[ranchin' in COLOR]

:::more of this gorgeous family below:::

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WHAT a weekend.

We had an absolute blast at a 23,000 acre ranch out near Prescott. It was, not only a stunning property, but we met (and stayed with) the nicest, most hospitable people, and the kids loved the freedom of ranch life.

Peach spent 99.9% of the time with a kitty in her arms and glued to a new little 4-year-old friend she made. She had perma-grin the whole time and it felt like I barely saw her. :)

Fella loved chasing the kitties, and, of course, rides on the 4-wheeler and rock throwing.

I cannot even explain how I felt. I loved the extra family time and peaceful beauty there. It was a much needed break from the fast-paced life in which we live!

While we were there, I had the pleasure of taking pictures of a dear friend of mine and her stunning family. She is also a photographer in the valley and is expecting baby number three in several weeks.

Taking pics of another photographer was HARD work!!! :) But definitely fun.   Check out this little beauty!

And her beautiful twin sis…

I just have to say that I *LOVE* how T stepped out of the box and dressed her fam in bright colors.  I think it really makes her family pop and look so fresh and stylish.

We had our family pics taken, too, so be on the lookout for some of those! Listen to this…seriously 7 minutes before our photo shoot, my hubby went to the car to get some shoes and BAM! walked right into a tree branch he couldn’t see because of the sun.  Mmmm hmmmm…that branch left a HUGE scratch all over his face!!! :) Go figure! At least we have a good story AND some Photoshop practice!

Stay tuned for:::more Sedona pics, AND a super fun, outdoorsy, chic maternity shoot done at the ranch this weekend.

Have a spectacular week and thank you SOOOO very much {P family} for such a fun trip AND to the amazing K family for having us.    I feel recharged. :)   Yipppeeee.   ~m

9 Responses to “[ranchin' in COLOR]”

  1. Jill Says:

    Wow! I love that storyboard and the one of the two girls standing on the fence. Very cool – what a fun place to take pics. Can’t wait to see your family ones – did your friend do them for you?

  2. Andrea Says:

    Those are so cute, I love the one of the girls! You are so talented!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    That is sooo funny about the tree branch! sorry J. Those girls are beautiful!!! The ranch looks like super fun.

  4. jen Says:

    stellar work, mags! love, love, love. what a CUTE belly and stylin’ cute girls!

  5. julie Says:

    CUTE! So glad you had an awesome time! 23,000 acres??!! Can’t wait to see more maternity pics (always my fave) and of course some of YOUR family!

  6. jackie Says:

    Beautiful family! Great work. Looks like you guys had tons of fun:)

  7. tami Says:

    WOW Mags! That is one fabulous family and ONE fabulous photographer! Thanks for sharing your talent with my fam! I loved being in front of the camera for a change and enjoying what each of your clients gets to enjoy! I can’t wait to share your family time and THE EXTRA creative time I get to have with your super hubs and SUPER cute kids! Of course, minus the scar….seriously, how does that happen just before a session! LOVE ya…:)

  8. tami Says:

    can i just write how AMAZING you are to get my sweet cash to smile at the camera! this is a RARE moment….not a moment many have been able to capture…at least the one where she isn’t throwing back her head while saying CHEESE! thanks again maggie!

  9. Sherry Says:

    Love these photos!! Love all the colors and that red barn is too cool! Can’t wait to see more and see some of the McD’s!

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