{A Sleeping Little Beauty}


Went to a bday party.

All the kiddos ran wild and had an incredible time.

Lots of socializing and kiddo cuteness.

This little one had a little too much fun and zonked out.  :)


I just LOVE sleepy pics.


How cute is this???  My fav of the bunch.  I love the body language — how the little one is tugging on mom’s shirt and how mom’s hands are wrapped securely around her.   Thanks for letting me share, J.   ~m

7 Responses to “{A Sleeping Little Beauty}”

  1. srilu viene Says:

    aawww… that’s simply precious.

    The last one’s my favorite for sure. :)

  2. Andrea Says:

    How cute!

  3. Jill Says:

    Very cute pics of my little one. She looks just like my dad in those – totally Italian – with her dark features popping. Not very often that I get a pic of her and I….so thank you!

  4. Sherry Says:

    WOW! Love those pics Maggie and Jill! What a little sweetheart.

  5. Tami Says:

    You always rock in getting the details in the eyelashes! The last picture is wow! Those are the moments a mother treasures.

  6. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    Thanks Tami. I LOVE eyelashes and sleepy kids. I was on that little one like a hawk when she fell asleep. Well…not really. :)

    -Thanks for the comments everybody. -

  7. julie B Says:

    These are amazing! I love, love the last one too. She looks so precious.

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