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[a FIT fam] | grapevine family /child portrait photography

Monday, May 31st, 2010


This awesome mom was one of the very first smiling faces I saw when I went to a “The Bump” business networking meeting when we first moved to Dallas. It was so refreshing to chat with such a fun and friendly gal who was JUST embarking on a new business venture. She runs Stroller Strides for Grapevine/Colleyville and Coppell . . . AND she’s amazing. Her classes are positive and full of energy PLUS there are always many sweet new moms and kiddos to meet. If you’ve considered a class like this in the past, try it out — the first class is FREE (can’t beat that)! Farrah also runs Luna Moms Club after Stroller Strides classes, which are activities planned for little ones AND there’s a Moms Night Out once a month, too. You don’t even have to be a Stroller Strides member to participate. I love how Farrah schedules group meetings in different areas in the Dallas Metroplex, so we can discover new kid-friendly places. When we were in Arizona, the moms group I was a part of was invaluable — so much support, knowledge and fun. I made some amazing connections there!

Okay, back to the portraits…I was fortunate enough to take some family photos for this terrific family of three yesterday. We had tons of fun exploring with their little guy! Aren’t they stylin’???


Their son even brought “Monkey,” a stuffed animal that he’s had ever since he was little. Monkey doesn’t have to go out as much as he did in the past, so I’m GLAD he suggested they bring him to the shoot. I, in fact, LOVE the monkey pic — he looks so content as he holds his stuffed animal pal. :)

And lastly, look at dad and son — an athletic family for sure!


Thank you, Farrah and fam for allowing me to capture your love! Many more to come…
Have an awesome eve.

{adorable} baby Fox | dallas /fort worth child portrait photographer

Saturday, May 29th, 2010


This little beauty of a baby is visiting ME and my lucky family this weekend. We took a couple minutes this morning between a nap and feeding and hit a favorite green spot. :) We literally had…oh…5 minutes and 39 seconds. But we’re champs and made it work AND he thought the trees were fascinating for a couple of those minutes. :) I’ve been waiting to use this gem of a crib for a month or so, and it worked out perfectly! Just what I imagined. Yay.


I met his momma, the fabulous Jen Fox, at a photography workshop about two and a half years ago. We’ve been chatting/collaborating/visiting lots since. It’s been wonderful. And to see her with a little family now is beyond amazing.


Speaking of family, I took pics of their WHOLE fam two days ago and those are waiting to hit the blog, too. L-O-V-E them.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I have some exciting shoots scheduled for tomorrow and then am going to ‘kick it’ with our guests their last day here (is it TIME already???). {Hope you like these Grandma….they’re headed home to you soon!} :)

{their magical bond} | southlake family / child portrait photographer

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

{these seriously pull at my heart strings}

There are some amazing changes on the horizon for this beautiful momma and her son and I couldn’t be happier for them. They have SUCH a tight bond and I felt very honored to be asked to capture it one sunny Sunday morning.

Isn’t he percious???
Can’t wait to meet up again VERY soon, you two! Have a lovely day.

[let's find some BUGS!] | Dallas / Fort Worth Family and Child Photography

Monday, May 24th, 2010

{We started with a magical silhouette shot. Oh do I love this!!!}

Family love is SO much fun for me to capture. I had an awesome time out in the HOT hot sun yesterday with the lovely (and lively!) H family. We made our way around an awesome park spying on and catching bugs (butterflies, one ladybug, a dragonfly, and many, many fire ants). This was the perfect diversion for a little 3-year-old who is sometimes shy around new people. He did an awesome job warming up to me and we had a perfect afternoon exploring together.

Aren’t they gorgeous???


The kids were SO cute here…what a fun image. :)

I have SO so many more…can’t wait to share. Have a wonderful day, and thanks, H Fam, for such a fun session!

Bro & Sis | Southlake Family Portrait Photographer

Thursday, May 20th, 2010


I had the pleasure of photographing these two cuties yesterday, along with their family. These two were happy-go-lucky and after a couple minutes warming up to me, they were FULL of ideas for our time together. I absolutely love it when kids get excited and believe that they can really be part of the photography process — because they can!

