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Magoose is 3 Months! | Dallas / Fort Worth Photographer

Thursday, March 29th, 2012


Isn’t “Magoose” the cutest little nickname?  :)

Oh how I loved this session.  This little lady was such a BIG DEAL, she had her mom, two sisters, and her little brother along to watch her be cuter-than-cute.  She got tons of lovin’ from her mom and sisters, got to relax in a little vintage crate in a stunning green field, “hopped” her first fence with us, and checked out some horses at the stable.  Mom scoped out this lovely outdoor location (she was SO excited for the long green grasses/weeds JUST like me) and we worked together to get everything just right.  LOVE working as a team with clients to bring both of our visions to fruition!

I see this cutie pie quite often (I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph this lovely family numerous times now!), so everything about our day was extra relaxing and fun…    One funny little factoid is that little L discovered her tongue earlier in the day, so MOST of our shots had her little tongue sticking wayyyy out.  These smiles were the in-betweens.  :)

Hope you have one lovely day!