Bubbles ‘n’ Milk

Little G LOVES bubbles (like 1,000 times a DAY loves bubbles!!!), so what’s the first thing he asks for when his parents greet him at his crib in the morning???  Bubbles! 

On this particular morning, I saw G armed with his morning sippy cup of milk with eyes looking like he was on a mission.   He toddled to the back patio, where his chubby 1 1/2 inch finger pressed the “on” button to his bubble machine.  The bubbles immediately started pouring out and this guy was beyond thrilled.  Oh, to be a kid again!  :)

It was SO much fun getting to stay at my pal Claire’s house while in Florida.  We had so much fun together even though we were both pretty darn busy.  One morning, she went with her hubby to pick up something down the road and I had the pleasure of being alone with their cuter-than-cute son.  On the porch.  With the bubbles.

^ He wasn’t too sure about me at first  and then soon forgot about the stranger with the camera.

So, yeah, I had some competition for his attention, but I didn’t mind.  I just love kids doing their own thing.  Fortunately, he was interested in my big lens and we got some great shots of him looking at me with those gorgeous blues of his.  :)

So here’s a peek into a typical morning with G.  



^ Sippy cup with milk. 

Fresh Air. 

Florida Sunshine.

Oh…and the Bubbles. 

I only wish I could have captured the hanging out on mom and dad’s bed and the showering of kisses this guy receives, but HEY…I’ll be back to capture that. 

Oh, and for some less colorful shots from our little 4-minute mini session…

 ^ I think this one just might be my fav.  :)

Miss you guys and hope you LOVE this little surprise of pics.   ~m

[Thanks to everyone else that stopped by today!]

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  1. jen Says:

    i think my fav is the last image too. although, the sippy cup angle is awesome! :)

  2. Carole Says:

    Just had my morning “fix” of Maggie photos! They always make me smile. And these of G are perfect. He is such a mini-version of his grandfather … always has that serious look on his face! :-) So cute!

  3. James Dunn Says:

    The amount of character captured on his face in the first photo surprised me, but for the good. I absolutely love the monochrome shots, BUT the sippy cup shot……the essence of a little one =)

  4. James Dunn Says:

    Sorry, make the second photo ;-)

  5. julie B Says:

    Yes, these pictures are great and G is cute…. but IS THAT A BUZZ LIGHTYEAR CHAIR I SEE????????? :P

  6. cathy Says:

    Love those… :)

  7. Phil Says:

    That has GOT to be the most bodacious sippy cup I have ever seen.

  8. Mimi Says:

    Your fav is my fav. This kid is a thinker! (captured by you)

  9. Sherry Says:

    What a cutie. Love the sippie cup shot….And yes Julie, I was noticing the Buzz LIghtyear chair too!

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