Cuter than cute!



Oh man.  This little guy was just adorable.  I had so much fun hanging out with his mom (a friend from high school!) and dad, who are SO relaxed for being first time parents.   I could have watched them interact with little L all day.   This wonderful family has been through a lot with L during pregnancy and the first month of his life and he’s perfect and healthy and I’m just so happy for them.

I braved a major snowstorm (at least it felt like it!) to drive out to Castle Rock, and it was SO worth it.   Thanks for having me (and for the delicious lunch) and I sure hope we can see each other in Phoenix sometime???!!!  (hint hint!) 






7 Responses to “Cuter than cute!”

  1. jen Says:

    ohmygoodness. gorgeous stuff maggie. seriously, you took my breath away. lens(es) you used? welcome home!

  2. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    THANK YOU so much Jen for your ever-so-positive comments. :) You’re so sweet & I truly appreciate your feedback. Let’s see…even though I had every intention of using a variety of lenses (I brought 4!), I just shot with my 24-70mm L (it’s fairly new). I wrapped up and said “Whoa…I just used one lens that whole time.”– must have been pretty focused. :) Hope you’re doing well! ~m

  3. sriluvienephotography Says:

    Absolutely fabulous, Maggie! I love so many in this series that I can’t even pick a favorite. And boy, that little guy is such a cutie! :)

    Are you just loving your 24-70 or what??!

  4. mimi Says:

    Great photos of a cutie who looks like he already has personality — that you captured. What a variety of shots, very creative. I look at your blog all the time!

  5. Amy V Says:

    What a nice gift for C&B! These look amazing, Maggie.

    Just wanted to say hello from Colorado — one of your old choir buddies. :)

  6. jen Says:

    i thought for sure on that second to last one you had to have a 1.8 or something. :) right now my 24-70 is my sole lens… it does everything!

  7. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    Hey Amy! So nice to hear from you. I was just asking about you the other day. Hope all is well! :)

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