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~Confetti, a Rockin’ Kid Guitar & Lots of Giggles~ | Dallas Fort Worth Family Photography

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Before we had this SUPER awesome family fun with confetti….


{one of my favorite all time images!!!}

We watched this little cutie strum on her kid-sized white guitar for a while.  :)   She was giggly and imaginative and definitely hammed it up for me after we got to know each other.


Which one’s your fav?  :)

What a wonderful session yesterday.  I don’t even know how to start choosing the portraits to edit — there are oodles.

Have a lovely day, and *THANKS* P family for trusting me to capture your love.  It was *awesome* to finally meet you!

Oh, and I’m going to try a little somethin’…if this blog entry gets 20 comments (from different peeps, of course!), the P fam will get a gift print of their choice for freeeeeee!  YES!


P.S…holiday sessions are ALMOST full for Dallas area clients!  Email me asap if you’d like to be in on the action.  ;)

{feelin’ better} | dallas fort worth family portraits

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

IMG_7424w WHO me??? :)

Thanks for all of the calls and emails about my little guy being so sick last week. He’s on the road to recovery, but still very cranky due to all the fighting his little body had to do. I’ve never had a kiddo with a high fever for six straight days. We were definitely worried over here!


Hope you and yours are healthy — we sure appreciate good health over here. :)

[Holiday Sessions Update]
I am now completely booked for September and October for mini and full sessions. There are a couple (TWO) sessions left in November and that’s going to be it until after the holidays. IF you’re interested, please email me and we’ll get you and your family in for some portraits. It’s FUN! ;)   Dads even give sessions a thumbs up!  ;)

Oh, and P.S…this LOVELY bow tie (and so many more) can be found at the fun and fantastic Etsy store of Baby By Stevie. We LOVE her stuff!

i’m definitely not a morning person… | Dallas / Fort Worth Senior Portrait Photographer | Maggie McDonald Photography

Friday, September 17th, 2010


I’m most definitely not a morning person, BUT when a fantastic photographic opportunity presents itself, I will most-definitely hop on board.  ***EVEN THOUGH*** it’s happening at 6:45am…the morning AFTER my sister’s wedding.  ;)

My beauteous cousin lives FAR, far away in New York, where she is a social butterfly and star athlete.  I keep tabs on her every once in a while via Facebook and have always wanted to photograph her.  When we realized we’d be together for my sister’s wedding I jumped at the chance to ask her to “model” for me.  Since the time in LA was so crazy, I didn’t realize that she was leaving so soon the morning after my sister’s wedding…SOOOO…we got up extra darn early (me pretty much in my pajamas) to have a quick little 15 minute session near our hotels downtown.


It was fun.  Especially when she started to loosen up (that’s when the jumping came in) and I LOVED showing her some of the images I was getting on the back of my camera.  The incredible part about photographing teens is that during the photo session a transformation takes place where a girl goes from being a tad shy to feeling like a glamorous supermodel.  And that she did.


I love her gorgeous eyes, extra long lashes, crazy long thick hair, laugh, and zest for life.

Can’t WAIT until we have the opportunity to do this again, A.  Let’s schedule something a little longer…and…hopefully not in the morning???!!!  I MUCH prefer a little before sunset!  ;)

Have a lovely day,


the coupon booths | dallas / fort worth portrait photography | maggie mcdonald

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010


Had an AWESOME time with this family. It was crazy hot (97 degrees PLUS an extra dose of humidity), BUT we were all troopers and made the best of it.   As we walked (so important to keep families moving!), we found one bright spot after another.  *Of course I had these little places mapped out, but every once in a while something pops up and it’s LOVE.

Enter the coupon booths.


L—O—V—E!        I mean, you can’t go wrong with stripes and color with some golden sunlight directly behind them. Then you add the family, and a smooch, and just WOW!  My heart was all aflutter! ;)

sbhamw[Some fun family moments}  I think it's super cute how on the street pic you can see little D's eyes peeking over her Daddy's shoulder.   I really, REALLY like the image on the left.  I think mom looks stunning and positively glows around her kiddos.

IMG_7741hwThe two beauties.

T and G — cannot WAIT to show you the rest.  I had such a hard time choosing which images to put into this post — so many more traditional, fun & funky portraits.  Thanks for a wonderful time!

Hope you have one lovely evening … ~mm

Oh…and in case you’re wondering, there are a couple spots left for HOLIDAY MINI SESSIONS in the Dallas area — please email me ASAP if you’re considering a session for you or your family.   ***(Phoenix holiday mini sessions are completely full, but I’ll gladly add you to a wait list).***  For more info for Dallas sessions click {here} for dates and pricing and then contact me!  There’s even the possibility of another date, so email me even if one of those doesn’t work!

email:  maggiejmcd {at} msn {dot} com

phone: 817-455-6756

Let’s get you on the books so you can have incredible images for your home AND impress your friends and fam with stunning holiday cards — do something a little different this year!!!  ;)

