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my OTHER two almost-kiddos | dallas / fort worth portrait photographer | holiday mini sessions

Thursday, October 28th, 2010


It’s always SO much fun to see these two. I love it because they make my kiddos grin from ear to ear, whether it’s conversations on the telephone from Texas to Arizona, or they are playing in person. Our kiddos pretty much grew up together, so every year (and hopefully more often than that) we get the gang together to create some sort of ruckus. ;)

This image above really GETS me! It’s how I see them most of the time…


And these portraits just show how beautiful and handsome they really are.

This series is just SO cute. It was T’s idea to sit on this tree and I think it was the absolute *perfect* spot!

SOOOoooo many more to go through and edit. I LOVE love L.O.V.E the adorable outfits their momma chose. The bold pink/orange combo looks AMAZING with the blue plaid amongst all the greenery. Some good ol’ color pop in nature just makes me sing and dance!


Thank you, J, for trusting ME to capture your two adorable pumpkins. I loved everything about this session…all the way down to the hula hooping at the end. ;)

I hope you have one lovely day!

now THIS is THEM | Dallas Metroplex Photographer | Holiday Mini Sessions

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Ahhh…gorgeous loving family. Super fun, sweet, funny, relaxed. These are the shots we get at first…
(i just love baby girl in her wrap all snuggled close to mom)


And thennnnn…things get fun, lovey-dovey and just a TAD crazy. We like real smiles over here, that’s for SURE! :)



It’s so awesome that they can 100% be themselves with a camera nearby! Guess it helps that I’ve been photographing them for years….sheesh…I just said YEARS!
LOVE the orange, pink and blue mix of clothing here, too. The colors just pop enough to give their portraits some oomph! Plaids, flowers, and solids have all been put together flawlessly. LOVELY job, C!

Hope you have one super day.
The B siblings will grace the blog manana! Yesss! Thx for stopping by…

{do this for them} | Dallas / Fort Worth Child Photographer

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I kept going back and forth about which images to post from this session…should I post the one with dad throwing the littlest lady up into the air, where you see her little belly-button and toothless grin, the portrait of the family by the colorful barn, where they’re all staggered and the middle sis looks sneaky-suspicious (a look I ADORE), the pic of the big brother that makes him look like a total tousled-hair 5-year-old Abercrombie model, the portrait of the family as themselves…looking at each other and loving through their eyes and arms, OR this portrait. It’s so simple.

Tonight I can only post this.


It’s a stand-alone image to me.

A portrait that any mom truly wants, BUT the most important thing is that this momma did this for her daughter. Her little “N” is going to look back someday and absolutely cherish this image and just know how much her momma loved her that very moment. I mean, LOOK at this mom’s love! (I just can’t get over it…)

While we, as parents, sometimes struggle with fitting in portrait sessions (the time, the money, the clothing, the image we want to present, etc), it’s important to just do it. For the kids. For our kids!

I’m realizing how truly precious life is as we approach the one-year anniversary of my father-in-law’s death. What I wouldn’t do for more pictures of my children with HIS grin and loving arms wrapped around them.

I promise you’ll see more of this fun bunch tomorrow…

a flower makes a happy girl | dallas / fort worth photography | holiday mini sessions

Monday, October 25th, 2010


As soon as little C found this flower there were smiley talks of surprising mom with it. After she fully studied it, of course!
***I love how flowers can break the ice and brighten up a day!***


I could photograph this sweetie everrrrry day. :)


Dad was so willing to be photographed with his little lady, so I went to town on images that captured their closeness. LOVE these.

More of the whole fam to come at a later date…. ;)

J…I’m so glad I was finally able to capture your beautiful family — we’ve waited a long time for this. Can’t WAIT to show you your images (coming soon).

More Phoenix family portraits coming tomorrow…and the next day….and the next! :) Gotta love it!
Thanks for stopping by…

happy girly explorers | colleyville family photography (on the road in Phoenix!)

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Here are two other little beauties that I have been able to watch grow up behind my lens! We always have such fun together. :)


They are smiley and silly and definitely into exploring. I love girly explorers! We found lots of citrus, an old barn, some chickens (+ a rooster!) AND they always seem to find my lollipops at the end pretty well. They’re always a hit, of course!

LOVE these sweet family portraits. :)

Hope you all have a super rest of your weekend! I’ll appear tomorrow, same place (ha!), with some S family portraits. F family…you’re next! :)

a yearly thing! | dallas / fort worth family photography (on the road in Phoenix!)