I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph their cousins {here} and {here} – how lucky am I ??? :) I just love that Grandma set up this session for them — she gave this session as a gift to her daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day. Isn’t that so sweet? What a great gift for their family, especially for these kids when they’re older. I know I always want my two to remember how close they were/are. :)

The image below is one of my absolute faves…I have a super smiley one, too, but this just looks so colorful and classic to me. I think the kiddos look stunning & love how the wind is blowing E’s hair. It’s especially fab in black and white. I went back and forth on which one to showcase, but decided on…COLOR (LOVE color). :)


Anyway, thank you G Family for being so easy-peasy and having so much fun with me yesterday. I truly enjoyed the baseball demo, train hopping, running race and fun in the weeds. :) I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Have a lovely rest of your day. :)

{the one-eyed monster shirt} | dallas child portrait photographer

Friday, May 14th, 2010


He waited for three weeks for this shirt to arrive.  First we chose it together on Mini Boden, then we ordered it, THEN the volcano in Iceland happened, which delayed the shipping.  Let’s just say, my guy was like a broken record player (“is it here yet?  is it here yet? is it here yet?”) while checking the doorstep for one box.  When it finally came, he giggled, and moved his feet, anticipating this monster shirt…and WOW does he love it.  He sleeps in it, wears it most days and barely takes it off for baths (when I squeeze in a good washing).  My mom suggested that I order another!

The one eyeball cracks him up.

The monster PLUS lightning bolt background are HUGE loves, too.

What I love?  That this one shirt makes him so happy, that he has an opinion, AND that he can express himself through clothing.  How fun is THAT!!!???  :)

IF YOU have a session coming up and are unsure about what to wear, why not bring something your CHILD loves?  We can squeeze it in for a couple pictures…and then you have that reminder of the time when monsters and eyeballs and lightning bolts was like winning the lottery for an adult.  ;)

IMG_1396biwebOh do I love him.

Hope you have one terrific weekend!


Save the Date Out-take! | Maggie McDonald Photography

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

IMG_1041w She’s got dancin’ legs for miles and miles.    Why not hoist her up there and spice things up a bit!!!???  This isn’t the Save the Date they chose, but it IS one of my favs!

Have a lovely day!


{extra double triple brave} | colleyville child photographer

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010


I’ve been having fun photographing my own (gasp!) kiddos in between sessions lately.  I’ve just come to the realization that they’re getting WAAAAAY too big, too quickly and I need to bust a move.  :)   Took my little guy to see some trains last week…a mommy & me date…so pics from that AND Disney World just might make an appearance in between client sessions.  :)

The pic above was during the walk back home from the kindergarten bus.  A highlight of our day is riding bikes home from the bus stop.

And speaking of bikes…on Mother’s Day, Peach decided to be especially brave and we took the training wheels off of her bike.  Well, we actually had her learn on a bike the neighbors “gifted” us (a bit smaller!) and then she broke in her Disney Princess bike w/o trainers.


A couple minor scratches later, she now pedals like a little maniac around and around and AROUND the island on our street.  She just can’t get enough.



SO proud of my girlie.  It almost makes my heart burst.

Have a lovely day!


OH…and if you’re looking to book a session, let’s get something on the calendar quickly!  I am booked through mid-June, which is absolutely exciting.  Can’t wait for all the fun-loving families I will be able to photograph in the next four weeks.

{mom+son} | dallas / fort worth family photography

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

I had the pleasure of meeting up with this adorable duo yesterday.
They sure have an amazingly close relationship & I can’t wait for another quick meet-up again soon. We got *so* many touching portraits capturing their love — can’t WAIT to show you the rest, J!

I’m off to Texas School this week, so posts will be few and far between. A whole week of learning from talented instructors and networking/laughing/learning with other photographers will be awesome.

Hope y’all have a lovely day!