storyboardin’ it!

OH MAN…aren’t they SUPER cute???  :)

If I’ve taken pics for you or your family, you’ve most likely witnessed my love for (and addiction to) storyboards. They are such an incredible way to tell a story and show like more of an art piece in your home.

You see, I don’t just throw images together. I pay attention to lighting, which direction images are facing, and what the message and overall feel is!

I met with R’s mom today and the plan was for her to select some favorites from her session and put those in her ordering cart under the “favorites” section. From there, I choose one, two or three of her favs and place them together into a 10×20 storyboard. 24 hours (or less!) later, her favs, along with some that I have chosen, magically appear in her cart for viewing! It’s so easy AND fun for me.

And you know what? R’s mom is working on displaying images on long shelves in their family room, so once they’re ready to go, if she chooses a storyboard, it will look incredible up on a shelf, even not framed! :)

SOoooo…her are some of the examples I put into her cart this evening!
Have one terrific day!

5 Responses to “storyboardin’ it!”

  1. Jill Says:

    Those are super cute! I love her facial expressions in that last set – and who doesn’t love baby thigh rolls?? =)

  2. Meg Says:

    Super, SUPER, cute!!!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I love your storyboards! You can tell you put thought and detail into each one.

  4. tami Says:

    the personality SCREAMS in those black and white story boards! oh my what a cutie!!!

  5. Maggie Says:

    Thank you, thank you!!! :)

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