Rockin’ Book Review: Tails by Matthew Van Fleet



Here’s the thing.

I love children’s books.  Always have — as a kid, teacher, mom, I could/can never get enough.  Books and I have this special relationship :)  …I just can’t stop buying them.  SO, I thought…why not review a cool kid book every week or so for those of you that might be interested. 

I’ll say a little about the book and why we like it — have pics of my kiddos reading it.  Maybe branch out to pics of other kiddos reading a book they recommend.  That might be fun! 

So, here’s the first review.

img_0958-bookpic.jpg [click pic if you'd like it bigger]

Book: Tails

Author:  Matthew Van Fleet

Got this book:  from a friend for J’s birth (I was totally shocked I’d never seen it before — it’s great!!!)

Rating:  10 Golden Grahams (that’s good!!!  10 is the best.  :) )

About:  This board-like book is great fun for the little ones.   The text rhymes and it talks of tails of various animals.  It certainly appeals to all senses – kids touch furry tails, smell a skunk tail, drag their finger along a bumpy tail, hear the cute text, and move little strips (like a pop-up book, but durable) to see various tails move.  There’s also a fancy sparkly peek-a-boo page for the peacock, which is an absolute hit.   It’s a very interactive, colorful book and would be a great gift for someone’s child or a total hit for your own library. 

*It’s not as thick as a board book, but pages are extremely well made.  Ours has lasted for quite a while and shows no signs of trauma from little hands pulling and prodding all the time.  :)

Age: Baby-Preschool

Price: $13.95  ($10-something @ amazon right now)

=====> IF any of you have a book we should take a look at, let us know!  We’re always looking for the latest and greatest books.  I hope we can find some new, awesome books out of this, too! 

About the pics…no flash, taken last-minute before bed because the kids were being so cute (couldn’t resist!) Because of the no flash and low light, I had to use an ultra-high ISO — makes pics grainy if it’s too high, but I took care of that with some software I recently purchased.  I did have the kids reading right next to a light, which helped a bit. 

Thanks for reading and here are a couple more pics — just couldn’t narrow them down today!   ~m


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  1. julie Says:

    I’m lovin’ the book review! Great idea!

  2. jen Says:

    i adore these shots! what ISO were you at? Merry Christmas!

  3. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    The highest my 5D will go…1600! I never shoot at night–I don’t even like to shoot higher than 100-200, so this was a big change for me. :) Happy Holidays, Jen!

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