{kidlets in action}

 Had a great day at the park today.  Lovin’ this perfect AZ weather.


I {heart} this picture.  For some reason it just really pulls at my heart strings.  She’s so into it and cute.  

I love the background and framing by the tree to the right.  The colors of the horse and her shirt pop just enough. 

It’s just a snapshot of what she’s like in real life.  No “say cheese” portrait smiles (like those hat ones a couple days ago).  This is just me capturing her inner child.  And that, is my true goal.  If I could capture each child’s essence, I’d be an in-demand lady!  Better keep practicing…


A recent goal of mine is to improve capturing action in photos.  So, I set off to do just that today.  What I really wanted was some jumps, twirls and leaps by Peach, but she’d rather swing, slide down the pole, and ride the horsie.  Fine by me!  Little Fella loved the sand, swing, and a couple pine cones (“paaa”) he found on the way to the car.  We had a great time together.  :)


^ Lotsa funny faces lately. 

Okay…if you’re looking for the winner of the Starbuck’s gift card….look no further!


Congrats PHIL, you lucky duck!  Card is in the mail!  <—OOPS…the winner isn’t PHIL!  It’s JESS!!!  Yeah, Jess!  Send me your addy girlie and I’ll get one off to YOU in the mail.  Funny that the Starbucks gift card is going to the coffee addict in Seattle.  I remember you and your coffee at Skye’s workshop, girl!  :)  

I was THRILLED with all the comments on the blog.  Thank you all so much for participating and be on the lookout for more freebies!  And what a treat to have Carole stop by.  {mwah…miss you!!!}


10 Responses to “{kidlets in action}”

  1. jen Says:

    rockin’ images! was it a high ss that caught little man so sharp?

  2. Phil Says:

    Somehow I was number 8, not 7. Actually, it goes to show, always reload your browser in a internet sweepstakes involving a $15 giftcard contest when you want #7. Darn.

  3. Molly B. Says:

    Maggie! The family told me about your blog so I decided to check it out. Your pictures are amazing! I had fun looking through all of them. “Peach” is so cute :) Miss you and Love ya!

  4. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    MOL! So happy you stopped by. Lovies to you, too. Maybe I can take some pics of YOU this summer…think we’re heading out there in August. Photo shoot with your surf board maybe??? :)

  5. cathy Says:

    Oh my gosh, I love that swing picture of J. COOL! And that close-up of him–soooo cute! What a sweet face.

  6. Andrea Says:

    That looks just like the park I went to with my sister n law today, off southern………that’s funny i was just about to post my photos on my blog, although they are not nearly as awesome as yours! Beautiful photos.

  7. Julie B Says:

    LOVE the swing pic! :)

  8. Jill Says:

    Don’t even know Phil, but isn’t he #7 – since post 1 & 2 are by the same person…….sorry, just had to add that!! =)

  9. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    You’re too funny, Jill! :) When I put the numbers in the hat last night, I put in 2-12 (because 1 and 2 were the same person). It was just easier that way. I like how you’re sticking up for my brother though!!! :)

  10. Phil Says:

    Wait a second! Jill is on to something here. I demand a RECOUNT! Where are we, Florida?

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