{Merry Christmas}

Yeah, it’s a little early, but I wanted to get this out there and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  I’ll be taking a bloggity break for a week while we celebrate, do some traveling and just have fun together.  I’ll be taking lots of pics, of course! 

I took this picture of Peach and Santa yesterday.  It’s my new favorite pic.   He just whisked her up into his arms and all she could do was stare.


I love:

*her gaze — she’s amazed that it’s really Santa!

*Santa’s beard

*their real eye contact

*the lit wagon in the background

*(this one is from my sis) it looks like a posed Norman Rockwell — it’s like Santa’s going to offer her a Coca-Cola 

*Santa’s arms around her

*Santa’s plush suit — looks like the real deal!

Happy Holidays and safe travels to those of you taking off for a bit.   ~m

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  1. Jill Says:

    That is beautiful. We’re going to take the girls this morning to see Santa. I hope Sophie is as amazed as Kate was!! I already know how Kylie is going to be…..Have fun on your trip!! Merry Christmas!

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