{peachie pie}

{my cutie little 4-year-old}

Believe it or not…this particular day she was READY to do a little posing for me. I was totally shocked, and although it lasted about 2.5 minutes, that was all I really needed.

Peach is a terrific kiddo — one thing that I absolutely love about her is that she can be rough and tumble, picking up worms galore with dirt and paint all over her, while insisting on wearing a dress, or something special that reminds her of Cinderella. Too cute.

About 20 minutes after this shoot, she was completely up to her ears in mud. Gotta love it.

Have a super day. ~m

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6 Responses to “{peachie pie}”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Oh my goodness, she is too adorable! I LOVE your photography!

  2. julie Says:

    LOVE the hands on the hips! She knows how to work it ;)

  3. jen Says:

    LOVE, love, love her workin’ it. she is just to die for. fantastic backdrop… perfect images.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    You go K!!! Love the pose…reminds me of another little girl I know. You can totally tell she is a girly girl who likes to get messy. She is so darn cute!

  5. Maggie Says:

    Awww…thanks ladies! Do you notice she’s not looking at me??? :) That’s what she does! Darn!

  6. Sherry Says:

    Too cute. Love the skirt and LOVE the backdrop!

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