{plasma fun}

And the many faces of T:::these totally make me crack up. ESPECIALLY the first one with those big brown eyes (with the sneaky look)!

I am {PHEW} finally almost done editing all the sessions I’ve had in the last while. It feels wonderful! If you haven’t seen your slideshow or gallery yet, get ready for some photo lovin’!

Want/need a session for 2009 to celebrate YOU , your kids, or that amazing family of yours??? Currently, I am booked for December and only have 2 more sessions available in January. February AND March are starting to book, as well, so if you’re interested in capturing moments before it gets too hot, let’s set something up!

Have a terrific day!!! ~m

5 Responses to “{plasma fun}”

  1. julie Says:

    Ha! I’ve seen all of these, some more than others (the sneaky one ;) )

  2. Phil Says:

    What a WILDMAN! Cameron doesn’t know how brave she is…

  3. tami Says:

    that first picture is just a crack up! i love this sibling love! super fun personalities!

  4. Maggie Says:

    You’re RIGHT, Phil…she doesn’t! :) She was totally chill on that thing (while holding on super tight) and he was all over the place…he’s a master at the plasma car, I tell ya!

    Glad we decided on your holiday card, Jules. ;)

  5. Sherry Says:

    ADORABLE!!! these are all sooo cute. Love the second one with Cameron peeking over Tyler’s shoulder. The trio of Tyler…every one of those is so him. I LOVE that middle picture. CAN’T WAIT to get the Xmas card in the mail. You know how I love that!!

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