~Peace Out~

Isn’t this funny? 


It’s all about the hands today and me trying to capture some up close action.  I’m taking a class right now through BetterPhoto* and our lesson is on close ups….thought I’d show you some of mine.  :)   Still working on editing some more (of course!) but I thought these were blog worthy. 

The Little Fella still has blanket marks on his head from his nap.  :)   Too cute. 


I like the little fiber he’s playing with in this last one. 


I’ve always loved those extreme close up shots.  Can’t wait to learn more and get creative with it.  Have a good rest of your weekend.


2 Responses to “~Peace Out~”

  1. sriluvienephotography Says:

    Maggie — Love that first shot! I really like the macro — great addition to your arsenal.


  2. jen Says:

    the fact the you caught those little hands still! fab work, my dear.

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