I’ve been waiting to edit these two images since the session, but MADE myself do other *more important* things before I got to them…ahhh…isn’t my sis stunning? I love how the curves of her figure contrast with all the straight lines in the images. Plus, the door, lanterns…everything seems larger than life, and there she is, looking regal amidst it all.

I’ve started working with a new wide angle lens that is QUITE fun…just getting used to it though, so it only comes out of my bag for a couple minutes a session…this was one of those minutes!

I’m excited to show you more…there are literally hundreds more that I love from this shoot….if only there was enough TIME in the day. :)

Have one fantastic day. ~m

7 Responses to “lines//curves”

  1. jen Says:

    you know i’ll be jackin’ that lens from you! :) she is stunning! and your images are simply stunning.

  2. tami Says:

    and jen took my stunning word….but seriously, your sister is STUNNING! and wowza on her working that GORGEOUS gown and knowing exactly how to work that camera! AND not to mention you with your angling!

  3. Sherry Says:

    Love the lantern shot. very cool.

  4. manda Says:

    i want to be her. some how pictures of me just don’t look like that… :)

    my sister is coming to play with you today!

  5. amy Says:


  6. Shannon Says:

    ooohh! love these!! i LOVE the look you are getting with the new lens! friggin’ gorgeous lady ;)


  7. Stephanie Says:

    Wow again! Those are really cool! Your sis is an awesome model!

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