Oh man. I love this pic. :) When mom and I were talking about what she wanted to capture at her session, she talked about this cute costume her son wears ALL the time. Then she went on to say that her daughter loves to follow him around and do whatever he’s doing. Ummm…we captured EXACTLY that. :) Phew! I love how busy he looks — like this superhero stuff is serious business.

Little splash of color for ya!
Lately, I’ve been really into the vintage look with photos (a little yellow tint, where some color is subdued). Most clients have been receiving THREE versions of images in their online photo cart — color, vintage, and black and white. I love the variety and hope you do, too!

The photo on the L is vintage, on the R is regular color!

Have a super weekend. We’re off to gymnastics and then I have a Celebrating Adoption photo shoot. Can’t wait! ~m

3 Responses to “~superhero~”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Super cute. I love the vintage look you do on the photos.

  2. jen Says:

    first image is AWESOME! i love how you see the relationship between these cuties in just a moment!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I love the superhero picture. The picture with both of kids is WAY adorable! What cuties!

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