:::What I love about this image::: With large families, moments like this don’t just happen. They’re usually staged. THIS one just happened. After some posed group shots, we headed over to the ledge to take in the beauty of the land and BAM! this is what I saw. Now, of course, once everyone was there I said….WHOA…stay right there looking out…and make sure you’re really close with your family group…so it wasn’t “posed” per se. A lucky, gorgeous moment of an extended family at peace, together, taking in a breathtaking view.

Ahhh…where do I begin? I was contacted several months ago about photographing a family of 17. Two parents (grandparents now!), their 5 children — some with their spouses (adults now!) and THEIR 7 children (the grandkids). All of them were meeting in Sedona for a family reunion of sorts. Because it’s so hard to get 17 people together, they just don’t know how long it will be before this happens again. I was contacted because the siblings wanted to get pics for the grandparents — to capture this rare time when the WHOLE family was together.

I have to be honest and say that large groups definitely aren’t something I’m used to or gravitate toward. Because so many individuals are involved, it’s hard to get creative and do all those special things I love to do when it’s just a family of 4. BUT, I decided to give it a whirl.

The week before our shoot, one son (the hubby of a lovely pal from middle school!) went scouting locations. When I got there, the afternoon of the shoot, the WHOLE gang was ready (WOW–that’s a feat in itself!) and we piled in a 15 passenger van (PLUS a truck behind the van!) and headed up, up, up a mountain. This was 20 minutes of dirt road crazy bumpiness — so worth it though! The spot he found was terrific. Peaceful, gorgeous, & scenic with TONS of variety. We set to work right away!

One of the siblings immediately took charge and relayed my ideas to the group, which was SO nice. She could call out specific names if I had a request for an individual or family grouping. She and her sister-in-law (my pal!) also had lots of fun ideas, which I ALWAYS love and appreciate. I think it’s awesome when my clients feel comfortable enough to give me an original idea of theirs — it seriously MAKES a photo shoot. LOVE it!

So, yeah. Now I can say I photographed a group of 17. It was *so* much better than I thought it would be because of the constant help from the family, great listening (which is essential in those big posed shots!!!), and just laid back nature of everyone. EVERYONE was just a joy! :)

Because we were so efficient up there, I got lots of pics of individual families, grandkids, the grandparents with their kids, grandparents with the grandkids….and so on! Can’t wait to show you guys some of my faves!!! (it’ll be a week or so while I tie up all the holiday card ordering and finish up two more galleries).

***Lucky ME*** My fam and I are actually getting OUR pictures taken this weekend (and YES…I’ve royally stressed about the outfits and accessories!!!) up at a ranch near Prescott. We will have no cell or internet access, so I’m going to be out of touch for a couple days enjoying horses, cows, campfires, kids being kids, the company of friends, and gorgeous wide open spaces. Could it get any better???? Oh, and there’s a RED BARN there, too. Wooo hooo! :) Don’t worry, I’ll be working (ie taking LOTS of pics!), so you’ll see some ultra fun images when we return.

Have one fabulous weekend. ~m

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  1. julie Says:

    WOW, breathtaking is right! That is one cool shot. Have a super fun weekend, can’t wait to see those pics! :)

  2. Claire Says:

    This shot is killer. 17! I am simply amazed. What a neat experience!

  3. stephanie Says:

    Oh My Goodness!!! That picture is sooo beautiful! That is so nice that their family of 17 got together for something so special. Very nice!

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