A Logo, baby!!!


I’ve been waiting forevvvver for my logo to arrive and it FINALLY did.  I think it’s pretty fresh and fun.    Yea!

I wanted something that would span all ages, be fun, colorful, creative and different.  [Pretty much sums up what I want to be as a photographer] 

 —>So, to celebrate this “Crowning of the Logo” special day, I’m going to give away a $15 Starbucks card to one random, lucky, super-fresh commenter.  I’ll put all the numbers (in order of your comment) in a hat and have Peach pick one out at her bedtime  (Wed., 1/30 at 7pm).  It’ll be in the mail to you the very next day.  Yippeeeee!   You can tell your pals (or significant other!) to comment to get the gift card or just keep this little secret to yourself.   *****All you have to do is tell me what your favorite color in the lollipop is and why!*****    You can leave your email in your comment below (if I don’t have it) or wait to find out the results on Thurs (and then send it to me)!  Whether you’re a regular blog reader or totally new to the [blog o' pics], doesn’t matter!!!    

Gooooooooooooooood luck and can’t wait to hear your favorite colors.  Oh, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if some Starbucks slurping is in your future.

I’ll start:  {Red} I love bold, bright, cherry-red, flowers, nail polish for toes, bricks (and their many shades of red), hearts, and fruit punch.     ~m

14 Responses to “A Logo, baby!!!”

  1. Glenda Says:

    What a “yummy” logo you have!

  2. Glenda Says:

    My favorite color in the lollipop is pink. It is innocent and cheerful and reminds me my baby girl.

  3. Jill Says:

    Yellow – it’s always been one of my favorites! It’s so happy, cheerful, bright, fresh, silly, it can’t help but put you in a good mood, reminds me of a fun summer day!

  4. tami Says:

    Maggie, I love your new logo!
    Pink-It reminds me that I’m the mother of two gorgeous girls, sweet cotton candy, beautiful spring tulips, and did I already say my precious girls.

  5. Jacqueline Says:

    M~ Love the new logo…It’s very fresh.
    My fav color is red mostly for what it stands for: LIFE. Boldness, LOVE & HEARTS for my little girl, blood to give us life, red for my pinot noir I love to drink!
    I love my red toes as well….

  6. jen Says:

    orange! i just adore orange… it’s cheery and warm. the logo looks fantastic! love the header :)

  7. Jessica Says:

    Congratulations on your logo!!!!!

    Purple: “grape” just reminds me of childhood! Kinda’ like those “grape jelly” cubes they have at breakfast diners. When else do we actually eat too many grape things that aren’t, well…actually grapes! :-)

  8. Phil Says:

    Lllllllucky number SEVEN! The number of my all time favorite quarterback, on my all time favorite team, which wears the color orange. Done, done, and done.

  9. cathy Says:

    I’m saying I like the red in your logo because it stands out at the top–like you, my friend! :) I’m glad you finally got your logo–so so fun! Excellent choice, and I think it represents you and your vision so well. Ben and I will be done with our album choices soon…it’s really to chose. :)

  10. Julie B Says:

    Ooooh… love it!!! :)

    I have to say 2 colors, and I love that they are next to each other — bright pink and orange! The colors of Cameron’s room!

  11. Andrea Says:

    I love your logo, congrats! My favorite is yellow because it reminds me of how beautiful my daughter looks in that color and made me smile!

  12. Carole Says:

    Why orange of course … for this earthy girl what could be more earthy?!


  13. Sherry Says:

    Love the logo!!

    Pink is my favorite of course. Pink for my little Laney girl, so sweet and innocent. I’ve got to get that in somewhere for that little stinker!! Pink reminds me of my mom, because she looks so pretty in pink and because she’s a breast cancer survivor!

    I think I passed the cutoff, but still wanted to comment.

  14. Mandy Says:

    I love the Aqua Blue. The color makes me feel so calm and relaxed. In my mind it is the color of breaking waves at the ocean. My feet digging in to the warmth of the sand, the cool ocean mist on my face. I can feel the gentle warm breeze on my face, in my hair.

    It is the serenity that I need when I am knee deep in the daily monotony of life. The peace I feel when I let my mind wander for a moment from the hectic pace of my everyday.

    I know I passed your cuttoff, but I wanted to share anyway! Thank you

    (love the logo)

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