[Her Look]


Meet L.  She just has this rockin’ look, doesn’t she??? 


When I found out she was pregnant, I remember telling her that I’d LOVE to take maternity photos of her.  Maybe I was being a little selfish.  :)   I knew as a team we could come up with some images that were amazingly different. 


She’s super cool and sweet and a terrific mom.   We met over a year ago at our neighborhood park and every minute we hang out is great fun for us and our kiddos.  She has two cute-as-pie boys and is expecting a little princess next month.  I couldn’t be happier for her and her hubby. 

L was up for anything and the second my camera clicked she was in the zone…the model zone!  I don’t think she knew she had it in her (to WORK IT like that) but she totally does! 


L didn’t really have any idea of what types of shots she wanted, so we tried just about anything (SO much fun!) and learned even more about each other until sun decided to set. 



Thanks, L for your friendship and trusting in me to take photographs of you and your flippin’ CUTE belly!  I am beyond thrilled to meet baby J and you know I’m here if you need me…   ~m

12 Responses to “[Her Look]”

  1. Tami Says:

    I love the last picture! Great direction!

  2. julie B Says:

    These are awesome! She looks amazing.

    :) HAPPY 10,000!!!!!! :)

  3. jen Says:

    LOVE the 1st and last. Awesome work per usual. :)

  4. andreawhittle Says:

    These are so great! She is really glowing wish I looked that cute when I was preggo lol!

  5. Mimi Says:

    Love the door with character. Love the different looks you got. Favorite: L with a sultry look with lovely lacy top with lacy-looking “sleeves.” L looks beautiful.

  6. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    Yea! 10,000 hits today. You’re SO right, Julie. :) All comments left today will be put into a hat and the winner gets EITHER a $15 gift certificate to Cold Stone OR a TOTALLY awesome surprise. Thanks for your kind words, everyone.

  7. Jill Says:

    Hmmm, my faves are the 3rd (front of door) and the last! Love how you are just mixing things up so much – not just the traditional maternity shots!! So fun to look at!

  8. Phil Says:

    $15 dollar gift certificate. Lucky number #8. I’m going to practice numbers with Kate later today and tell her whenever you pull a number out of a hat it always equals 8. It should work.

  9. julie B Says:

    HA HA Uncle Phil, you crack me up!

    So, do I get double the chances if I comment twice today??? ;)

  10. Glenda Says:

    Such great shots! I think #4 is my fav. Keep up the great work!!

  11. srilu viene Says:

    Maggie – I LOVE set!

    L looks stunning. I remember meeting her at K’s party and thinking she was gorgeous back then and she still is. :)

    Great work pal!

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