day!