My Sis is Married! | Union Station Wedding | Los Angeles Family Photographer

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010


As many of you may know, my stunning little sis got married to the man of her dreams last weekend in Los Angeles. It was incredible to be part of such an amazing event and be surrounded by so many family members and friends in the days leading up to the wedding, and at the actual wedding. We were SO fortunate to have Jen Fox, my dear friend, as the photographer of the grand event. I, of course, photographed a bit in the morning and during the formal portraits, BUT I also put the camera down and had a blast, too. It was nice to be able to do that! Jen got AMAZING images (I’m seriously jealous!) that I get to edit, but I thought I’d post mine for the time being, until Jen gets some of hers all “Jen-i-fied” on her blog. I did have to steal one below that makes my heart sing. I love both of their genuine smiles. :)

I LOVE the getting ready shots that Jen took, as well as the dress, rings, and other fun details…those will be a whole enormo post of their own sometime in the near future…
Anyway, here we go…

IMG_lj2 {The LOVEBIRDS just a couple minutes after their “first look”}

We took the SUBWAY from our downtown hotel, to Union Station, where they got married. TOTALLY fits them (my SIS has a HUGE soft spot for public transportation!). :)



The passers-by were curious, but mostly just went on their merry way.


We took some quick formal portraits near the garden, some INSIDE the gorgeous station (stunning old wooden ticket booths),


and some silly/fun ones, too.


And THEN the wedding happened. . . (I haven’t even edited the actual wedding ceremony, details, or the parTAY afterward. I’m looking forward to it though…)

Have one lovely day! LOVE you L & J….these are only a little teaser.

a chance meeting | dallas family photographer | maggie mcdonald

Thursday, September 9th, 2010


Meeting Jen Fox in 2007 ranks up there with one of my lucky life experiences.  We met at a photography workshop (actually in the line to the restroom!  ha!) and we’ve pretty much been inseparable communicators since. Email, text, phone – it’s been SO awesome and fun. We chat about all things business-related, as well as the ups and downs of our crazy life experiences.  Babies, kiddos, friends, family, pets — you name it.  She’s my voice of reason and my memory in most cases.  :)

Last year, when Jen said that she would be honored to photograph my sister’s wedding, I was blown away. She is fabulous and has an incredible eye. Her attention to detail and artistic edge really set her apart. I’ve loved seeing her wedding images for quite some time and I just knew that she’d be an awesome fit for my sister and her new husband (some of those images coming soon…).

A couple days before the big wedding, Jen, her family, and I met at the Santa Monica Pier so that I could once again capture her family. The little guy sure has grown from their trip to Dallas {here}.  We played in the sand, on the boardwalk, in the waves, AND took an exhilarating ferris wheel ride (I got to ride with Jen’s awesome sis).    Definitely my kind of session!

Anyway, here’s a peek at Jen and her gorgeous family having an amazing time in the golden California sunlight. I am so fortunate to know such an amazing woman and be a part of watching and documenting this fun family.


AND as a side note, this week her hubby deployed to the Middle East. I really felt like I needed to capture their love as-is so that T could enjoy these images while he’s away and Jen and their little guy could enjoy them as well.   These portraits ooze happiness and love and I hope that they serve as a little light during hard times.   Thank you J and T, and little W, for being SO darn fun and stunning AND easy-peasy. Your love just floats and dances and cartwheels all over the place.


(((Stay safe and come home quickly T)))

Have a lovely day…

I know, I know … | Dallas Holiday Family & Child Photography | Southlake Mini Sessions

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

kdday2{2nd day of school for Peach, 1st day for Fella}

Even though I haven’t blogged in a while (SORRY!!!), I’ve been plenty busy adjusting to so many things…

What have we been up to, you ask?

  • Well, school started and although I’ve been loving the schedule, the kiddos are having a hard time adjusting to the early rising.   Much, much earlier bedtimes (for them, obviously not me, since I’m typing this at 2am) around here.    We had a last minute preschool switch-a-roo for my son (and for those that know me, know that I research and research and visit and research schools for the right fit, so changing something like that with zero time to do so just about put me over the edge.  It all ended up for the better — my little guy actually screams “yaaaaaay” when it’s time for school this year.  Something we’re not used to.  It makes my heart happy.

KClass1st{Peachers — Day 1}

  • And along with school starting comes….SOCCER starting!


  • I’ve been getting lovelies ready for my sister’s wedding : printing/sorting through images, designing the program, coordinating outfits for the adorable flower girl and handsome ring bearer, getting some fun things for bachelorette party, AND so much more…   It’s gonna be one INCREDI-party/smoochfest.
  • I’ve been assembling holiday cards and assigning locations and times to all of the LOVELY clients I will photograph this holiday season.  If you’d like to book a holiday session for Dallas, there are some spots still available….email me at maggiejmcd (@ ) for the deets.  If you are a Phoenix client or inquiring about holiday sessions there (October), mini sessions are now full.  I am HAPPY to put your name on a wait list just in case though!

Here’s an example of a fun card offered this season:

{front}  (obviously my enormo lollipop logo won’t be on the front!)



What a fun, stunning family!  :)

  • Kiddos and I have been on the hunt for some crazy supa-COOL photo locations.  We obviously found some…swooooon!   All that driving is totally worth it!!!


IMG_5556m-copyWell, I need some sleep.  Another very full day tomorrow!

The next week is going to be full of wedding prep, hanging with family AND a couple incredible California sessions.  I…CAN’T…WAIT!   Hopefully I’ll be able to pop in and give you a little teaser.

Have a lovely day!