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

I LOVE seeing clients year after year — it’s great to have a quick catch up with the parents as we walk and photograph, but it’s always shockingly fun to see the little faces that have grown over the last year. Milk, Spaghettios, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese do that to a kid, ya know. :)

And I just have to add…I love how colorful their clothes are! They really pop in all that greenery…clothing and accessories can really MAKE a session. :)


Ahhh…LOVE this candid mom and daughter moment, coupled with the most *perfect* golden light. :)

I photographed this little lady when she was two weeks old and it brings me great joy to watch little A and her big brother grow up! They’re SO cute and ultra sweet. It was hard for me to get even an alone shot of the little lady because her brother was always right by her side. They have such a cute relationship.


And a fav. Just looks peaceful, doesn’t it? :)
SO many fun choices for holiday cards this year — can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Hope you have one wonderful weekend. We just had a mega downpour in TX, so the whole fam is outside diverting dirty water so it doesn’t land in our pool while I blog (yay!). Off to a bday party, Fall Festival, AND spooky Halloween walk this eve. Hope things clear up for these excited kids.

Next up…the J family for a Sunday sneak peek. Then some of the S fam for Monday! Only FIVE more after that (YIPES) and more sessions to photograph soon…so keep your eyes peeled for more fab and fresh families to hit the bloggity. I appreciate your support!!!!!

Taking Time | Maggie McDonald Photography | Dallas / Forth Worth Photographer (on the road in Phoenix!)

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Gorgeous, gorgeous young lady…

I had SUCH an incredible time with this family. After a previous day of mini sessions, where I definitely did my share of kid-chasing, it was a breath of fresh air to just slow down and take the time to capture what makes this fam unique. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE photographing little kiddos more that you know…this session just took me from my norm into another realm of photography that I really enjoy.

She knew JUST what to do in front of the camera and had lots of fun ideas for me, too!


LOVE this family portrait! :)

So, so so many more. I’m still deep inside my editing cave (and smiling!) getting all these fab images ready for clients. I’ll return tomorrow with a sneak peek of some portraits from the G Fam!
Hope you have one lovely weekend…

When she gave me this look… | Colleyville Family Photography (on the road in Phoenix!)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

When little A gave me this look, I about fell over.
I mean, she’s precious, cute-as-a-button, and super sweet, but when you add in a little head tilt and her hand in her hair…ADORABLE!!!

We can’t forget the rest of her loving family…
Plus two more older brothers…

Add the kiddos all together and you get a mega love-filled happy hug fest.
Hugs don’t get much better than that!

Hope you have a terrific day!

Sneak Peek Update: S Family tomorrow, then the G family on Saturday. I’m on a roll! :)

Four Smiling Faces | Holiday Mini Sessions | Dallas Fort Worth Family Photography (in Phoenix!)

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

I absolutely love meeting new clients, and this family was all smiles. We did quite our share of walking and everyone was up for anything!
IMG_4634mW Oh how I ADORE the color of this yellow background. I think it really suits their wardrobe, which I love, by the way! Mom did a super job mixing patterns, textures, colors…yay!

Check out the jewels on this snazzy dress! My daughter would go hog wild!!! :)

IMG_4674mweb:::Jumps!::: :) These two are SO adorable and incredibly sweet.


I could post and post the awesome images from this session, but I’d better get back to my editing cave! Three galleries going out tomorrow…and many more patient families waiting for edits and sneak peeks. Coming soon (E Family Thurs, S family peeks on Friday)!!!

Have a lovely day.

Oh, the Phoenix Palm Trees | Holiday Mini Sessions | Dallas Family Photographer (on the road!)

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Oh it was awesome to be back to the warmth and loveliness of Phoenix. It was not too hot and there was SO MUCH love in the air surrounded by our family and friends. Watching my kiddos wrap their arms around their grandparents and play with their lifelong friends is always priceless. Our visit to Sedona just topped off the visit, too. Incredibly breathtaking & peaceful — just what we all needed!

SO, l (Lucky ME!) had sessions with 10 incredible families in two days (gulp…YES!) and although it was a whirlwind, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The first family was adventurous, loving, & knew JUST what to do. These siblings loved each other so very much and it was awesome to be able to capture their squeezy hugs and smiles. :)




I loved that Dad wanted to get his truck in a shot or two…

So many more super images from our time together…this is merely a tease for a very patient mom!
:::Tomorrow, some images from the W Family:::
I’ll be posting every day for quite some time until everyone has a sneak peek! I’ve been editing like crazy cakes, so if you’ve been photographed by me recently, be on the lookout for some information regarding the 2010 Holiday Card line (it’s awesome to browse!) AND your gallery links.

Hope you have one lovely day!