{A Cotton Field}


Just playing around a bit more (above) with texture.  I could really do this alllll night (and pretty much do)!  :)  

Found a fun cotton field.  Added a crisp (yet sunny) AZ day, a super cute coat, and an adorable (sure, I can say that about my own kiddo) but fidgety little girl to the equation, and we were able to come up with some cute stuff!!! 

 As many of you moms know, it’s sure not easy to take pictures of your own child.  I just keep taking pics and hope for the best!  Bribery can help in moments of desperation, too.  :)    Did I just say that???  :)     


Be on the lookout for some changes tomorrow!  :)    ~m

2 Responses to “{A Cotton Field}”

  1. Jill Says:

    Love that first one…looks like it’s from the 1800′s – with the colors, the coat, her red hair in pig-tails.

  2. jen Says:

    i’m in love with texture. you created a gorgeous image. couldn’t you live with that on your wall for years!?

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